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  • By surrendering to autocracy in the fight against COVID-19, Hungary poisons European ideals 


    The EU must swiftly propose and adopt sanctions against the latest 'democratic backsliding' by the Hungarian government, say leading European politicians, media and civil society leaders in an open letter whose signatories include former Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, and EURACTIV founder Christophe Leclercq.

  • After the pandemic: How to use Conference on Future of Europe to rethink society


    From financial problems to migration and Brexit, the European Union has faced multiple challenges so far. Nowadays, Europe is being hard-hit by another “black swan” – the COVID-19 pandemic. How can the EU learn from its mistakes in order to better face future unpredictable crises, asks Nicolae Stefanuta.

  • Lessons in leadership… for the EU


    South Korea is an inspiration for fighting the coronavirus and the UN chief is exemplary for global leadership, at a time when the US is incapacitated, and the EU -- still in need of unity, writes Stavros Papagianneas.

  • Avanti, von der Leyen!


    Playtime is over, so Ursula von der Leyen and her Commissioners better take out the big guns and follow in the footsteps of the Delors Commission, writes Guy Verhofstadt.

  • The European Parliament’s greatest battle is upcoming


    In the face of the ongoing crisis, European Parliament lawmakers must make it clear that negotiations for the EU’s long-term budget are starting at 2% of GDP and will not go below 1.5%, and that the EU budget for 2020 will be at least 2% of the Union's GDP, writes MEP Radan Kanev.

  • Third time’s the charm – Europe must shockproof itself


    The coronavirus pandemic presents much more than a healthcare crisis: It serves as the latest iteration of the EU’s inability to handle its own systemic weaknesses. Thus, the pandemic must be understood as nothing less than a clarion call for pan-European politics, writes Joel Boehme.

  • Return to borderless Europe after COVID-19 will be difficult but not impossible.


    If we do not start creating the conditions for the return to a border free Schengen zone now, the temporary measures introduced to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic risk becoming permanent, writes Alena Kudzko.

  • How coronavirus brought realism back


    The coronavirus has already done more to unravel a borderless Europe than all the far-right politicians combined. The pandemic only reaffirmed Politics 101: only strong and effective states are able to cope with crises, writes Hamza Karčić.

  • Prominent Europeans call for EU answer to coronavirus threat


    A number of prominent figures are calling for a "European response" to the coronavirus threat, with strict containment measures of the pandemics, and an EU-wide plan to re-start the European economy afterwards.

  • Let millions of EU citizens engage on the Conference on the Future of Europe


    The EU is at a crucial turning point, it is now vital to give citizens the opportunity to take ownership of its project, Axel Dauchez writes ahead of the launch of the Conference on the future of Europe.

  • Will the EU Industrial Strategy be a strategy?

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 26-02-2020

    The EU has decided to take the lead in transforming to a new model. The Green Deal will only be an economic success if the EU Industrial Strategy ensures industry competitiveness throughout this massive transformation.

  • A ‘Conference on the future of EU’, what next? EU elections 2024


    For the moment, no one is talking about the ratification of a possible new treaty following the Conference on European Reform. To avoid failure and to engage citizens, the EU's institutions must be made to work according to the principles of representative democracy, and treaty reform must be the central issue at stake in the European elections of 2024, write Giorgio Clarotti, Oliver Costa and Christophe Leclercq.