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  • Promoting healthy lifestyles – which interventions are most effective?


    EURACTIV analyses the existing challenges policymakers face when it comes to healthy lifestyles in the EU, as well as the several initiatives that have been taken ranging from food reformulation to action at school level.

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  • The fight for viral hepatitis C elimination


    The hepatitis C virus is a global public health threat with significant morbidity and mortality, and within Europe, the WHO's Eastern Mediterranean Region and the European Region have the highest reported prevalence.

  • Building partnerships: international development and sustainable business

    Development Policy 04-06-2018

    The European Development Days has established itself as a key fixture in the world's development calendar. The EU plans to revamp its development tools and financial investment instruments in the next seven-year budget, increasing the role of the private sector.

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  • The fine line between brands and health


    For the World Health Organisation, plain packaging is considered an effective way to reduce the attractiveness of tobacco products and increase the effectiveness of health warnings. But the industry disagrees and points to a fine line between over-regulation and the need to protect consumers.

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  • What is the potential of combination vaccines?


    The rise of anti-vaccination campaigns has in recent years had a detrimental effect on EU public health as “forgotten” diseases such as measles re-appeared in Europe, raising eyebrows among policymakers.

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  • How can we create sustainable healthcare systems?


    The healthcare systems of EU member states are under huge pressure to meet the growing demand for care and simultaneously support innovation in the sector. Combined with an ageing population and the alarming burden of chronic illnesses, several experts emphasise the …

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  • Vaccination: Raising awareness against fake news


    Up to 3 million people die every year from vaccine-preventable diseases. The rise of anti-vaccination campaigns has in recent years had a detrimental effect on EU public health as "forgotten" diseases such as measles re-appeared in Europe, raising eyebrows among policymakers. What’s …

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  • Big data revolution and EU healthcare


    The ongoing big data revolution could have a significant impact on health policies in the EU. EU policymakers say the big data could considerably change the way healthcare policies are shaped. Through a data-driven approach, health systems will be more focused …

  • Party smart: The battle against excessive drinking

    Alcohol 04-12-2017

    Excessive alcohol consumption and binge drinking among young people in the EU has raised eyebrows in Brussels.

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  • The true face of the second leading cause of death


    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lung disease that results in changes in several different parts of the respiratory system and lungs at the same time. COPD affects 1 to 4% of all European adults and costs the EU €50 billion every year.

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  • Pharma innovation


    Hit hard by austerity, the health systems of EU member states are under huge pressure. Combined with an aging population and the alarming burden of chronic illnesses, EU member states have targeted specific aspects of the incentives granted to the pharma industry in order to decrease drug prices.

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  • Electronic immunisation record


    An increase in vaccine hesitancy, combined with the insufficient preparedness of EU member state healthcare systems against infectious diseases, has raised eyebrows in Brussels and the EU capitals, which now seek ways to minimise outbreak risks.

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  • ‘Working’ toward healthy eating

    Economy & Jobs 02-10-2017

    People want healthy food. The question for policymakers now is, how do you make it most easy and cost-effective for them to get that food?

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  • Regulating consumers?


    Over the years, sales and marketing restrictions have piled up on food, drinks and alcohol products. Some are now beginning to worry about a “slippery slope” where tobacco-style regulations – and taxation – are being applied to a whole range of consumer products in the name of public health objectives.

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  • World No Tobacco Day


    According to the European Commission, tobacco consumption is considered the largest avoidable health risk and the most significant cause of premature death in the EU. Approximately 700,000 deaths every year are attributed to tobacco, while around 50% of smokers die prematurely.

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  • Biotechnology in Europe


    Biotechnology could help patients across Europe gain access to innovative therapies, for example, against rare diseases. Proponents of bio-medicines also claim that precision therapy, because it is more efficient, will ease the burden on member states’ ailing healthcare systems.

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  • Rare cancers: Cracking the code

    Diabetes, Cancer, Hepatitis 07-02-2017

    The growing number of cases of rare diseases has raised eyebrows in the EU and policymakers are now exploring ways to understand and tackle the complexity of the phenomenon.

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  • Cardiovascular health in the UK


    Although death rates have fallen substantially, cardiovascular disease remains the single biggest killer in the UK and Europe, as well as a sizeable economic burden. EURACTIV looks at the many facets of cardiovascular disease.

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  • Diabetes: The next global challenge


    Diabetes is a growing health challenge that has raised concerns among policymakers. The World Health Organisation says that 422 million adults have diabetes worldwide and projects that this chronic disease will be the 7th leading cause of death in 2030.

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  • European Accessibility Act


    Debate about policies in favour of people with disabilities has climbed up a notch on the agenda with the publication in December of new European Commission proposals for a European Accessibility Act.

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  • Is Europe ready for Alzheimer’s?


    The European Union has launched a series of initiatives to support people living with Alzheimer's disease, a mental deterioration typically associated with old age that impairs memory, thinking and behaviour. EurActitv brings you the latest from the 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference in Copenhagen.

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  • Can Energy Union build healthier homes?

    Sustainable Development 18-04-2016

    The EU’s Energy Union strategy has the twin goals of fighting climate change and boosting energy security but could it also build healthier homes for European citizens, 80 million of which live in damp and leaky buildings.

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  • European Health Forum Gastein 2015


    From budget austerity to the Ebola crisis, and the ongoing refugee crisis, policymakers at this year’s European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) in Austria have no lack of challenges to tackle.

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  • Cardiovascular health


    EURACTIV reports from the European Society of Cardiology 2015 congress, the largest and most influential cardiovascular event.

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