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  • Understanding the state of the economy is crucial to business success

    Digital 30-09-2016

    A prerequisite for helping European businesses succeed in the new digital and mobile economy is understanding the economic environment in which they operate, writes Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn.

  • Cybersecurity directive not enough to protect digitising European industry

    Digital 05-09-2016

    Cybersecurity rules have been patchy at best and lacking at worst. So the adoption of the NIS Directive on security of network and information systems is a landmark development. Nomi Byström asks whether it is enough for our increasingly connected society.

  • European digital single market needs strong net neutrality guidelines

    Digital 24-08-2016

    Without a strong protection of the principle of net neutrality, European digital businesses will be confronted with regional fragmentation and new barriers to market entry that will favour the already dominant tech companies from Silicon Valley, writes Stefan Heumann.

  • What does an innovation agenda mean for consumers?

    Science & Policymaking 16-08-2016

    Innovation and consumer protection are not opposites. Indeed there is huge potential to use innovation to deliver safer products that benefit consumers, writes Monique Goyens.

  • A new strategy for Europe can respond to Brexit

    Brexit 28-06-2016

    The European Council meeting today (28 June) should take the first decisive steps towards adopting our strategy as a guideline for the reform of Europe’s economic, social and environmental policies. It would be the best answer to Brexit, writes Karl Aiginger.

  • Carbon market omission: The cement industry


    The cement industry has huge potential for emission reductions and innovation, but the current EU carbon market rules don’t reward industry frontrunners. On the contrary, the over-generous allocation of free pollution permits favors big incumbents.

  • Time for a stakeholders-led platform to shape e-commerce rules

    Digital 17-06-2016

    E-commerce is revolutionising, raising new challenges on governance, regulation and traditional international rules. Time is ripe for a stakeholder-based World e-Trade Platform (eWTP) to propose new standards and incubate rules, writes Luigi Gambardella

  • Renewable energy: How Europe can reinforce its leadership

    Energy 07-06-2016

    Europe started the renewable energy revolution but is no longer its main driver. More ambitious decarbonisation policy would benefit innovative companies, boost the economy and protect the environment, writes Christopher Burghardt.

  • Brain gain: Six ways the EU startup visa will bring success to Europe


    An EU-wide startup visa should make it easier for entrepreneurs to set up businesses and hire talented employees, writes Lenard Koschwitz.

  • The EU goes digital (sort of)

    Digital 02-06-2016

    Europe tends to be perceived as a laggard when it comes to innovative technologies. This characterisation must be taken with a grain of salt. After all, some European countries are global leaders in innovation, writes Diego Zuluaga.

  • A bright outlook for the cloud

    Digital 31-05-2016

    If data is the oil of the 21st century digital economy, then cloud computing is its engine. Europe needs to make sure that its digital motor is running properly to reap the benefits from future data driven innovation, big data and the internet of things, writes Elena Zvarici.

  • Circular economy: An investment that pays off

    Sustainable Development 30-05-2016

    There is a new way of thinking, known as the circular economy, which means that products are designed and produced to be used for as long as possible, easily repaired and, once they reach the end of their lives, recycled or disposed of effectively, writes Karmenu Vella.

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