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  • Towards a balanced EU migration policy


    When it comes to migration, there should be tangible solidarity in the EU. However, Poland cannot accept the paradigm according to which solidarity is based on obligatory measures, including relocation, writes Andrzej Sadoś.

  • Free the ‘prisoners’ of Moria now!


    Europeans frightened by migration must be shown concretely that their security will not be at risk if reasonable programmes are implemented with the direct help of organised civil society, writes Marco Impagliazzo.

  • COVID-19: Time to show citizens that they can count on Europe

    Coronavirus 14-09-2020

    European citizens have been exemplary in their fight against COVID 19. They have bravely overcome an acute sanitary threat and paid the high economic, social and psychological price of the lockdown, write a group of European lawmakers.

  • Solidarity is needed on EU citizenship as well as on COVID-19

    Brexit 31-08-2020

    The response by EU leaders to the COVID-19 crisis suggests that solidarity is on the rise. But what about solidarity between Europe’s own citizens, and the 65 million Britons who face losing their rights to EU citizenship? A group of authors provide their thoughts.

  • Can the EU avoid further clashes with the German Constitutional Court?

    Politics 24-08-2020

    The row between the European Court of Justice and Germany’s Constitutional Court calls for a solution to be found to solve future clashes. José Luís da Cruz Vilaça proposes setting up an alert mechanism, similar to the one available to national parliaments.


  • Russian interference in western judicial systems is growing


    The West doesn’t seem to realise the trend whereby bad-faith Russian cases brought by the Russian state and oligarchs leverage trumped-up charges in Russian courts to harass and damage opponents and rivals in western legal proceedings, writes Daniel Mitov.

  • RENEWed Arrogance


    The EU must stop using rule of law as a political tool, writes Tamás Deutsch, in response to Renew Europe's leader Dacian Ciolos.

  • Time to recognise migrants’ contribution to Covid-19 response

    Non-discrimination 30-06-2020

    COVID-19 has shown that migrants are essential workers but still face discrimination, argues Maria Nyman

  • The Moment for Lies


    The Hungarian government is trying to portray itself as the victim of politically motivated attacks. Wrong, and the state of emergency still exists, write Gábor Halmai and Kim Lane Scheppele.

  • The Moment of Truth

    Freedom of thought 24-06-2020

    The Hungarian government has faced a barrage of criticism from some of the EU's leadership. Minister for Justice Judit Varga claims this should worry other member states, because they could be next.

  • The Brief – Gangster’s paradise


    In mafia circles all around Europe, the big news these days is that the EU has gone mad. It is going to disburse, in addition to the usual funds the mafia is familiar with, an additional €750 billion to member states.

  • Does the EU care about democracy at home?

    Freedom of thought 17-06-2020

    While the whole world has been trying to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and looking for ways how to fine-tune the response to the virus and its consequences, one element is missing in the picture and it is the support to democracy and restoration of civil rights and fundamental freedoms, writes Pavel Havlicek.

  • Karlsruhe vs. Luxembourg: Resolving the clash of courts


    Following the row between the ECJ and Germany's Constitutional Court, Europe need to develop mechanisms to avoid a repeat of such conflicting judgements between top courts, argues Patrick Breyer.

  • Fatnassia camp is a time-bomb that threatens whole of North Africa

    Global Europe 05-05-2020

    The ongoing armed conflict in Libya is going to push thousands of people, now asylum-seekers in Libyan camps, to escape towards the Southern border regions of Tunisia, Medenine and Tataouine, writes Mourad Teyeb. Mourad Teyeb is a journalist and consultant based …

  • Behind medical masks, democracy is being suffocated


    In the midst of its EU Council presidency, Croatia turned to the UAE and China for medical help, forgetting its current leadership role as the presiding country that should spur member states into coordinated action, writes Oriana Ivković Novokmet.

  • The free and democratic Europe: a death by a thousand cuts?


    The Hungarian parliamentary elections in April 2010 changed the country – for worse. Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz took power for the second time. Today, ten years later, we can see how the prime minister has turned his country into an illiberal state, ignoring the basic principles of the rule of law, writes MEP Udo Bullmann.

  • Fighting COVID-19 is a battle for human rights


    The Covid-19 crisis is a human rights issue, one of the most global and urgent we have ever seen. This is a struggle by all of humanity, for the right to life, and for the right to health of every person, writes Eamon Gilmore.

  • Romani MEP: Coronavirus shows we need to fight more strongly against racism


    At a time when stricter measures, special checkpoints or additional police are used to keep Romani communities in isolation or quarantine, mostly in Eastern Europe, we must urge politicians to refrain from discriminatory measures and instead, invest in basic infrastructure to protect all from getting infected, writes MEP Romeo Franz.

  • Return to borderless Europe after COVID-19 will be difficult but not impossible.

    Future EU 31-03-2020

    If we do not start creating the conditions for the return to a border free Schengen zone now, the temporary measures introduced to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic risk becoming permanent, writes Alena Kudzko.

  • COVID-19 means confining ourselves, not abandoning refugees

    Coronavirus 25-03-2020

    The image of three-year-old Alan Kurdi dead on the shore in 2015 sticks in our memory as a collective failure. Five years later, it looks like we haven’t done much to improve the situation of thousands of migrants who are either still trying to escape war or wait on asylum-seeker centres already on European soil, writes Iratxe García Pérez.

  • Why did Boyko Borissov’s mission in Ankara fail?

    Global Europe 04-03-2020

    If von der Leyen’s Commission really wants to be global, it should intervene at the root of the problem instead of trying to deal with the consequences, writes Ivailo Kalfin.

  • A brief history of graft in Orbán’s Hungary


    Corruption is deeply embedded in Hungary, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán shielded by a cluster of wealthy bosses with close personal and political ties to the leader, writes Szabolcs Panyi.

  • Fatnassia refugee camp will anger both Tunisians and Europeans


    Tunisia has always publically refuted reports that it “promised” Europe to accept hosting on its soil refugees from different African countries, but the EU could seize the opportunity of a war in Libya to convince Tunisia to do so, writes Mourad Teyeb.

  • In defence of democracy to save Europe


    Europe has an opportunity and must intervene in the political conflict between Spain and Catalonia, writes Oriol Junqueras.