Future of gas

Energy 13-05-2022

Academic: We are probably entering a long period of high gas prices

With Russia’s war in Ukraine, the European Union is probably entering a long period of high gas prices, warns Ilaria Conti, saying the EU should use the crisis to mandate a storage obligation on EU member states and push for higher targets on renewable energy.

Europe should dream big and start the gas exit now

True energy independence means a complete phase out of natural gas from the energy system and its replacement with renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency, write Martin Dimitrov and Kostantsa Rangelov.
Energy 26-04-2022

Industry boss: ‘Without Russian gas, we are probably in the worst situation we’ve ever been’

European gas infrastructure operators are preparing for all scenarios in the coming winter, including one “with no Russian gas at all” and supply cuts for consumers, says Torben Brabo.

Albania looks at gasification with a €4 billion price tag

Amid the global energy crisis, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, Albania is working to diversify its energy sources, including by introducing gas and wind power, with the former set to cost up to €4 billion to implement.
Global Europe 22-04-2022

Exxon Mobil may completely withdraw from Russia by 24 June

Exxon Mobil Corp is considering a complete withdrawal from Russia by 24 June, two sources familiar with the plans told Reuters on Thursday (21 April), following the US oil major's earlier decision to exit all operations in the country.
Energy 21-04-2022

Europe rediscovers biogas in search for energy independence

The war in Ukraine has given renewable gas a new impetus, with the European Commission proposing to ramp up biomethane production to 35 billion cubic metres (bcm) by 2030, up from 3 bcm in 2020. In Europe, France has taken the lead, EURACTIV.fr reports.
Energy 19-04-2022

Germany releases €3bn to acquire floating LNG terminals

Germany has released nearly €3 billion to acquire floating liquefied natural gas import terminals, the finance ministry said Friday (15 April), as it seeks to move away from dependence on Russian gas.

Albania could be gas hub of the Balkans with new US deal

Albania could be a key player in Europe’s gas sector as US company Excelerate Energy Inc plans to use it as a way to deliver natural gas and natural gas products to the rest of the region, as the country also looks at increasing interconnectors amid the global energy crisis.
Energy 01-04-2022

Putin tells Europe: Pay in roubles or we’ll cut off your gas

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded foreign buyers pay for Russian gas in roubles from Friday (1 April) or else have their supplies cut, a move European capitals rejected and which Germany said amounted to "blackmail".

The Ukraine war: A hidden opportunity for the EU Green Deal

Russia's war on Ukraine, while devastating, could have 'positive' collateral effects on the European Green Deal. EURACTIV France reports.

Nigeria offers to plug EU’s Russian gas supply gap

Nigeria is ready to dramatically increase its gas supplies to Europe, as the bloc urgently seeks alternatives to its current reliance on Russian energy.
Energy 28-03-2022

EU ready to increase energy efficiency target to eliminate Russian gas

The European Commission is revising the economic assumptions behind its energy and climate laws package presented last year, saying sky-high gas prices fuelled by the war in Ukraine have strengthened the case for more ambitious energy efficiency goals.
Energy 28-03-2022

Europe needs a smarter way out of Russian gas

Europe cannot just buy alternatives to Russian gas—it must create supply in a way that complies with its climate objectives and avoids locking in further greenhouse gas emissions, writes Nikos Tsafos.
Energy 25-03-2022

EU climate policy has become key in securing peace, energy independence

Representatives of EU countries have intensified their meetings with the aim of returning to peace and increasing energy independence as Russia has decided to "punish" the bloc for its support of Ukraine
Energy 25-03-2022

Russian demand for rouble gas payments would be breach of contract, EU leaders say

Leaders from some European Union member states said on Thursday (24 Mach) Russia's demand that "unfriendly" countries use roubles to buy for its oil and gas could breach supply contracts.
Energy 25-03-2022

Joint gas purchasing could be a breakthough

A joint gas purchasing platform could lead to a truly European security of gas supply policy. This would amount to no less than a common energy policy for gas, thereby completing the missing link of the EU energy policy framework for oil and electricity, write Christian Egenhofer and Francesco Gazzoletti.
Energy 22-03-2022

LEAK: EU to mandate 90% gas storage refill for coming winters

The European Commission is expected to table proposals on Wednesday (23 March) obliging EU countries to fill up their gas stores at least 80% next winter and 90% in the following years, as well as introducing a new certification scheme to prevent manipulation of gas storage by foreign operators.
Energy 18-03-2022

Europe faces struggle to escape Russian gas this year

The European Commission's plan to cut dependence on Russian gas this year will be hard to achieve and could trigger a competitive and costly dash for the fuel when energy prices are already inflicting economic pain.
Energy 17-03-2022

Biden administration approves more LNG exports to Europe

The Biden administration said on Wednesday (16 March) it had authorized additional exports of liquefied natural gas from Cheniere Energy's, approvals that can likely help Europe deal with an energy crunch worsened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Energy 17-03-2022

Portugal seeks to position itself as Europe’s ‘new gateway for gas’

The European Union will struggle to cut dependence on Russian gas, but must do so to avoid possible supply shortfalls next winter, a Portuguese minister said on Wednesday (16 March), adding Portugal's liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports could help.
Energy 14-03-2022

The EU can stop the import of Russian gas

The European Commission's plan to reduce the EU's energy dependence on Russia is an important step in the right direction but it's not ambitious enough and should also consider an import ban, writes Kirsten Dunlop.
Energy 14-03-2022

Industry chief: District heating sector looking at ‘other options’ than gas

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is prompting the district heating sector to look at other options than fossil gas, with the industry’s representative in Brussels underlining the huge untapped potential of waste heat coming from industry and data centres among the immediately available options.
Agrifood 09-03-2022

Commission doubles ambition for EU biomethane production from agricultural waste

The European Commission has doubled its objective for home-grown biomethane production to 35 billion cubic metres per year by 2030 as part of efforts to bolster the bloc against a looming energy crisis, according to a new communication.

Renew’s French delegation against bloc’s €13 billion gas projects list

The French Renaissance delegation of the European Parliament's liberal Renew Europe Group opposes the list of Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) which sets aside €13 billion for gas projects in Europe as Russia's war in Ukraine rages on.