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Economy & Jobs 24-05-2022

Mixed reactions to suspension of EU fiscal rules

While EU finance ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday (23 May) discussed the pros and cons of the EU Commission’s proposal to keep the EU’s fiscal rules suspended for another year, civil society organisations used the opportunity to question the fiscal rules more fundamentally.
Economy & Jobs 23-05-2022

EU fiscal rules to be suspended for another year

Reacting to the economic consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission postponed the renewed enforcement of its fiscal rules by a year, to 2024.
Economy & Jobs 23-05-2022

The bankers of the social economy

From the EU Commission to the European Investment Fund, banks and venture capitalists, and then social enterprises, money changes hands many times before reaching its final destination.
Economy & Jobs 20-05-2022

EU to extend budget rule suspension because of Ukraine war

Rules against overspending by EU governments will remain suspended through 2023, extending a pandemic-era reprieve because of the war in Ukraine, sources said on Thursday (19 May).
Economy & Jobs 20-05-2022

Former economy minister: Ukraine needs grants, not loans

In an interview with EURACTIV, the former Ukrainian economy minister and current advisor to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Tymofiy Mylovanov welcomed EU help but called for the use of grants instead of loans since an over-indebted Ukraine would scare off private investors and make reconstruction more difficult.
Economy & Jobs 13-05-2022

EU Commission proposes tax cut to incentivise equity investments

As most corporate tax systems in the EU currently prefer debt financing over equity and EU companies are highly indebted, the EU Commission proposed the introduction of a tax allowance that should incentivise the accrual of new equity rather than debt.
Economy & Jobs 11-05-2022

State of play in social economy finance in the EU

Trying to push the social economy as a flourishing sector of the economy, the EU is using a variety of ways to overcome the tension at the heart of the social economy: How do you attract money to a sector that defines itself as not being about the money?
Economy & Jobs 09-05-2022

How Portugal became Europe’s accidental ‘bitcoin heaven’

As governments slowly shackle the crypto industry with regulations and obligations, Portugal is increasingly isolated in Europe -- a place with few rules that investors describe as a crypto paradise.
Economy & Jobs 04-05-2022

EU body sets out draft sustainability disclosure standards

Companies will have to set a much broader range of sustainability targets under draft new European Union reporting standards, environmental impact body CDP said on Tuesday (3 May).
Economy & Jobs 29-04-2022

Obstacles on the way to green capital markets

Recent studies suggest that much needs to be done in the EU if private capital markets are to play a role in financing the green transition.
Economy & Jobs 29-04-2022

German inflation hits 40-year record, fuelled by high energy prices

Inflation in Germany rose at its fastest pace in four decades, data published Thursday (28 April) showed, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine pushed up energy prices.
Economy & Jobs 20-04-2022

IMF cuts eurozone 2022 growth forecast on Ukraine war

The war in Ukraine will weigh heavily upon economic growth in the eurozone, the IMF said Tuesday (19 April), as the conflict wreaks havoc on energy prices and the manufacturing sector.
Global Europe 14-04-2022

German economic institutes see sharp recession if Russian gas cut off

Germany would face a sharp recession if gas supplies from Russia are suddenly cut off, the country's leading economic institutes said on Wednesday, and the government said the war in Ukraine poses "substantial risks" for Europe's largest economy.
Economy & Jobs 05-04-2022

EU lawmakers faced with sexist and racist abuse from crypto advocates

As EU institutions are moving to regulate the crypto industry, European lawmakers have been subjected to unprecedented levels of online harassment. Two female members of the EU Parliament have been especially targeted by the predominantly male advocates of cryptocurrencies.
Economy & Jobs 01-04-2022

Ukraine war pushes eurozone inflation to new record

Spiralling energy bills and disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine caused consumer prices in the eurozone to surge by a new record of 7.5%, the EU statistics agency Eurostat said on Friday (1 April).
Economy & Jobs 29-03-2022

EY Brexit tracker finds 7,000 finance jobs have left London for EU

More than 7,000 finance jobs have moved from London to the European Union as a result of Brexit, down 400 from the total anticipated in December, consultants EY said on Tuesday (28 March).
Global Europe 23-03-2022

Putin says Russia will start selling gas to EU clients in rubles

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday (23 March) Russia would start selling gas to "unfriendly" countries in rubles, after a freeze on Russia's assets by foreign nations had destroyed Moscow's trust. The "unfriendly" countries include the 27 EU members.
Economy & Jobs 15-03-2022

Euro zone ready to reverse planned fiscal policy tightening amid Ukraine war

Euro zone finance ministers agreed on Monday (14 March) to tighten fiscal policy a little next year after three years of pumping billions into the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic, but also to be ready with more cash should the war in Ukraine make it necessary.
Economy & Jobs 11-03-2022

Macron cautious about joint EU debt plan

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday (10 March) the war in Ukraine will require joint EU investments which may lead to a new bout of joint debt, but added he would prefer to talk about the goals first rather...
Economy & Jobs 10-03-2022

Auditors slam French recovery plan as ‘too complex and confusing’

France's recovery plan, dubbed 'France Relance', is challenging to implement due to being over-complicated, difficult to monitor, and involving too many actors that are not immediately identifiable, according to Pierre Moscovici, the French court of auditors president.EURACTIV France reports.
Global Europe 08-03-2022

Russia adopts list of ‘enemy’ countries to which it will pay its debts in rubles

Russia adopted a list of “enemy countries” in which the whole of the EU is included. The first announced sanctions against the “enemy countries” were that Russian counterparts would settle their debts with them only in rubles.
Global Europe 08-03-2022

Bulgaria may seek exception to any EU sanctions on Russian gas and oil

Bulgaria supports sanctions on Russia as a means to halting its invasion of Ukraine, but will likely seek an exception on banning Russian natural gas and oil imports if such a proposal is put forward, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said.
Economy & Jobs 28-02-2022

Sberbank Europe likely to fail according to European Central Bank

The European Central Bank (ECB) concluded on Monday (28 February) that Sberbank Europe is failing or likely to fail, following considerable withdrawals from the accounts of Sberbank’s European subsidiary over the past week.
Economy & Jobs 25-02-2022

Comply or disengage, businesses ask after proposal of due diligence law

While the new EU directive on corporate sustainability due diligence aims at making companies engage more actively in improving conditions, some argue that the risks of sanctions and civil liability might deter investment to the detriment of economic development.