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  • The road to food security

    Agrifood 26-08-2010

    Getting infrastrucutre and credit to the developing world's farmers is what's needed to improve global food security, writes Kanayo F. Nwanze, president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), an international financial institution and a specialised agency of the United Nations.

  • Growing demand for soybeans threatens Amazon rainforest

    Agrifood 05-01-2010

    "Some 3,000 years ago, farmers in eastern China domesticated the soybean. In 1765, the first soybeans were planted in North America. Today the soybean occupies more US cropland than wheat. And in Brazil, where it spread even more rapidly, the soybean is invading the Amazon rainforest," writes Lester R. Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute, in a December commentary.

  • Should the EU legislate to fight against obesity?

    Health 12-10-2007

    A ban on advertising is not the right solution to fighting childhood obesity, argues Guillaume Vuillemey in this paper from the Institut Économique Molinari.

  • World Water and Food to 2025: Dealing with Scarcity

    Health 14-11-2002

    World Water and Food to 2025: Dealing with Scarcity Will there be enough water to grow food for the eight billion people expected to populate the earth by 2025? This recent International Food Policy Research Institute publication draws attention to the …