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  • How the gig economy is changing employment

    Social Europe & Jobs 28-11-2016

    The advent of the gig economy has brought fundamental changes to the way in which we access goods and services and turned traditional business models on their head.  Denis Pennel considers its impact on employment and the likely implications for the future of work.

  • The digital train won’t wait

    Promoted content | Digital 24-11-2016

    While yet another redistribution of European Commission portfolios is subject to speculation  – in particular Digital Economy and Society – we should remember that the digital train won’t wait, warns Arnaud Thysen.

  • EU can harness the full potential of software

    Digital 22-11-2016

    We live with the benefits of software every day; so much so, in fact, it easy to underestimate its contribution, explains Thomas Boué.

  • How should Europe respond to calls for deglobalisation?

    Global Europe 14-11-2016

    The last wave “hyperglobalisation” concluded with the onset of the financial crisis. It is important to take stock of the fruits of globalisation and decide whether Europe should welcome or alternately promote a new policy, writes Karl Aiginger.

  • New fund for innovation in Europe will encourage more investment


    European venture capital received a boost today (8 November) with the announcement of €1.6 billion in venture capital funds. It will provide much-needed additional funding for Europe’s start-ups and early-stage companies, writes Michael Collins.

  • Knowledge is capital for Europe’s future


    Europe’s strength is its skilled workforce and professional expertise. To ensure its future as a major economy, Europe needs to combine entrepreneurship with an increased focus on knowledge capital, write Nima Sanandaji and Per Strömbäck.

  • Understanding the state of the economy is crucial to business success

    Digital 30-09-2016

    A prerequisite for helping European businesses succeed in the new digital and mobile economy is understanding the economic environment in which they operate, writes Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn.

  • Cybersecurity directive not enough to protect digitising European industry

    Digital 05-09-2016

    Cybersecurity rules have been patchy at best and lacking at worst. So the adoption of the NIS Directive on security of network and information systems is a landmark development. Nomi Byström asks whether it is enough for our increasingly connected society.

  • European digital single market needs strong net neutrality guidelines

    Digital 24-08-2016

    Without a strong protection of the principle of net neutrality, European digital businesses will be confronted with regional fragmentation and new barriers to market entry that will favour the already dominant tech companies from Silicon Valley, writes Stefan Heumann.

  • What does an innovation agenda mean for consumers?

    Science & Policymaking 16-08-2016

    Innovation and consumer protection are not opposites. Indeed there is huge potential to use innovation to deliver safer products that benefit consumers, writes Monique Goyens.

  • A new strategy for Europe can respond to Brexit

    Brexit 28-06-2016

    The European Council meeting today (28 June) should take the first decisive steps towards adopting our strategy as a guideline for the reform of Europe’s economic, social and environmental policies. It would be the best answer to Brexit, writes Karl Aiginger.

  • Carbon market omission: The cement industry


    The cement industry has huge potential for emission reductions and innovation, but the current EU carbon market rules don’t reward industry frontrunners. On the contrary, the over-generous allocation of free pollution permits favors big incumbents.