European External Action Service Archives

  • The European Union and the Syrian gridlock

    Global Europe 24-02-2012

    As the Syrian bloodshed continues, the European Union finds itself once again trapped behind mild rhetoric and condemnation, writes Vivien Pertusot from the French institute of international relations (Ifri).

  • The future of EU external action is up for grabs

    Future EU 06-12-2011

    MEPs need to keep sight of the bigger picture regarding the new sets of regulations that European Commission is releasing on 7 December on EU external action and development strategy, warn experts from European Think-Tanks Group, in order to preserve the major role that EU holds in the field of international development.

  • The EU’s External Action Service: New actor on the scene

    Global Europe 31-01-2011

    The European External Action Service (EEAS) can provide a more coherent, visible and effective EU foreign policy but faces problems such as low morale among personnel, friction with the European Commission and disputes over EU representation in international organisations, writes Graham Avery, senior advisor at the European Policy Centre (EPC).

  • Europe’s New Diplomats

    Future EU 22-11-2010

    The European External Action Service is "one of the most important institutional reforms provided for by the Treaty of Lisbon" and should bring together "fragmented EU structures" to ensure that Europe speaks more often with one voice, writes German Green MEP Franziska Brantner in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV. 

  • External Action Service: Much ado about nothing

    Global Europe 06-07-2010

    The European External Action Service (EEAS) certainly does not signify the advent of a new dynamism in the EU's common foreign policy. There are too many differences between the interests of the various countries and the positions of the EU institutions and in the long term, all that remains is the hope that the EEAS will have the effect of a large socialisation structure, writes Stefani Weiss of the Bertelsmann Stiftung in a June publication.

  • Rewriting the ground rules of European diplomacy: The EEAS in the making

    Future EU 28-05-2010

    Setting up the European External Action Service (EEAS) is proving more difficult than anticipated, but this is no surprise given that the details were left until the implementation phase and it requires re-writing the ground rules of European diplomacy, write Timo Behr, Johanna Nykänen and Aaretti Siitonen of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) in a briefing paper.

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