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Brexit 23-01-2017

BuzzFeed editor: Brexit calls for European media cooperation

BuzzFeed UK Europe Editor Alberto Nardelli advocates for more translation and localisation of media content, as well as more cooperation to balance out the often biased English-speaking press.
Languages & Culture 02-02-2012

Director: Demand for French classes ‘growing by 5% each year’

Over the past 10 years, demand for French language classes has risen steadily among accredited ambassadors and the international press in Brussels. However, this renewed interest might in fact reflect the declining influence of French in the EU institutions. Thierry Lagnau, director of the Alliance Française in Brussels, explains the reasons behind this paradox.
Languages & Culture 22-10-2010

OIF chief: ‘French remains a universal language’

French is still a "universal language"and the number of French-speakers worldwide is growing, Abdou Diouf, secretary-general of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, told EURACTIV in an interview on the occasion of the body’s thirteenth international summit. 

Pervenche Berès: “Who’s talking about going back to Nice?”

In an interview with EURACTIV, socialist MEP Pervenche Berès says a French 'no' vote on the EU constitution would not call into question the years of hard work spent reaching a consensus.