EU Priorities 2020 Archives

  • Romania backs Poland in rejecting EU funding conditionality

    News 02-02-2018

    Romania backed Poland yesterday (1 February) in vehemently rejecting proposals to tie future European Union subsidies to member states' adherence to the rule of law.

  • World Economic Forum: Full coverage from Davos

    News 31-01-2018

    Between 23 and 26 January, the Swiss mountain village of Davos hosted the 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. The programme, initiatives and projects of this year's meeting focused on the theme Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World. EURACTIV's editor-in-chief Daniela Vincenti and business editor Jorge Valero reported extensively from Davos.

  • Europe needs a flagship for outer space

    Opinion | Climate change 25-01-2018

    There are few signs that the European Commission could change its 'business as usual' space strategy focusing on satellite services. Vidvuds Beldavs explains why the Commission should look to the Moon and raise its space ambitions.

  • French and German MPs to agree to a new Élysée Treaty

    News | Future EU 23-01-2018

    On the 55th anniversary of the 1963 treaty, the French National Assembly and the German Bundestag both adopted, on the same day, a resolution calling for the strengthening of Franco-German relations. EURACTIV France reports

  • What Europe’s millennials want in 2018

    Opinion | Economy & Jobs 23-01-2018

    A future priority for the EU needs to be empowering the younger generation who want to make a difference, writes John Hewko.

  • Austria and Germany: An old quarrel that never dies

    News | Future EU 19-01-2018

    During the refugee crisis, Austria's then foreign minister and now Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has emerged as a fierce Merkel critic. During his inaugural visit to Berlin this week, it became clear that their differences aren't going anywhere, writes EURACTIV Germany's partner Der Tagesspiegel.