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Media Partnership – Digestive cancers: Turning the tide through prevention

The event is an annual meeting of the MEP Digestive Health Group(MEP DHG). The MEP DHG is a cross-party platform of Members of the European Parliament from different EU Member States, acting as the voice for digestive health in the European Parliament and prompting European action to reduce the burden of digestive diseases.
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Media Partnership: European Health Union – not wishful thinking, but a reflection of Europeans’ real concerns

Participants of the discussion addressed: - how current European health policy corresponds to the expectations of European citizens; - proposals on how to improve the state of Europeans’ health; - how to create a European Health Union and establish it in the Treaty on European Union; - the dangers of postponing European Health issues for the future.
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The socioeconomic benefits of plasma-derived medicines

Every year more people across the EU are diagnosed with life-threatening conditions which can only be treated with plasma-derived medicines.
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Facts about compensating plasma donors

The revision of the European Union Blood, Tissues and Cells (BTC) Legislation brings an opportunity to strengthen its legal framework to encourage new approaches that will increase the collection of plasma across Europe.
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Strengthening the EU Blood Directive for patients who need plasma-derived medicines

The revision of the European Union Blood, Tissues and Cells (BTC) Legislation brings an opportunity to strengthen its legal framework to encourage new approaches that will increase the collection of plasma across Europe.
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Europe needs to collect more plasma – Improving patient access to plasma-derived medicines

In the coming decade, it is expected that more European patients will need access to plasma-derived medicines.
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Connecting the Dots – a video series presented by MedTech Europe

Medical science has improved rapidly, raising life expectancies around the world. But as longevity increases, so too does the demand on healthcare services with rising costs and an overstretched workforce struggling to meet its patients’ needs.

Romanian football fans and sustainability

In the framework of the LIFE TACKLE project, we not only look at professionals in the sporting sector but also at the fans, who breathe so much life into football.
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Preparing Europe and the world for future health crisis: lessons learnt from COVAX and the future of HERA

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught policymakers and stakeholders many lessons related to crisis management through coordinated action. However, the greatest challenge facing Europe and the rest of the world is to be prepared for future health emergencies. The roundtable brought...
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The FAO/WHO definition of probiotics’ 20th anniversary

20 years ago the FAO/World Health Organization definition of #probiotics was launched during the conference in Cordoba, Argentina.

Media Partnership: Upskilling & Reskilling as part of the Well-Being of the European Workforce

Current major issues have profoundly changed the way we work, highlighting the crucial needs for European societies to constantly develop the skills of workers and their well-being.

Metastatic Breast Cancer – How can we improve care for patients and survivors?

Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality in the EU after cardiovascular disease. 2.6 million people are diagnosed every year.

Swedish football fans and sustainability

The Swedish Football Association and LIFE TACKLE partner, interviewed a number of Swedish football fans to bring to light their own understanding of sustainability in sport, and what this means to them.

Swedish football and sustainability

Magdalena Eriksson shares her thoughts about how football can contribute to sustainability initiatives.

Media Partnership: Integrative Oncology – The missing link in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

Cancer is a top health priority for the European Union, as every year, 3.5 million people in the EU are diagnosed with cancer, and 1.3 million die from it.

Media Partnership – Living with SMA: Spotlight on the policy and access environment in Europe

With this interactive multi-stakeholder virtual roundtable, SMA Europe and Biogen presented their work and bring light to the challenges faced by people living with SMA.
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Probiotics in Europe e-and worldwide: Several angles were raised, from regulatory, scientific and consumer perspective, in Europe and Worldwide, during the 11th edition of the International Congress Probiotics, Prebiotics and New Foods.

It is recognised that some microorganisms, normally referred to as probiotics, can play an important role to support a balanced gut microbiota, and this can have an impact on healthcare and well-being.
Coronavirus 04-10-2021

Lessons from COVID-19: How can we make our health systems more resilient?

What else can the EU and Member States do to make our health systems more resilient?

Media Partnership – Health Access in Rural Areas: the need for a long-term vision in Europe

Accessing health remains a challenge in rural and remote areas in a context of a declining and ageing population, a lack of connectivity and infrastructure, as well as a low access to essential public services such as healthcare.
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Large glazed surfaces deliver more than we think

By providing access to natural daylight and a visual connection with the external environment, glass ensures health and well-being in all type of buildings.

Italian football fans and sustainability

In the framework of the LIFE TACKLE project, we are not only looking at professionals in the sporting sector (stadium managers, footballers, team owners, etc) but also at those who breathe so much life into football: the fans. FIGC, the...
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Good Off-Label Use Practice of Medicines

Before a drug makes it onto the market it is vigorously tested and needs to be authorized, either by a national competent authority or EMA, the European Medicines Agency. All the information on when a medicinal product can and cannot...

Media Partnership – How to address the unmet needs of rare disease patients by transforming the European OMP landscape

The European Expert Group on Orphan Drug Incentives (OD Expert Group) has been established to discuss and bring forward innovative proposals to stimulate innovation and foster research into therapies for rare diseases.

Media Partnership – Towards Zero Pollution: Measuring Citizens’ Health and Well-Being

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of the interlinkages between the degradation of our environment and the health of our societies.