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  • EU at the Olympics: An invisible powerhouse

    Sports 26-07-2012

    The London Games should confirm the EU’s position as a major soft power (at least in its sportive dimension), despite the global financial turmoil and economic crisis on the Old Continent, writes Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski.

  • The European banking union?

    Euro & Finance 04-07-2012

    Socialising public debt is already posing a risk to the still-stable eurozone countries. To do the same thing with bank debt could pull hitherto sound economies into the abyss, argues Hans-Werner Sinn for Project Syndicate.

  • Can Eastern Europe escape the eurozone crisis?

    Economy & Jobs 27-06-2012

    Countries in Eastern Europe have until now shown remarkable economic resilience, after being hit harder by the 2008–2009. But their economic future relies on a new model of growth, argues Jana Grittersova.

  • Cutting the North’s current account surpluses won’t help the South

    Euro & Finance 24-04-2012

    Relaxing wage restraint in North European countries is not a solution for the economic problems of Southern Europe. Structural solutions are the only way out, writes Raymond Gradus.

  • Financial regulation: Trapped in the no-man’s land of paradoxes

    Euro & Finance 27-03-2012

    In order to escape the dead-ends of the financial crisis in Europe, stakeholders must overcome their national interests and compromise towards a pan-European synergy, writes Nikos Chrysoloras.

  • Public engagement needed to move beyond crisis

    Future EU 24-10-2011

    While the financial crisis continues to grab headlines, the need for public engagement in  other areas of European affairs - possibly through the coming European Citizens' Initiative - persists, argue Rick Zedník and Christophe Leclercq, respectively CEO and Publisher of EURACTIV.

  • Bad Timing for CRD 4

    Euro & Finance 07-09-2011

    The immediate implementation by the European Union of the Basel Committee's recommendations for international financial regulation would put significant strain on Europe's banks and aggravate the current climate of economic insecurity, argues Marie-France Baud of Confrontations Europe, a think-tank.

  • EU leaders face crossroads in European integration

    EU Priorities 2020 18-08-2011

    Why would Europe's top leaders choose to introduce measures that will require a new treaty, while the European project is already struggling so badly on its current terms? Global intelligence company Stratfor attempts to answer that question, arguing that EU leaders have no alternative but to keep the EU alive despite citizens' disenchantment.

  • The euro will only be saved if Europe exists

    Euro & Finance 10-12-2010

    Political unity in Europe is essential in order to rid the financial markets of doubt and stabilise the single currency writes Emma Bonino, vice-president of the Italian Senate, former European commissioner and former MEP.

  • What size is the fire exit?

    Euro & Finance 09-12-2010

    Europe's fundamental problems would be easier to manage with calmer financial markets, writes Daniel Gros, director of the Centre for European Policy Studies.

  • A new compromise for a sustainable euro zone

    Euro & Finance 03-12-2010

    The euro zone is facing a systemic crisis, but exit or default are not solutions and a new compromise is needed between member states and financial investors, writes Maria João Rodrigues, professor of European Economic Policies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a policy advisor to the EU institutions.

  • The crooked path of financial reform

    Euro & Finance 26-11-2010

    It would be premature to write off the financial reforms undertaken as failures, writes Jean Pisani-Ferry, director of Bruegel, an international economics think-tank.