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  • MEP Dialogue on Glass Packaging

     Video | Promoted content | Energy 22-10-2012

    The European Container Glass industry in Europe is an important contributor to the European economy and produces high quality container glass products for a global market. Europe is the biggest producer of container glass in the world. Glass packaging is a resource efficient and endlessly recyclable material which makes it the perfect packaging material in the context of sustainable consumption and production.

  • Food Waste: Cutting losses along the supply chain

    Special Report |  Video | Promoted content | Agrifood 12-06-2012

    In response to the European Commission's study that estimated annual food waste in the EU at approximately 179kg per person, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in January 2012 on how to avoid food waste.
    The resolution is aimed at identifying a series of strategies for a more efficient food chain in the EU. Among these strategies, the design of new packaging that will increase longevity of goods plays an important role.
    How achievable is the 50% reduction of food waste by 2025? What measures should be taken to reach this objective?

  • Central Europe plays catch up on steel recycling

    Special Report | News | Sustainable Development 11-10-2011

    Central Europe's relatively low rates of recycling represent an untapped potential with easy gains, said participants at a Steel Packaging Summit in Košice. EURACTIV Slovakia reports.

  • Waste Prevention and Recycling

    Policy Brief | Sustainable Development 12-04-2007

    European responses to waste generation have been fragmented (twelve directives since the 1970s) and inefficient until now. The Commission's proposed Thematic Strategy (21 Dec. 2005) sets up a framework for a holistic review of the existing EU waste policy, based on prevention and recycling.

  • Brussels clears German packaging-deposit scheme

    News | Climate change 26-03-2007

    A long-standing case over Germany's mandatory return scheme for used cans and bottles was dropped by the Commission after changes were introduced in the system to make it compatible with EU internal trade rules.

  • Ministers call for concrete measures on waste prevention

    News | Climate change 29-06-2006

    The Environment Council has emphasised the importance of keeping a clear waste hierarchy that puts the priority on prevention, thereby soothing green NGO fears that it wanted to prioritise incineration for generating energy.

  • Experts criticise muddled EU waste proposals

    News | Climate change 14-06-2006

    The Commission's proposals on waste are foggy on key definitions that are at the heart of the new strategy focusing on life-cycle thinking, a panel of MEPs, business and NGO experts agreed.

  • Commission opts for hands-off approach on waste policy

    News | Science & Policymaking 21-12-2005

    The proposed new waste strategy seeks to cut waste generation and boost recycling and recovery through a new 'life-cycle' approach. But it leaves the thorny issue of recycling and prevention targets to EU states.

  • Brief – Packaging: recycling deadlines postponed for EU-10

    News | Climate change 23-02-2005

    EU ministers have rubber-stamped an agreement to postpone the
    deadline for packaging waste recycling and recovery schemes in the
    ten new EU member states.

  • Brief – EU court rules blocked packaging merger lawful

    News | Competition 16-02-2005

    The Commission's blocking in 2001 of the merger between Tetra
    Laval (packaging, Switzerland/Sweden) and Sidel (plastic bottles,
    France) has been definitively overruled by the European Court of
    Justice (ECJ).

  • German drinks packaging deposit system ruled illegal

    News | Climate change 15-12-2004

    The European Court of Justice has ruled the German system of
    mandatory return and deposit of drink packages illegal on the basis
    that it imposes disproportionate trade restrictions on other EU

  • Packaging Waste (no longer updated)

    Policy Brief | Climate change 04-11-2004

    The packaging and packaging waste directive (94/62/EC) was amended in January 2004 by directive 2004/12/EC. The revised directive sets new recovery and recycling targets for a five-year phase. The Conciliation Committee (between Parliament and Council) has reached a compromise on the review of the Packaging Waste Directive - permitting Member States to count incineration for recovery targets.

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