Green finance

Economy & Jobs 04-05-2022

EU body sets out draft sustainability disclosure standards

Companies will have to set a much broader range of sustainability targets under draft new European Union reporting standards, environmental impact body CDP said on Tuesday (3 May).
Economy & Jobs 29-04-2022

Obstacles on the way to green capital markets

Recent studies suggest that much needs to be done in the EU if private capital markets are to play a role in financing the green transition.

Lawmakers urge Brussels to ditch green label for gas in EU taxonomy

A group of 102 lawmakers in the European Parliament have called on the European Commission to withdraw its proposal to include fossil gas in the EU’s green finance taxonomy, saying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has rendered the proposal obsolete.
Energy 14-03-2022

Europe’s beleaguered nuclear industry eyes a comeback

With ambitious decarbonisation targets and an ongoing energy price crisis, Europe is reconsidering the role of nuclear in its energy mix. But any nuclear renaissance will depend on state support and an evolving political landscape, explains Pierre Georges.

Spain calls on EU to endorse renewable energy contracts for industry

The Spanish government has called on the European Investment Bank (EIB) to provide financial guarantees for long-term fixed-price supply contracts for renewable energy, known as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).
Climate change 04-02-2022

Campaigners begin legal fight against EU taxonomy’s bioenergy rules

Climate campaigners have started the process of a legal challenge against the European Union over the labelling of investments in bioenergy and bio-based plastics and chemicals as green in its flagship sustainable finance rulebook.

Investors warn ‘green’ label for gas undermines EU taxonomy

Investor groups have criticised the European Commission’s plan to label fossil gas projects as “green” under the EU sustainable finance taxonomy, saying it undermines the investment guide's purpose of promoting climate-friendly activities.

France’s Green MEPs pledge to change Parliament’s position on EU taxonomy

The Greens in the European Parliament are trying to mobilise other parliamentarians to reject the Commission's delegated act on the green taxonomy that gives nuclear and gas a "green" label. EURACTIV France reports.

‘Imperfect but real solution’: Brussels weathers backlash over gas and nuclear

The European Commission on Wednesday (2 February) defied angry dissent from EU governments and protests from green campaigners to give a sustainable finance label to investments in both gas and nuclear power.

EU puts green label for nuclear and gas officially on the table

The European Commission on Wednesday (2 February) proposed including nuclear and gas power in the bloc’s sustainable finance taxonomy, recognising their contribution to the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goal “subject to clear limits and phase out periods”.

EU green label for gas ‘not necessary’, says Germany’s Habeck

In a visit to Brussels on Tuesday (25 January), the German Vice-Chancellor reiterated his opposition to nuclear's inclusion in the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy, saying “we don’t need” a green investment label for atomic power – and nor for gas either.

EU green finance advisors slam Brussels over nuclear, fossil gas

The group of experts advising the European Commission on green finance has criticised plans by Brussels to label gas and nuclear power as a “transitional” source of energy under the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy.

Labelling unabated gas as ‘green’ risks diverting finance from essential renewables

By encouraging investment in ‘transitional’ gas infrastructure, we risk losing sight of the critical priority: channelling finance toward a massive build-out of renewable power generation, writes Faustine Delasalle.

Germany takes firm pro-gas stance in green taxonomy feedback to EU

In its feedback to Brussels over the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy, Berlin reiterated its opposition to nuclear power while calling on the European Commission to ease restrictions on fossil gas in the transition to a low-carbon energy system.

EU advisers concerned about plan for green labels on gas, nuclear investments

Experts advising on the European Union's sustainable finance taxonomy are concerned a draft plan to include gas and nuclear relies too heavily on promises to make those fuels green in future, rather than assessing their real impact today.

‘Misunderstanding’ could block nuclear from claiming green EU label, industry warns

Ambiguities and misunderstandings contained in a draft EU proposal could block nuclear power plants from claiming a green investment label under the bloc's sustainable finance taxonomy, the industry has warned.

Investors worth €50 trillion call on EU to exclude gas from green finance taxonomy

Fossil gas should be excluded from Europe’s list of sustainable investments, according to a group of climate investors with €50 trillion worth of assets. The group added it was still considering whether to consider nuclear as a sustainable investment.

EU delays deadline on green investment rules for nuclear and gas

The European Commission said on Monday (10 January) it has delayed to later this month the deadline for experts to give feedback on divisive plans to allow some natural gas and nuclear energy projects to be labelled as sustainable investments.

The EU taxonomy is also about tackling chemical pollution

The EU’s green finance taxonomy is about more than climate finance, it’s also an opportunity to improve our health and well-being by phasing out polluting chemicals, write Timothy Suljada and Charlotte Wagner.

Green finance row splits Berlin

The EU is in the final stages of honing its green finance rules and a leaked draft proposing that nuclear and gas should receive the label for the transition has prompted complaints from Berlin. But positions differ even inside the new German coalition government

LEAK: EU drafts plan to label gas and nuclear investments as green

The European Union, has drawn up plans to label some natural gas and nuclear energy power plants as "transitional" or "green" investments provided they meet specific criteria such as displacing more polluting coal plants.

Commission to table green investment rules for gas and nuclear early next year

The European Commission plans to finish next year its long-awaited rules on whether to label gas and nuclear energy as climate-friendly investments under EU green finance rules, its environment policy chief said on Monday (20 December).

No more greenwashing, a science-based and credible taxonomy is needed

A group of three EU lawmakers have written to express concerns about strong political pressure to include gas and nuclear power in the EU's green finance taxonomy.

German cabinet passes climate fund booster with €60 billion extra budget

Germany's new government passed a supplementary budget on Monday (13 December) to supercharge its climate and transformation fund with a debt-financed injection of €60 billion to allow more investments in the shift towards a green economy, officials said.