Future of mobility Archives

  • Will we lead or be led?

    Euro & Finance 13-04-2016

    The European Union is the biggest economy and largest trading bloc in the world, yet our position in the global economy has been decreasing in relative terms. A fully integrated single market can help put us back on top, writes Joseph Daul.

  • Good jobs – threatened by the Internet

    Innovation & Industry 15-02-2016

    For decades, workers in Germany, Europe and the United States have been the wealthiest in the world. That is about to change for the worse as America heads towards a "freelance society", writes Steven Hill.

  • The ‘uberisation’ of the workplace is a new revolution

    Social Europe & Jobs 01-07-2015

    Think Uber, Spotify, Netflix and Airbnb. New ‘Uber-like’ business models are now being embraced in the field of employment too, writes Denis Pennel.

  • Piazza Schuman!

    Languages & Culture 23-04-2014

    How can we expect Europeans to cherish the European Union and its capital, if the public space that symbolises it is nothing but a shabby roundabout on a traffic axis? And yet former president of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, said in 2001 that Rond-point Schuman should become "the meeting point of Europe; the piazza of the continent". Philippe Van Parijs gives his vision on how to embellish the heart of Europe's capital.

  • The lessons of London’s bicycle network

    Transport 03-04-2012

    Lack of central coordination and inconsistency between mayoral terms have undermined London's bicycle network, says Shin-pei Tsay of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

  • Structural change demands greater mobility

    Social Europe & Jobs 09-05-2008

    As a result of ageing populations and structural changes, mobility is set to rise in the next 15-20 years, says Stefan Schneider in an April research paper for Deutsche Bank.

  • Tendances futures, impact et défis clés pour le secteur des transports publics

    Transport 01-04-2004

    Un nouveau rapport analyse les tendances économiques, technologiques, démographiques et sociales, pour ensuite identifier leur impact et les défis qu'elles posent au développement des transports publics.

  • European public transport at a crossroads

    Transport 05-11-2003

    This paper analyses the issues at stake in liberalizing Europe's transportation networks.

  • Road Travel Demand: Meeting the Challenge

    Transport 27-02-2003

    Road Travel Demand: Meeting the Challenge While man conquered outer space in the 20th century, surface transportation congestion remains a vexing challenge for OECD metropolitan cities in the new Millennium. What strategies, programmes and services have recently been implemented to reduce …