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  • EU institutions launch online platform of Conference on the Future of Europe

    News 19-04-2021

    Top EU officials launched on Monday (19 April) a multilingual digital platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe, a year-long democracy exercise meant to involve Europeans in shaping the future direction of the bloc.

  • Launch event of EU reform conference will be online focused, says Commissioner

    News 15-04-2021

    The event formally launching the Conference on the Future of Europe on 9 May is set to be a ‘hybrid’ of online and physical participation because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the EU Commissioner tasked with guiding the process said on Thursday (15 April).

  • The age of permacrisis

    Opinion 13-04-2021

    Despite the fatigue with the pandemic and the longing for stability and predictability, Europe has entered the age of ‘permacrisis’, in which volatility, uncertainty, and a prolonged sense of emergency have become the new normal, argue Ricardo Borges de Castro, Fabian Zuleeg and Janis A. Emmanouilidis.

  • The Brief, powered by FACEBOOK – Michel’s musical chairs

    Opinion 12-04-2021

    European Council President Charles Michel missed a few good chances in Ankara. But despite his apology tour, where he tried to frame the 'Sofagate' incident as a diplomatic snub rather than a sexist move towards a female leader, this musical chair mishap will mark his mandate, which is up for evaluation in less than a year.

  • The Brief, powered by bp – An elusive elixir: how to unite the right

    Opinion 02-04-2021

    A "European renaissance based on Christian values" is probably not what Emmanuel Macron and others have in mind when they think about the EU’s future. But that was top of the agenda for Europe’s three populist musketeers on Thursday. After …

  • European political parties play a key role now and in the future

    Opinion 26-03-2021

    The Conference on the Future of Europe should not be a PR exercise but a genuine people’s convention to deliberate all the tough issues we face together and to hear what citizens expect from Europe, argues Hans van Baalen.

  • A dozy dozen

    Opinion 25-03-2021

    The EU needs democratic rebalancing. Veto powers have given the EU multiple Achilles heels that have been exploited by the likes of China, Russia and Silicon Valley. But the signals coming ahead of the Conference on the Future of Europe are not promising, writes Sophie in 't Veld.

  • Lisbon, Brussels want citizens to participate now in Conference on the Future of Europe

    News | EU Council Presidency 24-03-2021

    The Portuguese presidency of the Council and the European Commission today indicated that it wants citizens to start participating in the Conference on the Future of Europe now, even before the formal launch planned for 9 May.

  • Fidesz and the EPP are now at a crossroads

    Opinion 23-03-2021

    The EPP lacks diversity and vision regarding the Conference on the Future of Europe and unless it rethinks its role in European politics, it will gravitate towards the Left, writes László Trócsányi.

  • Conservatives mull radical shake-up of European Parliament groups

    News 10-03-2021

    The departure of Hungarian Prime Minister’s Fidesz party from the EU centre-right family has opened the Pandora’s Box in the European Parliament and whetted conservatives’ appetite to reshape the political scene.

  • Rebuilding on Equal Foundations

    Opinion 08-03-2021

    This International Women’s Day takes place roughly one year after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. On 5 March last year we adopted the EU’s Gender Equality Strategy for this mandate with a number of measures aimed at ensuring that women are free, can lead and thrive on an equal basis to men, writes Helena Dalli.

  • Trouble brews in Macron’s Renew as EU Parliament power shift looms

    News 08-03-2021

    Trouble is brewing in Renew Europe, the third-largest group in the European Parliament, pitting the old 'liberals and democrats' of ALDE against the group leadership and the French delegation of Emmanuel Macron's party, according to an insider source in the centrist group.