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  • Orban: Importance of multilingualism ‘will not diminish’


    The multilingualism portfolio is too important to be sacrificed by the next European Commission, Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban said in an interview with EURACTIV Romania. As proof of this, Turkish could become the next official EU language provided that Cyprus concludes reunification talks, he indicated.

  • Suard: ‘Taking languages too seriously kills them’


    Defending the multiplicity of languages in the EU is the best way of protecting them as taking a single language too seriously will only succeed in killing it, argues Catherine Suard of the French Institute in Sofia in an interview with EURACTIV Bulgaria. 

  • Professor: Separation of religion and state ‘key to tolerance’


    Immigrants to the EU must accept the basic elements of its member states' political systems in order to integrate into European life, said Dutch Professor Henk Dekker. He was speaking to EURACTIV Slovakia in Bratislava.

  • Diouf: ‘Language is inseparable from democracy’


    Multilingualism, as specified in the Treaties on the functioning of the EU institutions, is in danger of disappearing in favour of a de facto single-language regime based on English, warns Abdou Diouf, secretary-general of the 'Francophonie', the international French-language organisation, in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • Orban: ‘With multilingualism, I have the possibility to build something new’


    In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, Multilingualism Commissioner Leonard Orban speaks of his conviction that the EU's official language tally will continue to grow, and expresses his hopes that new translation technologies and motivating language education will bear fruit.

  • Jérôme Clément (Arte TV): ‘Etre présent sur tous les supports numériques’


    Jérôme Clément, président d'Arte France et vice-président d'Arte, explique la position de sa chaîne au cours d'un entretien avec EURACTIV.

  • ENA chief: ‘EU needs to open up to non-specialists’


    An EU affairs training cycle for high-level professionals has recently opened at France’s elite Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA). EURACTIV asked Antoine Durrleman, director, about the objectives of the course in the current European context.

  • Understanding refugees – understanding humanity


    Brussels-based artist Joslin Towler tells EURACTIV about the inspiration that she drew from listening to refugees’ experiences, and how she is giving their moving stories a platform through her new European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) prints exhibition.

  • Interview with Nuri Colakoglu on Istanbul’s 2010 Cultural Capital bid


    The chairman of the Executive Committee of Istanbul's bid for the title of Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010 is convinced that Istanbul's long history has enabled the city to "design a sui generis concept of cosmopolitanism." If named as a Cultural Capital, the city will "serve as a showcase of living together."

  • Ján Figel – the ‘citizens’ commissioner’?

    Economy & Jobs 17-02-2005

    Ján Figel, the EU's education commissioner as well as the
    commissioner responsible for multilingualism (the first ever) and
    sport, tells EURACTIV how he intends to build a more
    'citizen-friendly' Europe.

  • Pervenche Berès: “Who’s talking about going back to Nice?”

    french language 01-12-2004

    In an interview with EURACTIV,
    socialist MEP Pervenche Berès says a French 'no' vote on the EU
    constitution would not call into question the years of hard work
    spent reaching a consensus.

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