Internet governance Archives

  • EU hails US move to open up Internet governance

    Digital 02-10-2009

    The United States has announced it will give up its unilateral supervision powers over ICANN, the body responsible for managing Internet addresses worldwide. The move has been warmly welcomed by the EU and Web advocacy groups.

  • Reding attacks US rule over Internet governance

    Digital 06-05-2009

    EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding has proposed the establishment of a G12 to govern the Internet, to replace the current US-driven system. However, a global deal seems unlikely before October, when the current agreement expires.

  • Commission slammed over Internet medicines

    Health 18-02-2009

    The MEP responsible for steering the Counterfeit Medicines Directive through the European Parliament has lashed out at the EU executive for failing to include online sales in the scope of the proposal.

  • Interview: EU to govern Internet of the future

    Digital 09-10-2008

    The European Commission will roll out a range of initiatives in the coming months to promote the Internet of the Future, while remaining highly vigilant in protecting citizens and networks, Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • EU web security watchdog sets sights on ‘MySpace’

    Digital 01-11-2007

    The booming popularity of social networking sites raises several security issues that must be tackled with educational campaigns and updated legislation, recommends the EU agency for network and information security ENISA.

  • Commission battles to protect children online

    Digital 07-11-2006

    Report points to successes of “Safer Internet Action Plan” but concern levels still high.

  • US win battle for internet governance

    Digital 16-11-2005

    The US has reached a compromise with those countries - among them the EU - that wanted to limit US control of the servers at the heart of the internet. Until shortly before, any such agreement had been regarded as unlikely.

  • Reding takes on US over internet control

    Digital 12-10-2005

    Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding is on the offensive in the dispute with the US about governance of the internet, evoking the spectre of the internet falling apart.

  • Transatlantic row over control of the internet

    Digital 30-09-2005

    The UK-led EU delegation at a high-level meeting on internet governance has angered the US with a proposal to hand administration of the internet over to the United Nations. 

  • EU to challenge US over internet governance

    Digital 03-08-2005

    At the November 2005 World Summit on the Information Society, the EU and the US are likely to clash over the question of who will hold what experts have called the "golden key" to the internet.

  • World Summit becomes focus for telecom ministers

    Digital 28-06-2005

    The EU will prioritise the future governance of the internet and financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide between industrial nations and developing countries.