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  • Let us not confine global trade

    Economy & Jobs 12-06-2020

    COVID-19 has stalled economies in the EU and the world, revealing vulnerabilities and shortcomings in global value chains. We need a resilient and sustainable European recovery by fostering sustainable and digital industrial ecosystems that diversify trade, stimulate sustainable growth and create jobs, write Reyes Maroto and Simon Kollerup.

  • Europe, we need to talk about care

    Coronavirus 11-06-2020

    Carers have been at the front-line of the coronavirus pandemic. A European Carers Strategy to address their needs, and ensure that their work is recognised and valued within our societies, argue Frances Fitzgerald and Dennis Radtke.

  • Future-proofing Europe’s digital health innovation pathway

    Promoted content 05-06-2020

    Jan-Philipp Beck, CEO of EIT Health, discusses how the digital healthcare pathway must evolve to meet the changing and growing needs of patients, citizens and healthcare systems across Europe.

  • The EU steps up for a more equal post-corona future

    Development Policy 29-05-2020

    The EU's ambitious new budget proposal to drive recovery following the coronavirus pandemic is a good start. But long-term investment will also be needed in health, social protection, and human development, writes Emily Wigens.

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Readiness: Let’s not reinvent the wheel – European Medical Research Infrastructures are part of the global response

    Promoted content 27-05-2020

    The European Commission led a highly successful[1] round of funding for diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against coronavirus. These resources must be used in the most efficient way possible. The best way is via cross-border, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary research collaboration based on existing networks, to reach a scale of partnerships and coordination that has yet to be achieved during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • The UN and the EU: together for a sustainable future beyond the crisis

    Development Policy 08-05-2020

    The coronavirus an unprecedented wake-up call on the need for global action. The EU and international agencies must work together to shape a better future, writes Barbara Pesce-Monteiro.

  • Call for Action: Time to strengthen the EU’s public health policy powers

    Coronavirus 08-05-2020

    Europe is going through an unprecedented challenge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a health crisis, an economic crisis, and, potentially, a social crisis. It presents an existential challenge to the European project: are we doing enough to protect the health of our citizens? write Klaus Hänsch, Violeta Bulc and Vytenis Andriukaitis.

  • It’s the long-term, stupid!

    Coronavirus 08-05-2020

    In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic there is a temptation to revert to nationalism and close borders. But working together and eschewing damaging short-term measures is the best response to the crisis, writes Henning vom Stein.

  • Truck drivers deserve an honest discussion, away from protectionist stereotypes

    Transport 08-05-2020

    In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, the truck transport industry that ensures the security of supplies and food on our tables deserves praise, and an honest and transparent discussion, away from protectionist stereotypes, writes Petar Vitanov.

  • How to keep cities pollution-free after virus lockdowns lift

    Future of mobility 08-05-2020

    As authorities across Europe prepare for a stepwise lift of coronavirus lockdown measures, they are facing a make-or-break moment for urban mobility. Yoann Le Petit details four proven strategies that should keep cities free of pollution as normality starts to return.

  • Time for Europe to beef up its China strategy

    China 07-05-2020

    The recent controversy over whether Beijing pressured the European External Action Service to water down a critical report on Chinese disinformation is just one piece of a bigger puzzle, write David Fernandez and Fabrice Pothier. David Fernandez is a junior adviser …

  • The only way out is together

    Coronavirus 06-05-2020

    Protecting the EU's single market and Recovery Fund capable of delivering massive investment and promoting convergence are among the measures needed to ensure that EU countries recover from the coronavirus pandemic together, writes Elisa Ferreira.

  • Lessons learned: We need a permanent EU medical emergency unit

    Coronavirus 05-05-2020

    As national health policies remain a member state prerogative, in the medical area, the EU is simply powerless, lacking the legal basis or resources to coordinate the fight against the epidemic, writes MEP Victor Negrescu.

  • Non-Aligned Movement is ‘United Against Covid-19’

    Promoted content | Azerbaijan 05-05-2020

    On Monday (4 May), an online Summit of the Non–Aligned Movement (NAM) states was held at the initiative of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Dr. Esmira Jafarova shares her impressions from this event.

  • New health tools for COVID-19

    Coronavirus 04-05-2020

    How to ensure access for all to a coronavirus vaccine should be the priority for world leaders. Dr Bernard Pécoul offers five ideas leaders should consider this week as they aim to raise €7.5 billion to fund vaccine research.

  • Out with the old (engines), in with the new

    Electric vehicles 04-05-2020

    Europe is at a crossroads, thanks in part to the coronavirus outbreak's massive impact on the economy. Julia Poliscanova explains which fork in the road the car industry should take and the role electric vehicles should play.

  • Facemasks against COVID-19: Why Slovakia became the trailblazer

    Coronavirus 28-04-2020

    During the first half of March, as Slovakia went through an early stage of the COVID-19 crisis, it managed to take fast and critical measures. The country's largest cities were the first places in the EU that enforced compulsory facemasks in public, writes Andrej Šteňo.

  • Only through historic transformation can global tourism beat COVID-19

    Economy & Jobs 23-04-2020

    In recent years, a growing number of countries have been busy scaling up tourism’s place in their economic agendas. Yet tourism is probably the single biggest economic casualty of COVID-19, writes Zurab Pololikashvili.

  • For the Europe of tomorrow: An Open Letter


    On the day of a critical meeting of the European Council, France’s Former President Giscard d’Estaing, together with leading representatives from the world of politics, academia and civil society from the Board of Re-Imagine Europa, call upon European leaders to show courage and ambition amid the current crisis.

  • Time for governments to listen to their European citizens

    Future EU 22-04-2020

    Amid the range of appeals and open letters on the policy-changes need to combat the coronavirus, one constant is that all are demanding an effective common EU response to the pandemic, writes Roberto Castaldi.

  • By surrendering to autocracy in the fight against COVID-19, Hungary poisons European ideals 

    Future EU 20-04-2020

    The EU must swiftly propose and adopt sanctions against the latest 'democratic backsliding' by the Hungarian government, say leading European politicians, media and civil society leaders in an open letter whose signatories include former Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, and EURACTIV founder Christophe Leclercq.

  • Coronavirus: Where road transport stands

    Transport 17-04-2020

    Drivers still face a litany of obstacles as they go about their business during the virus outbreak, including massive traffic jams and lack of access to proper rest facilities. The head of the International Road Transport Union, Umberto de Pretto calls for more care.

  • An ‘EU-owned’ New Deal for the post-COVID world

    Coronavirus 16-04-2020

    Despite all the recent references to a new Marshall Plan to help Europe, it would be more appropriate to talk about an EU-owned New Deal, based on Roosevelt's "3 R's" - Relief, Recovery, and Reform, writes Ambassador Maurizio Massari.

  • Which world do we want after COVID-19?

    Energy & Environment 16-04-2020

    The coronavirus crisis has caused a lot of suffering and uncertainty, but its aftermath offers us an opportunity to break with old habits and build a circular, sustainable and highly competitive economy, write Frans Timmermans and Bertrand Piccard.