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  • How the gig economy is changing employment

    Social Europe & Jobs 28-11-2016

    The advent of the gig economy has brought fundamental changes to the way in which we access goods and services and turned traditional business models on their head.  Denis Pennel considers its impact on employment and the likely implications for the future of work.

  • Will we lead or be led?

    Euro & Finance 13-04-2016

    The European Union is the biggest economy and largest trading bloc in the world, yet our position in the global economy has been decreasing in relative terms. A fully integrated single market can help put us back on top, writes Joseph Daul.

  • Good jobs – threatened by the Internet

    Innovation & Industry 15-02-2016

    For decades, workers in Germany, Europe and the United States have been the wealthiest in the world. That is about to change for the worse as America heads towards a "freelance society", writes Steven Hill.

  • The ‘uberisation’ of the workplace is a new revolution

    Social Europe & Jobs 01-07-2015

    Think Uber, Spotify, Netflix and Airbnb. New ‘Uber-like’ business models are now being embraced in the field of employment too, writes Denis Pennel.

  • Piazza Schuman!

    Languages & Culture 23-04-2014

    How can we expect Europeans to cherish the European Union and its capital, if the public space that symbolises it is nothing but a shabby roundabout on a traffic axis? And yet former president of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, said in 2001 that Rond-point Schuman should become "the meeting point of Europe; the piazza of the continent". Philippe Van Parijs gives his vision on how to embellish the heart of Europe's capital.

  • The lessons of London’s bicycle network

    Transport 03-04-2012

    Lack of central coordination and inconsistency between mayoral terms have undermined London's bicycle network, says Shin-pei Tsay of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

  • Structural change demands greater mobility

    Social Europe & Jobs 09-05-2008

    As a result of ageing populations and structural changes, mobility is set to rise in the next 15-20 years, says Stefan Schneider in an April research paper for Deutsche Bank.

  • Tendances futures, impact et défis clés pour le secteur des transports publics

    Transport 01-04-2004

    Un nouveau rapport analyse les tendances économiques, technologiques, démographiques et sociales, pour ensuite identifier leur impact et les défis qu'elles posent au développement des transports publics.

  • European public transport at a crossroads

    Transport 05-11-2003

    This paper analyses the issues at stake in liberalizing Europe's transportation networks.

  • Road Travel Demand: Meeting the Challenge

    Transport 27-02-2003

    Road Travel Demand: Meeting the Challenge While man conquered outer space in the 20th century, surface transportation congestion remains a vexing challenge for OECD metropolitan cities in the new Millennium. What strategies, programmes and services have recently been implemented to reduce …

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