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  • European elections in the era of disruption


    To some extent the vote next May will be a test of the resilience of the forces of disruption, the main achievement of whom so far being Brexit, writes Geoffrey Harris.

  • Tackling EU child poverty through Child Guarantee


    Based on figures from 2016, nearly 26.4% of children across the EU are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, poverty or social exclusion. But the EU has one potential policy development to deal with this worrying trend, write Joanna Hofman and Katie Stewart.

  • It’s not too early for Barnier to throw his hat in the ring

    Elections 15-05-2018

    Not to beat about the bushes, Michel Barnier should succeed Jean-Claude Juncker. Not just because his handling of the Brexit process has enlarged his stature, but for a number of other cogent reasons, writes Gilles Merritt.

  • Member states should renew fiscal vows

    Economy & Jobs 15-05-2018

    In 2012, all but two EU member states committed themselves to strengthening the rules and institutions that govern their national budget preparation processes by signing the European Fiscal Compact. However, little has been done since, writes Michal Horvath.

  • Why we need to stabilise the Western Balkans

    Enlargement 14-05-2018

    As Europe is confronted by different visions about its future, the question remains how these different visions will affect the developments in the Western Balkans. The Balkans remain fragile, and the external pressures and internal divisions could deliver fresh instability in the region.

  • A place for children in the EU’s budget

    Economy & Jobs 11-05-2018

    Last week, the Commission announced a budget that ‘’protects, empowers and defends’’. But who exactly are we protecting empowering and defending? Not Europe’s children nor their counterparts in the developing world. Children are not even mentioned in this proposal.

  • Conditionality for protecting the rule of law: Will it fly?


    The idea of making EU funding conditional with respect of the rule of law seems logical as legislatives changes adopted in Hungary and Poland are worrisome. But will it tackle the root of the problem? Ramona Coman and Nathalie Brack have the answer.

  • Democracy: Making more voices count

    EU Priorities 2020 07-05-2018

    Let’s involve more people in decision making and inspire all levels of government, be they local, national or European, to put people first, writes Anna Lisa Boni.

  • Strengthening workers’ voice, legal certainty for future Social Europe

    Special Report | Economy & Jobs 07-05-2018

    A vital social democracy will play a decisive role in shaping the future of the European Union. The goal of a united Europe, contractually agreed by all EU member states, is to promote participatory democracy, writes Norbert Kluge.

  • Five steps for a climate-friendly EU Budget

    Climate change 02-05-2018

    The EU’s next Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) must reflect the commitment the EU has made to decarbonise its economy, in line with the aims of the Paris Agreement. Strong overall coherence to ensure that funds are spent in targeted and intelligent ways is the key to its success, writes Jonathan Gaventa.

  • Five years from Rana Plaza: EU Commission needs to fulfill its promises

    Justice & Home Affairs 26-04-2018

    It is high time the European Commission stops dragging its feet and present a legislative proposal to ensure the corporate respect for human rights and to establish binding human rights for European companies, writes Heidi Hautala.

  • A year of opportunity for the Balkans

    Enlargement 18-04-2018

    The fact that the Western Balkans is being increasingly prioritised on the European agenda is no longer sufficient To achieve real progress in EU integration, the Western Balkan countries need a clearly defined plan that includes a concrete timeframe for all six countries, writes Ilhan Kyuchyuk.