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  • Catalonia parliament speaker visits jailed former colleagues

    News 09-02-2018

    Spanish journalists hoping for clarification on the political contingency plan in the affluent Catalonia region were left disappointed on Thursday (8 February) when the regional parliament speaker shunned the topic following his meeting with the ousted Catalan vice president in a Madrid …

  • Surrogacy convention – let’s not forget human rights are for all

    Opinion | Freedom of thought 09-02-2018

    An international conference is currently trying to regulate surrogacy, a global business estimated to be worth roughly $5 billion a year, and the EU should weigh in on the ongoing negotiations and make all efforts to condemn and limit the practice whose principal victims are children, writes Sophia Kuby.

  • Spain sounds alarm over fighter influx from Sahel

    News | Politics 09-02-2018

    Spain is worried about security on its southern border due to the possible influx of Islamist fighters to West Africa's Sahel region, Spain's foreign minister told AFP in an interview yesterday (8 February).

  • Orban’s son-in-law faces new probe over EU funds

    News 09-02-2018

    Hungarian prosecutors have launched an investigation into European Union-funded projects  run by a company once controlled by the son-in-law of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, weeks after the conclusion of a probe by the EU's anti-fraud office OLAF.

  • Turkey to press for visa-free travel at Varna summit

    News | Global Europe 08-02-2018

    EU diplomats expect Turkey to press the issue of visa liberalisation during the upcoming summit in Varna on 26 March. It is still unclear if this is a real priority for Ankara or just negotiating tactics as part of a bigger picture.

  • MEPs grill Romania’s government in absentia

    News 08-02-2018

    Procedural problems prevented Romanian Justice Minister Tudorel Toader from addressing the European Parliament's plenary session on Wednesday (7 February) and explaining the government’s current judiciary reforms, which many MEPs see as a threat to the rule of law.