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  • Poland plays down possible EU budget cuts

    News 08-05-2018

    Poland on Monday (7 May) played down possible EU funding cuts over its controversial judicial reforms – in addition to sanctions it already faces – saying it sees room for negotiation over financial allocations.

  • Democracy: Making more voices count

    Opinion 07-05-2018

    Let’s involve more people in decision making and inspire all levels of government, be they local, national or European, to put people first, writes Anna Lisa Boni.

  • Strengthening workers’ voice, legal certainty for future Social Europe

    Special Report | Opinion | Economy & Jobs 07-05-2018

    A vital social democracy will play a decisive role in shaping the future of the European Union. The goal of a united Europe, contractually agreed by all EU member states, is to promote participatory democracy, writes Norbert Kluge.

  • Putting the social dimension on equal footing with the economy

    Special Report | News | Economy & Jobs 07-05-2018

    An improved EU legislation that boosts workers’ information, consultation and participation rights will push social matters higher up on the EU political agenda, according to the participants of a symposium about workers held in Brussels on 26-27 April.

  • Time to invest in Europe’s water infrastructure

    Opinion | Energy & Environment 02-05-2018

    Europe’s water infrastructure is ageing in all EU member states. The European Commission is at a pivotal moment and should decide to invest during the next MFF (2021-2027) to reap the health and environmental benefits, and to save money in the long term, writes Klara Ramm.

  • EU budget proposal 2021-2027 – as it happened

    News | Economy & Jobs 02-05-2018

    The European Commission unveils its proposal for the EU’s long-term budget for 2021-2027 today (2 May), setting the stage for a bruising and long negotiation with member states and parliament.

  • Five steps for a climate-friendly EU Budget

    Opinion | Climate change 02-05-2018

    The EU’s next Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) must reflect the commitment the EU has made to decarbonise its economy, in line with the aims of the Paris Agreement. Strong overall coherence to ensure that funds are spent in targeted and intelligent ways is the key to its success, writes Jonathan Gaventa.

  • Brussels begins big battle on post-Brexit budget

    News 30-04-2018

    The EU will this week unveil its first formal plans for a larger, one-trillion-euro-plus long-term budget after Britain's departure, which threaten to further deepen divisions in the bloc.

  • MEPs defend ‘ambitious budget’ for cohesion policy

    News | Future EU 24-04-2018

    Threatened by cuts in the EU's next multi-annual budget (2021-2027), regional policy is clearly under threat and several MEPs are now coming to the frontline to defend it. reports.

  • Merkel urges ‘compromise’ on eurozone reform

    News | Economy & Jobs 20-04-2018

    Germany's Angela Merkel called for a spirit of "compromise" on reforming the euro zone at a meeting on Thursday (19 April) with French President Emmanuel Macron, who pressed for "solidarity" among members of the currency union.

  • Mysterious Martin, Sinister Selmayr

    Blog | Politics 18-04-2018

    Selmayr will have no role in the choice of the next European Commission president, but for Eurosceptics, it was a gift from heaven to read a long attack on Selmayr as proof of how the EU is run by a secret cabal of unelected power-holders who dictate what the EU is and does, writes Denis MacShane.

  • No more memoranda for Greece

    Blog 18-04-2018

    In an interview with Dimitris Rapidis, coordinator of the European Progressive Forum, Commissioner Pierre Moscovici talks about EU reforms, Greece, taxation, the surge of the far-right in Europe, and the challenge for the European Socialists ahead of the European Parliament elections in 2019.