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  • Mogherini, Lavrov agree to disagree on EU-Russia issues

    News | Politics 12-07-2017

    EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday (11 July) said both sides could cooperate on key international issues but traded barbs over Syria at the same time.

  • Ukraine seeks route into NATO

    News | Global Europe 11-07-2017

    Ukraine will begin discussions with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation on an action plan with the aim of joining the US-led alliance, its leader said on Monday (10 July), while the country would work on reforms to meet membership standards by 2020.

  • Siemens turbines cause whirlwinds in Crimea

    News 11-07-2017

    A firm part-owned by German firm Siemens was preparing to install electricity turbines in Crimea despite prohibitive EU sanctions. The issue was brought to the attention of Brussels and Siemens on Monday (10 July).

  • Trump in Poland: It’s history, stupid!

    Opinion | Central Europe 07-07-2017

    Donald Trump’s visit to Poland is a fulfilment of the Law and Justice’s (PiS) wildest dreams. In his speech, Trump lavished Polish politicians with praise. Smiling Polish leaders, scorned in EU corridors and plenaries, now finally found their true ally and friend, writes Karolina Zbytniewska.

  • Belarus deflects Lithuanian attempt to mobilise support against nuclear plant

    News 06-07-2017

    Belarus has avoided a resolution by the European Security watchdog OSCE criticising the construction of the Astravyets nuclear power plant, a project which neighbouring Lithuania strongly opposes on the grounds of nuclear safety concerns.

  • Take Two for Trump in talks with unnerved European allies

    News 05-07-2017

    US President Donald Trump will get a chance to patch up transatlantic ties this week when he meets with NATO allies still rattled by his failure on an earlier trip to embrace the principle that an attack against one member is an attack against all.

  • Trump to promote US LNG exports at Warsaw summit

    News 03-07-2017

    US President Donald Trump plans to promote US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports at a meeting next Thursday (6 July) in Warsaw with a dozen leaders from Central and Eastern Europe, a region heavily reliant on Russian supplies.

  • Germany urges lasting ceasefire in eastern Ukraine

    News 29-06-2017

    German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Wednesday (28 June) called for Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine to extend a harvest-related ceasefire, saying it could help pave the way for a political solution.

  • New lines in the sand in the Middle East

    Opinion | Global Europe 29-06-2017

    The Middle East used to be known for its stale continuity. But with the Qatar crisis now in its third week, the region is finding itself convulsed in its biggest diplomatic shakeup in decades, warns Willem Oosterveld.

  • A quiet Ukrainian success for the EU

    Opinion 28-06-2017

    The EU may have its hands full with Donald Trump and Brexit. But quietly, modestly, things are starting to go right in Ukraine, writes Sir Graham Watson.

  • Macron puts faith in Minsk accords

    News 27-06-2017

    French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday (26 June) he saw no better way of negotiating an end to the Ukraine conflict than through the Minsk agreements, sharply differing with comments made by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

  • EU leaders agree to extend sanctions against Moscow

    News 22-06-2017

    EU leaders have agreed to extend sanctions against Moscow for another six months because of Russia's failure to implement a peace deal for Ukraine, European Council President Donald Tusk said in a tweet on the first day of the 22-23 June EU Summit.