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After the protests, what debt will Kazakhstan’s leaders owe Russia?

What seems obvious after the recent protests is that Kazakhstan might become even more reliant on Russia, demonstrating a diminished ability to balance the influence of Washington and Moscow, writes Aigerim Toleukhanova.

Russia is making the West more united than ever

If the Russian-Ukrainian conflict turns hot again, the response of the West will not be as muted as in 2014 when Crimea was invaded and annexed, writes Róbert Vass.

The Brief — The Battle of Normandy

The tensions with Russia over Ukraine are said to be at their most dangerous since the end of the Cold War. Talks with Russia are ongoing in various forms. However, there are no results, and no prospects of any breakthrough.
Health 13-01-2022

Africa takes vaccination into its own hands

Africa can’t rely on wealthy nations for help in the face of empty promises, and vaccine hoarding writes Peter Burdin, former BBC Africa bureau editor.

Put co-innovation at the heart of EU green external relations

The EU needs to intensify its cooperation on green innovation with other parts of the world, writes Mats Engström.
Climate change 12-01-2022

Global Gateway is a great start for Europe to lead on climate action in developing countries

We stand at the start of a critical year for tackling climate change with a closing window of opportunity to fight global warming. Europe has made good progress in driving action and needs to work with its global partners to make this a reality around the globe, writes Mafalda Duarte.
Health 11-01-2022

To avoid more COVID-19 variants, we must vaccinate Africa

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has reminded us that the pandemic will not be over until all countries have vaccinated their people. The EU should focus its attention on vaccinating Africa, writes Professor Alberto Mantovani.
Central Asia 10-01-2022

The Brief – ‘Business as usual’ with Kazakhstan?

The new year started with unrest in Kazakhstan, which will likely impact the wider picture of world geopolitics.

Macron’s vision of European sovereignty

On 9 December, President Emmanuel Macron launched the French EU Presidency programme at an event in the Élysée Palace. Dick Roche takes a closer look at what is in store over the next six months.
Europe's East 04-01-2022

Parallels between the crises in Ukraine and in the Balkans

The enemy of Putin's Russia is stability, and its real interest is the constant maintenance of tensions, if necessary with occasional military actions, so that it remains a factor that you must call if you want a solution, writes Orhan Dragaš.

The Brief – Macron’s world

French President Emmanuel Macron gave an unusually long interview to TF1-LCI, a full version of which was aired on LCI on Saturday (18 December). Unsurprisingly, most of it concerned domestic politics. But there was also an intriguing part about Russia.
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Adhering to the Right Direction of China-EU Relations – Ambassador Zhang Ming’s Farewell Letter

Zhang Ming is the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the EU. Dear Friends, I took the position as the 14th Chinese Ambassador to the European Union in October 2017. Looking back over the past four years, my...

A unique opportunity to strengthen EU-NATO cooperation

Some duplications, or thematic overlap, between the EU’s Strategic Compass and NATO’s 2022 Strategic Concept will be inevitable but necessary, writes Niklas Novaky.
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Can Europe become a credible geopolitical actor?

While in the last year and half we have held our breath struggling to overcome the most serious sanitary crisis of the last century – focusing on number of contagions, vaccine doses administered and variants of the vaccines – geopolitical crises with the potential of affecting both the global and European stability have kept unfolding

The Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs — Dancing around the Olympic flag pole

Europe is split over its political representation at the upcoming Beijing Olympics - and its dilly-dallying has already awarded China its first victory.
EU-Africa 14-12-2021

Ghana’s role is at the heart of the Africa and Europe partnership

Ghana must play a key role in building the new partnership between Africa and Europe, writes Sena Siaw-Boateng.
Eastern Europe 14-12-2021

EaP Summit – Why the Trio initiative should finally find its way

The upcoming EaP summit (15 December)  will be a watershed to either push for a visionary policy or to play “business as usual”, write Teona Lavrelashvili and Ramūnas Stanionis, who share their ideas how to boost the ‘Associated Trio’ format.

The Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs — Bosnia crisis and the failure of stabilocracy

The National Assembly of Republika Srpska (the Serb half of post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina) voted last Friday to start work on pulling their autonomous entity out of Bosnia’s armed forces, judiciary and tax systems. The assembly said the RS government should propose within six months laws to regulate these matters at entity level.

How France can promote EU interests in the UN Security Council

France won't give up its UN Security Council to the European Union any time soon—but alternatives may exist, write Nick Lokker and Francis Shin.

Emerging technology, the geo-economic Achilles’ heel NATO needs to address

Emerging technologies are the geo-economics Achilles heel NATO needs to address to deter aggressors, write General John Allen, Heiko Borchert and Marcin Zaborowski. General John Allen is President of Brookings and former Commander of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in...

The Brief — Biden-Putin telco: Who won?

US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held a two-hour teleconference on a secured channel which mostly focused on Ukraine. The very fact that they talked is reassuring. Now as the dust has settled, we will try...
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Building new pillars of the Korea-EU Partnership: What to expect for the next decade?

Fifty eight years ago, on July 24 1963, the Republic of Korea and the European Economic Community(EEC), the former name of the current European Union(EU), established diplomatic relations.
Europe's East 08-12-2021

Countering Russia’s false narrative: Putin’s menacing squeeze of Ukraine

Faced by continued Russian aggression towards Ukraine, the transatlantic community must stand firm, writes Matthew Bryza.

The EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific: Becoming a geopolitical actor

Europe and the Indo-Pacific share increasingly similar challenges, which is why we need to address them in close cooperation and coordination with regional partners, writes David McAllister. MEP David McAllister is the chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign...