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  • An ever closer union can be a multi-speed one

    Interview | Promoted content 01-12-2021

    The proposals made at the Conference on the Future of Europe for a fiscal union, veto-free EU decision making in foreign affairs, and transnational lists will need backing by civil society if they are to succeed, according to the newly elected president of the Young European Federalists.

  • ‘The EU’, too, was once a utopia

    Opinion 30-11-2021

    Unfortunately, the European Commission under Ursula von der Leyen, as under her predecessor Jean-Claude Juncker, has failed to reach the people of the European Union.

  • Democracy expert: CoFoE at risk of being PR exercise

    Interview 29-11-2021

    The Conference for the Future of Europe is well underway. Still, concerns have been raised from the get-go that citizens' proposals might not be taken seriously or implemented fully by European lawmakers for various reasons.

  • CoFoE panels call for environmental education and migrant rights

    News 29-11-2021

    Environmental education in EU schools and the migration crisis were high on the agenda of proposals suggested by citizens in the last two panels of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

  • France welcomes Germany’s new ‘pro-European’ coalition agreement

    News 29-11-2021

    The coalition deal struck between three parties that will form Germany's next government is very much in line with France's own ambitions and priorities, including its vision of a more federal EU. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Let’s make the Conference too big to ignore

    Opinion | Promoted content 24-11-2021

    Europeans must mobilise in demanding a better EU as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE). However, a more united and democratic Union is not in everyone’s interest, and some political actors are consistently striving to make the consultation process meaningless.

  • CoFoE: Participants numbers are encouraging but member states should do more

    News 19-11-2021

    Organisers of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) are “encouraged by the number of visits to the platform and endorsements”, a spokesperson for the conference told EURACTIV. This comes following concerns from some participants that the event was not getting enough attention.

  • The future of Europe jeopardised by inaction of ‘pro-Europeans’

    Opinion 18-11-2021

    The Conference on the Future of Europe is underway but there is a great risk that it will turn out to be a lost opportunity. This is due mainly to the inaction of “pro-European” governments and parties and the European institutions, writes Roberto Castaldi.

  • How the Conference on the Future of Europe can still be saved

    Opinion 15-11-2021

    The Conference on the future of Europe is faltering, but EU institutions and member states can still save it. And they should, as it could be a key tool to re-engage the citizens, writes Nicoletta Pirozzi.

  • EU quells fears over lack of media interest in CoFoE

    News 12-11-2021

    Despite participants fears that the Conference on the Future of Europe is not making headlines and therefore might not be as impactful as hoped, the Commission has reassured them that the media is listening and their voices will be heard.

  • We can strengthen European democracy by giving the European Parliament more powers

    Opinion 10-11-2021

    The past year’s crisis underscored the need for a more united Europe. We must seize this opportunity to make the Conference on the Future of Europe a true forum with citizens to work together to achieve a more sovereign and democratic Europe, says UEF President and Renew MEP Sandro Gozi.

  • How to prevent Europe from stalling

    Opinion 03-11-2021

    National elections just passed in Germany and upcoming in France deprive Europe of political leadership. But there is an electoral solution that could solve this problem, writes Matteo Garavoglia.


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