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  • Buildings are crucial to meeting COP21’s ambition

    Climate change 11-03-2016

    The COP21 Paris agreement to pursue efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C has shifted the goalposts for European energy policy decisions, writes Oliver Rapf. Oliver Rapf is executive director of Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE). Greenhouse gas reduction targets will have …

  • Private copying in Spain: A slap in the face for authors


    The Spanish government’s decision to limit the amount of compensation payable to rightsholders is a slap in the face to authors, as well as to the culture industry, writes Fernando Carbajo Cascón.

  • From fish to finance: Sustainable development affects every sector

    Agrifood 04-03-2016

    In order to meet the SDGs, we need a clear and ambitious overarching EU strategy for implementing the 2030 Agenda. All aspects of EU policy, from trade to agriculture to finance, will be affected and EU decision-makers must begin to ensure that happens today, writes Geneviève Pons.

  • Stitching up the EU-Japan Trade Deal

    Global Europe 29-02-2016

    After thirteen negotiating rounds, the ambitious target of finalising the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement has now been set. The textile and fashion sector gives an example of what can be gained, writes Isabelle Weiler.

  • A ‘Chapter 11’ Law for Europe’s entrepreneurs

    Euro & Finance 26-02-2016

    Europe’s conflicting insolvency rules create uncertainty among investors, discourage cross-border investment and delay the restructuring of companies facing financial difficulty, writes Paul McGhee. Ironing out these inconsistencies will give businesses a better chance of bouncing back and deliver growth to the real economy, he argues.

  • Good jobs – threatened by the Internet


    For decades, workers in Germany, Europe and the United States have been the wealthiest in the world. That is about to change for the worse as America heads towards a "freelance society", writes Steven Hill.

  • A fresh look at public-private partnerships


    Public-private partnerships remain an invaluable tool for driving progress, but the unwillingness of governments to collaborate with private businesses has to change, writes Erin Huntington.

  • Breaking barriers for businesswomen: A resolution on female entrepreneurship

    Social Europe & Jobs 10-02-2016

    Despite existing equality legislation, women are massively underrepresented in business. Stronger implementation of EU directives and changes to national social policies can turn this around, writes Barbara Matera.

  • Space: Another frontier under threat


    The weakness of security in outer space is a growing common threat to the whole of society and it is only going to get worse if we do not take action, writes Didier Schmitt, in his personal capacity.

  • Europe 4.0


    The technological transformation brought by home automation, driverless technologies, or the new generation of drones, comes at a timely moment for Europe, presenting new opportunities during these challenging times, writes Maroš Šef?ovi?.

  • The high road: Europe must seize the potential of advanced manufacturing


    To carve out a competitive advantage for the future, Europe must anticipate the potential of advanced manufacturing for clean, efficient and high quality production, write Karl Aiginger and David Bailey.

  • The data revolution: Europe’s chance to lead in the digital economy


    Europe needs to cash in on the data economy—and in a lot of ways, it already is, argues Paul MacDonnell.

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