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  • Normality is not an option: the post-pandemic Union must be a new Europe of all peoples

    Opinion | Promoted content 09-05-2020

    Coronavirus has exposed the structural problems in our societies at all levels. To mark Europe Day, EFA believes a post-pandemic Union must be a more diverse, representative and democratic Europe of all peoples.

  • Defending our imperfect but vital European Union

    Opinion 09-05-2020

    Alone, we fail. Together, we overcome. This was true 70 years ago and still is today, writes Antonio López-Istúriz White. Antonio López-Istúriz White is a Spanish MEP and Secretary General of the centre-right European People's Party.  Five years after the end of the …

  • It’s the long-term, stupid!

    Opinion | Coronavirus 08-05-2020

    In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic there is a temptation to revert to nationalism and close borders. But working together and eschewing damaging short-term measures is the best response to the crisis, writes Henning vom Stein.

  • Can you take no for an answer?

    Opinion 08-05-2020

    The political attacks against the Hungarian Government's response to the coronavirus work against a strong and unified Europe, argues Judit Varga.

  • Why coronavirus is likely to be bad news for Europe’s radical right

    Opinion 07-05-2020

    Even if coronavirus has a negative effect on attitudes to immigration, it will be bad news for Europe’s radical right, argue Dr James Dennison and Professor Andrew Geddes.

  • Hungarian PM Orbán accuses EPP of spreading fake news

    News 05-05-2020

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has sent a letter to the party leaders of the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), accusing both political opponents and allies of spreading fake news about the Hungarian coronavirus law that enabled his government to rule by decree without set time limits.

  • The free and democratic Europe: a death by a thousand cuts?

    Opinion | Justice & Home Affairs 30-04-2020

    The Hungarian parliamentary elections in April 2010 changed the country – for worse. Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz took power for the second time. Today, ten years later, we can see how the prime minister has turned his country into an illiberal state, ignoring the basic principles of the rule of law, writes MEP Udo Bullmann.

  • Time for governments to listen to their European citizens

    Opinion 22-04-2020

    Amid the range of appeals and open letters on the policy-changes need to combat the coronavirus, one constant is that all are demanding an effective common EU response to the pandemic, writes Roberto Castaldi.

  • COVID-19 and the need for deep EU reform

    Opinion 22-04-2020

    The management of COVID-19 cases seems to be working more on the basis of Darwin's well-known theory of natural selection, where the strong survive, rather than on any European strategy, writes Bashkim Smakaj.

  • The Brief – Throwing down the gauntlet

    News 20-04-2020

    For French president Emmanuel Macron, there is no way around Coronabonds, a position he made perfectly clear last Friday to the northern Naysayers, particularly Berlin. Because his own political future is at stake.

  • By surrendering to autocracy in the fight against COVID-19, Hungary poisons European ideals 

    Opinion 20-04-2020

    The EU must swiftly propose and adopt sanctions against the latest 'democratic backsliding' by the Hungarian government, say leading European politicians, media and civil society leaders in an open letter whose signatories include former Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, and EURACTIV founder Christophe Leclercq.

  • Michel: EU’s way of working is ‘too slow’

    News 20-04-2020

    European Council President Charles Michel has voiced regret that Europe’s way of working, also evident during the coronavirus crisis, is ‘too slow’ and called for more solidarity with countries that have been hard-hit by the pandemic, like Italy and Spain.