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  • Drugs incentives have saved lives in Europe

    Promoted content 12-12-2017

    Without strong incentives to spur continued investment in medical innovation, we cannot hope to ensure the sustainability of European healthcare systems and fulfil the promise of our great union, writes Jan Fischer.

  • EU health boss Andriukaitis ‘does not listen’


    EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis and his services have systematically refused meaningful dialogue and appropriate consultations, Peter van der Mark writes in reaction to an interview published on

  • Commission’s formaldehyde U-turn shows need to separate science from politics, emotion

    Agrifood 28-11-2017

    Chemicals, even naturally occurring ones, often sound scary, and they certainly can be hazardous. But most, when appropriately managed, deliver significant benefits, writes Rick Phillips.

  • Climate change fight is great opportunity for Europe’s labourers

    Climate change 17-11-2017

    For decades, labourers were presented with a false choice: good jobs or a clean environment. They were told that efforts to cut pollution would kill jobs—that they had to choose between clean air and the economy. Now we know better, insists Kathleen Van Brempt.

  • No excuse to pollute: Why coal is on trial in Greece


    Illegal pollution from coal power plants is an issue all over Europe - the latest plants facing legal action are in Greece. It’s time for all of Europe’s governments to move beyond the dirtiest source of energy, insists Eleni Diamantopoulou.

  • Data is the new blood

    Special Report | Promoted content 14-11-2017

    “Data is the new blood”. The expression was heard at a recent e-health conference where health data and patient control took centre stage in the discussions revolving around innovation driving a more personalised approach and better outcome in healthcare, writes Wolfgang Mähr.

  • EMA relocation should consider the wellbeing of all Europeans


    The competition for the European Medicines Agency is not a horse race but the first concrete, effective decision the EU has to make in the wake of Brexit - and one with long-lasting consequences. A responsible yet ambitious mindset is therefore in order, writes Sandro Gozi.

  • Europe’s excluded are falling through the cracks of healthcare


    Whether it is an elderly German man who lost his job or a young boy that reached Europe fleeing war at home, Europe’s excluded are falling through the cracks of healthcare systems, writes Médecins du Monde.

  • Silicones – enabling the next big leap in prosthetics and health

    Promoted content 19-10-2017

    Prosthetics have been used for hundreds of years, but for much of that time saw little to no technological development. They were heavy, single-purpose, unattractive and, in many cases, unhygienic.

  • What are you drinking?

    Agrifood 19-10-2017

    A can of soup, a carton of juice, a bottle of wine.When shopping for any of the above, it stands to reason that you could turn to the calories or inspect the ingredients. As you’d imagine, food and drink producers are obliged to label their produces’ ingredients and calorie content. Wine, however, is exempt.

  • Access to medicines: Let’s have better care, for more patients

    Promoted content 18-10-2017

    Marc-Alexander Mahl is President of Medicines for Europe. Europe’s healthcare model is under pressure. Populations are ageing in Europe – with the number of Europeans aged 65 or over set to rise by 45 million between 2015 and 2050.(1) This brings …

  • Bringing sanity back to Europe’s glyphosate debate

    Agrifood 05-10-2017

    For glyphosate, the active ingredient in the world’s most widely used weed killer, 6 November will be a date with destiny, writes Pieter Cleppe.