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  • EU-Serbia: A stagnation comfortable for both sides

    Enlargement 18-06-2021

    No progress in Serbia’s EU integration process appears to be a solution that fits both the EU side which is increasingly critical toward the authoritarian trends in Belgrade and the lack of progress with Kosovo, and the ruling bloc in Belgrade which doesn’t see EU relations as important for its voters, writes BETA agency.

  • The Brief, powered by ITI – Biden vs Putin: Who won?


    As the dust settles after the meeting of the two leaders on the neutral Swiss playground, a legitimate question to ask is which one of them got the most out of this risky summit. And who were the collateral victims.

  • Biden’s visit: What does it mean to rejoin Europe?


    Given that Europe is not inclined to make the painful decisions that a modernized relationship requires, it is hard to understand what a return to Europe means, except for having dinner with some interesting people, writes George Friedman.

  • Opportunity for whom: The EU-Africa partnership and sustainable energy transitions

    EU-Africa 16-06-2021

    The new EU-Africa partnership should focus on strengthening African governments and working with them on their renewable energy strategies, argues Jesse Ovadia.

  • The Brief powered by ITI – Do the maths


    For a moment, it looked like multilateralism had returned. An agreement on minimum corporate tax rates was secured days before, and the stage was set for the G7 to agree on a burden-sharing programme to generate the additional and equitable vaccine supplies needed for mass global vaccination against COVID-19.

  • Africans do not yearn for Europe

    EU-Africa 15-06-2021

    The recent events in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta may have suggested otherwise, but (most of) Africa does not yearn to come to Europe, writes Oriol Puig.

  • How the competition against China could improve NATO

    Defence and security 15-06-2021

    Allowing the US to focus its military resources in the Pacific requires a division of labor within NATO that requires the Europeans to take responsibility for the defense of their continent, writes Antonia Colibasanu.

  • The Brief, powered by ITI – What is the EU doing at G7?


    At the G7 round table, there are actually nine seats. At last week's three-day G7 summit in Cornwall, two of them were taken by European Council President Charles Michel and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (both of whom managed to grab a seat this time).

  • Rebuilding the World Better

    Promoted content 11-06-2021

    We at GLOBSEC believe that the aftermath of a period of turbulence can be a spur for change. There is an opportunity for Year Two of the pandemic to be when we define the new normal.

  • How Europe should re-engage with the US


    President Biden’s maiden foreign tour signals his will to restore transatlantic relations. Europe will rejoice, but may not – and indeed, should not – put all its eggs in the US basket, write Óscar Fernández and Ángel Saz-Carranza.

  • Belarus: a moment of truth for European values

    Europe's East 10-06-2021

    Firmness is the only answer to Alexander Lukashenko’s Soviet-era thuggery. But in addition to strict sanctions, those who oppose oppression need our help: psychological support and scholarships for now-exiled young activists, support for media and shelter for journalists, writes Frans Timmermans.

  • Cooperatively containing China

    China 10-06-2021

    Europe must pursue a strategy of "cooperative containment" on China if it is to punch its weight on the international stage, write Peter Clever and Christian Moos.