Internet of Things Archives

  • Dreaming big can help reform gigabit society

    Digital 24-02-2017

    Europe’s digital transformation will connect previously-isolated rural communities and create jobs in multiple sectors, as well as improving individual wellbeing through eHealth solutions and encouraging SMEs to flourish, writes Pierre Louette.

  • Europe needs a new digital deal

    Digital 25-11-2016

    Forget Trump and Brexit for a moment. Europe’s next big challenge is the coming digital revolution and how to harness it. Nobody will be left untouched by the consequences of our digital policies, writes Bjarke Møller.

  • The digital train won’t wait

    Promoted content | Digital 24-11-2016

    While yet another redistribution of European Commission portfolios is subject to speculation  – in particular Digital Economy and Society – we should remember that the digital train won’t wait, warns Arnaud Thysen.

  • EU can harness the full potential of software

    Digital 22-11-2016

    We live with the benefits of software every day; so much so, in fact, it easy to underestimate its contribution, explains Thomas Boué.

  • Cybersecurity directive not enough to protect digitising European industry

    Digital 05-09-2016

    Cybersecurity rules have been patchy at best and lacking at worst. So the adoption of the NIS Directive on security of network and information systems is a landmark development. Nomi Byström asks whether it is enough for our increasingly connected society.

  • A bright outlook for the cloud

    Digital 31-05-2016

    If data is the oil of the 21st century digital economy, then cloud computing is its engine. Europe needs to make sure that its digital motor is running properly to reap the benefits from future data driven innovation, big data and the internet of things, writes Elena Zvarici.

  • Net neutrality: Guidelines or straitjackets?

    Digital 02-05-2016

    Depending on how the net neutrality regulation is implemented, it could have some serious adverse consequences, particularly for consumers, writes Robert Kenny.

  • Fate of the DSM is tied to 5G and the Internet of Things

    Digital 26-04-2016

    Standards will need to be reliable and secure to ensure the interoperability of 5G systems connecting cars, homes, city and industrial infrastructure as they are foundation of an effective Digital Single Market, writes Wassim Chourbaji.

  • Laying the groundwork for 5G

    Innovation & Industry 11-03-2016

    The first obvious step to prepare for 5G networks is to increase connectivity, writes Guo Ping. The second is to shift the ICT industry from being supply-driven to being demand-driven so as to enable the digital transformation of vertical industries.

  • Europe’s digital transformation hinges on modern infrastructure

    Digital 20-10-2015

    Quality connectivity and mobility are critical if Europe’s strong vertical industries are to take a leading role in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, writes Markus Borchert.

  • TTIP can help reap the rewards of the ‘Internet of Things’

    Trade & Society 10-02-2015

    The Internet of Things – also known as Industry 4.0 - is rapidly becoming reality, driven by the convergence of increasingly connected devices.  TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, can help reap the rewards it promises, writes John Higgins.