German language

Brexit 19-07-2018

Translations of British Brexit plan provoke ridicule

The UK government has taken the somewhat unprecedented step of translating the executive summary of its Brexit White Paper into 22 European languages.
Brexit 10-08-2017

Bundestag MPs want EU staff to use German more after Brexit

Three members of Germany's Bundestag have asked Chancellor Angela Merkel to make sure EU institutions use the German language more.
Politics 24-04-2017

EU offers more language choice to hopeful recruits

The EU has changed the language requirements for its recruitment process. Prospective candidates will now have a wider choice and no longer be limited to just English, French or German during the selection procedure.
Brexit 23-01-2017

BuzzFeed editor: Brexit calls for European media cooperation

BuzzFeed UK Europe Editor Alberto Nardelli advocates for more translation and localisation of media content, as well as more cooperation to balance out the often biased English-speaking press.
Languages & Culture 23-12-2016

VW ditches German as official language, angers linguists

Carmaker Volkswagen has taken the surprise decision to ditch German as its official working language and switch to English, in a move intended to attract high-level management but which has already been denounced by German language advocates.

German women more anti-Muslim than men

German concerns about the country’s Muslim population are growing, especially among women. Researcher Daniela Krause spoke to EURACTIV Germany about the issue, the anti-Muslim course of the AfD party and possible ways to reverse the trend.
Brexit 29-06-2016

France seeks to capitalise on Brexit to gain influence in Brussels

The idea of dropping English as an official language of the EU is tempting many in Brussels. French politicians sense an opportunity to gain some much-needed credibility. EURACTIV France reports.

New German immigrant integration law prioritises language skills

New job opportunities, more integration courses and new rules on housing: Germany’s new integration law is on its way towards final approval, but is not without its critics and shortcomings. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Languages & Culture 08-12-2014

Merkel coalition partners want immigrants to speak German at home

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Bavarian allies have caused outrage by suggesting immigrant families that want to remain in the country should be obliged to speak German at home.
Foreign immigrants make up more than 38% of residents in Berlin's Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, which is home to a thriving Turkish community. Berlin, 2008. [Sven/Flickr]
Global Europe 14-07-2014

European Court of Justice bans German language requirement for Turkish spouse visas

On Thursday (10 July) the EU’s top court ruled against Germany’s language requirement for Turkish spouses applying for residence in the country, rebuffing the German government and saying the right to family reunification is essential to integration in the member states. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Languages & Culture 19-06-2013

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Merkel wants more German spoken in EU

Angela Merkel's conservatives want to increase the use of German in Europe if they are re-elected in September, calling in their campaign programme for the language to be treated on a par with English and French in top Brussels institutions.
Languages & Culture 25-09-2012

Language teaching on the rise, English still dominates

An increasing number of students are taught foreign languages in European schools, according to a new report.
Languages & Culture 16-04-2012

Multilingualism in the Commission: Do as I say, not as I do

The European Commission, which drafts legislation which governs the lives of European citizens, works overwhelmingly in English. However a language is not simply a neutral conduit for information and there are ways of making the EU’s administration more multilingual and representative of its citizens, argues Michel Soubies.
Euro & Finance 09-03-2012

Economists say euro crisis may not be over

A top EU economist has warned that consumption is unsustainable in parts of the eurozone and that many countries would not recover economically for "many years" - an assessment backed other experts who call for reforms at European and national levels.

Bundesbank member shocks with racial theories

Thilo Sarrazin, a Social Democrat politician and board member of the German Federal Bank, published his latest book on Monday (30 August), triggering a storm of disapproval over his racial and minority integration theories. He is now being threatened with dismissal both from his party and the Bundesbank.
Future EU 26-10-2009

Germany picks surprise commissioner

Germany's new centre-right coalition has made an unexpected choice of commissioner for the next EU executive, EURACTIV Germany reported on Saturday (24 October).
Languages & Culture 20-07-2009

Culture chief: ‘Room for improvement’ in EU’s use of German

There is still room for improvement regarding the number of documents translated into German by the European institutions, despite recent growth in the number of German EU officials using their native language professionally, Margareta Hauschild, director of the Goethe-Institut Belgien, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 20-07-2009

‘Room for improvement’ in EU’s use of German

There is still room for improvement regarding the number of documents translated into German by the European institutions, despite recent growth in the number of German EU officials using their native language professionally, Margareta Hauschild, director of the Goethe-Institut Belgien in Brussels, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Languages & Culture 10-06-2008

Shakespeare is curbing Molière and Goethe in Brussels

"French and German are unlikely to survive in Brussels" unless both countries "unite to better assert the importance of their languages," argues Marc Foglia, the chief editor of the Groupe des Belles Feuilles, a reflection group, in a post on Blogactiv.
Languages & Culture 11-04-2008

Petition calls for German language boost

Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban was yesterday (10 April) presented with a petition calling for German to remain on an "equal footing" with English and French as an "EU procedural language".
Languages & Culture 29-06-2007

Merkel urged to strengthen German language in Brussels

The Budget Committee of the Bundestag has adopted a proposal that exhorts the German government to push for the greater use of German as an official language in the EU and return the institutions' German-translated documents to Berlin. 
Languages & Culture 21-04-2006

Germany’s call for multilingualism falls on deaf ears in Finland

Germany is stepping up its fight for the use of German at EU level. In the meantime, Finland insists that during its presidency it will only make press releases and working documents available in English and French.
EU Priorities 2020 11-04-2005

No privileges for German in Commission press conferences

The row that broke out over the addition of German as an 'automatic' language in press conferences alongside French and English has been resolved.