Cancer nurses needs an ambitious European Care Strategy

We must ask what concrete actions we can take to support and protect healthcare professionals, notably oncology nurses, a crucial workforce for our society, health and well-being, writes a liberal European lawmaker.
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On the brink of a post-antibiotic world, the European Commission is failing to tackle the crisis

New EU regulation is on the brink of futility as the European Commission refuses to reserve for exclusive use in humans a single antimicrobial currently authorised for veterinary use. There are two weeks left to change that.
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How can we best celebrate women? By looking after their health

Migraine affects three to four times more women than men. What can we do to ensure that women with migraine get the awareness and respect they deserve?

We must not forget people with disabilities in Ukraine

The plight of people living with disabilities in Ukraine and their families is real. These people need help, and they need it now, writes Helen Portal.  

Better tools are need to end tuberculosis and anti-microbial resistance

We need better tools to end TB and AMR, and the EU can and must lead these efforts, writes Nicolae Ștefănuță.

With benefits of modern life at an all-time high, why are we all so anxious?

Despite global wealth hitting an all-time peak, people feel increasingly insecure in almost every country, including the countries with high levels of human development. Achim Steiner explains why we are so anxious and what should be done.
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The future of Europe’s healthcare: ending inequalities and improving quality of life for all cannot wait

Socialists and social democrats will ensure health systems are well-resourced, supported by excellent public services, affordable and accessible to all – this is a fundamental part of Europe’s social model and social cohesion.
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More transparency in the pharmaceutical market can increase the affordability of medicines without comprising investments in R&D

To mark World Cancer Day, researchers from The Netherlands Cancer Institute and the University of Amsterdam publish results of the world’s first laboratory experiment on pharmaceutical transparency, showing that comprehensive transparency can significantly decrease prices without compromising R&D investments.
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First EC Opinion on Mutual Recognition. Success story for the free movement in the EU Food Supplement market

Mutual Recognition works to safeguard the internal market from local impediments to trade! This is what the first European Commission Opinion on the application of the principle of mutual Recognition and the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2019/515 regarding food supplements came to prove.
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Europe’s #1 cause of death is largely preventable- isn’t it time we take action?

Today, CVD causes 37% of all deaths in the EU. CVD impacts the lives of 60 million Europeans. It is Europe’s leading cause of death in people under 65. As the ageing of Europe’s population progresses, we would expect these figures to increase further unless new and decisive actions are taken by public health authorities.
Technology 24-01-2022

How the Parliament’s AIDA Report Misdiagnoses the Risks and Benefits of Health AI

In November 2021, the European Parliament’s Special Committee on AI in a Digital Age (AIDA Committee) put forward its draft report on artificial intelligence (AI) in a digital age. The report advocates for a very permissive approach to regulation of AI to stimulate innovation and foster the competitiveness of the EU. With this, however, it understates the possible risks specific to development and use of AI in the context of health and lacks actual solutions to translate potential into action. We identified five shortcomings and hereby appeal to the regulator to address them.
China 21-01-2022

The EU and its member states must impose a diplomatic boycott on the Beijing Olympics

The EU and its member states must adopt statements in advance of the Beijing Olympics and boycott the games at the political level, a group of MEPs and national MPs write in a letter sent to EURACTIV.

Africa takes vaccination into its own hands

Africa can’t rely on wealthy nations for help in the face of empty promises, and vaccine hoarding writes Peter Burdin, former BBC Africa bureau editor.

To avoid more COVID-19 variants, we must vaccinate Africa

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant has reminded us that the pandemic will not be over until all countries have vaccinated their people. The EU should focus its attention on vaccinating Africa, writes Professor Alberto Mantovani.
Special ReportStakeholder Opinion

Access to treatment for SMA around Europe

Rare diseases are very serious conditions that affect around 30 million people in the European Union. Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a rare genetic, neuromuscular disease affecting approximately 1 in 3,900–16,000 live births in Europe. In general, as rare diseases...
Coronavirus 22-12-2021

The Brief – The heavy price of indecision

As governments tighten restrictions around Europe in a belated effort to halt the march of the Omicron variant, the question on everyone's mind is whether another lockdown is coming after, or even before, Christmas.
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Driving change to address the burden of migraine

Despite being the second leading cause of disability worldwide, the burden of migraine remains under-recognized. Prioritizing improvement through policy can reduce this burden on individuals, society and healthcare systems.
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Boosting cross-border collaborations and joint procurement to improve access to new medicines in Europe

Existing cross-border collaborations have shown that pooling resources can facilitate access to new medicines for patients at a fairer price. At the same time, the potential of the EU Joint Procurement Agreement reaches beyond vaccines and treatments for communicable cross-border health threats.
Coronavirus 02-12-2021

The Brief, powered by ELF — EU summit scoop

We live in frustrating times. As we face a powerful new COVID-19 wave, despite the relatively high vaccination rates in Europe, the EU Commission chief has proposed making jabs mandatory. An EU summit is likely to take place in the...
Coronavirus 30-11-2021

The Brief, powered by ELF — Nobody is safe until EU stops being hypocritical on vaccines

The mantra of EU officials that “nobody is safe until everybody is safe” is meaningless as long as the EU does not do enough to get vaccines to everybody. South Africa is the most recent victim of this hypocrisy.
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Why the EU should boost Patient Blood Management implementation in Europe and align EU legislation with WHO guidance

There are many reasons for the EU to take a greater role in preserving blood – including one’s blood –  to improve patients’ lives. The window of opportunity is here to support EU countries improve health systems, policies and practices...
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The review of the general pharmaceutical legislation: an opportunity that should not be missed?

This year, the end of December will not only mark the Holiday rush - at least for the healthcare policy specialists. Instead of rushing to the Christmas markets, most of them will be busy finalising their contributions to the revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation.

The Brief, powered by Facebook — One continent, two pandemics

Perhaps it was just too good to be true. After a few months of relative normality, trips to the cinema, beers with friends and eating out, we are back to restrictions. In Austria’s case, a full lockdown.
Technology 18-11-2021

The Brief, powered by Facebook — The Dirty Dozen

The European Commission has been caught by surprise. In its efforts to fight disinformation, it developed instruments to monitor Russia. However, new research shows that the anti-vaxxer disinformation campaign to which many EU citizens have fallen victim actually originates in the United States.