Romania joins EU black sheep over declining media freedom

Romania’s independent media community is feeling increasingly pessimistic over a series of journalistic violations and what they consider backsliding due to political figures, making it the latest in a growing line of EU countries to experience problems with media freedom....

Ukraine war limited Moscow’s ability to interfere in French election, report says

The Russian invasion of Ukraine redeployed the Kremlin's foreign interference capabilities, saw the ban on RT and Sputnik in the EU, and weakened attempts to influence the French presidential election.

French public broadcasting sector on strike, uncertain about its future

French public television and radio groups went on strike on Tuesday (June 28) against the planned abolition of the broadcasting licence fee paid by French households, which the service says ensures the proper functioning and independence of their newsrooms.
Politics 14-05-2022

Politics cannot be avoided but impact on contest limited, says Eurovision organiser

It is naive to think cultural institutions can be wholly separated from what is happening in the world and the invasion of Ukraine was so extraordinary that it required an exceptional reaction, the head of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)...

News media eye financial diversification with ‘more funding than ever’

New and collaborative funding models are proving crucial to media innovation and will be essential to securing long-term sustainability for newsrooms and beyond, stakeholders and those working in the sector have emphasised.

EU urges independent probe into Al Jazeera reporter’s West Bank killing

The European Union on Wednesday (11 May) condemned the killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, and demanded an independent investigation into the circumstances of her death.

Press freedom “problematic” in almost 40% of Europe & Central Asia

Almost 40% of Europe and Central Asia are in a “problematic” press freedom situation, according to the Reporters Without Borders’ (RSF) 2022 World Press Freedom Index published on Tuesday (3 May). 

Press freedom alerts increase 41% in 2021, says Council of Europe

The number of press freedom alerts amongst Council of Europe (CoE) member states soared by 41% during 2021 and should be a wake-up call for Europe, according to their newly released annual report.

Germany pledges €1 million for media workers affected by war in Ukraine

The German government has pledged €1 million to support Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian exiled media and journalists who have become refugees due to Russia's war in Ukraine. EURACTIV Germany reports.

French senators push to strengthen media independence

The French Senate has put forward proposals to strengthen the independence of the French media, which are held by a limited number of large groups and governed by rules that have become "obsolete" with digital technology and the strong competition from American platforms.

Russian independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta suspends publication

Russia’s top independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, whose chief editor last year won the Nobel Peace Prize, on Monday (28 March) suspended publication until the end of Moscow’s military action in Ukraine. “For us and, I know, for you, this is...
Disinformation 16-03-2022

TikTok accused of allowing Kremlin propaganda

Kremlin propaganda is being shared on TikTok by a "network of coordinated accounts" despite the platform's ban on new Russian content, according to a study. EURACTIV France reports.

Press freedom crackdown leads to media exodus from Russia

Russia's new, controversial media law is pushing several international media outlets to suspend their operations in the country. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Europe's East 05-03-2022

Russian law on ‘fake news’ prompts media to halt reporting as websites blocked

Russia blocked Facebook and some other websites and passed a law that gave Moscow much stronger powers to crack down on independent journalism, prompting the BBC, Bloomberg and other foreign media to suspend reporting in the country.

Russia threatens to block access to Wikipedia

Russia's media watchdog is threatening to block access to online encyclopedia Wikipedia because of its entry on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is the latest in a series of crackdowns on free media coverage since the war broke out.
Disinformation 01-03-2022

Brussels looks to ban RT, Sputnik from EU over Ukraine disinformation concerns

The European Commission is seeking the "best legal way" to ban pro-Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik to stop their "toxic and harmful disinformation in Europe" following Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's pledge to ban them on Sunday (27 February).

Ruling New Democracy expels MEP critical of media freedom in Greece

Greece's ruling centre-right New Democracy party (European People’s Party) has expelled EU lawmaker Giorgios Kyrtsos from its ranks because of his criticism against the government over media freedom and the handling of the pandemic.

Meta launches Facebook News in France

Meta has launched its Facebook News service in France, which will centralise news from around 100 media outlets from across the country and will be gradually rolled out from Tuesday (15 February) until all users can access it in May.

Turkey says DW, VOA, Euronews must obtain licences or have access blocked

Turkey's broadcasting watchdog has given three international news agencies 72 hours to obtain an operating licence or else have access to their platforms blocked, one of its members said on Wednesday (9 February).

Russia retaliates against Deutsche Welle over German RT ban

The Russian foreign ministry announced on Thursday (3 February) that German broadcaster Deutsche Welle's correspondent office in Moscow will be closed down to retaliate against the ban of Russia Today’s broadcasting service by German authorities.

Germany slaps broadcast ban on RT’s German-language service

German authorities have banned the broadcasting of Russia Today's German-language TV programme on Wednesday (2 February) because it lacked the necessary media licence. EURACTIV Germany reports.

French streaming platform Salto calls for change of pro-US TV remotes

France's leading streaming service Salto is urging public authorities to tackle the "crazy competitive asymmetry" between major platforms and national publishers, including by changing remote controls that often have a Netflix or Amazon Prime button.

EU funds fact-checking website in Hungary ahead of crucial elections

Agence France-Presse (AFP) is launching a website to fight disinformation in Hungary, just three months before elections that will determine Orbán’s grip on power - however, experts remain sceptical.

Google proposes measures addressing German antitrust body’s concerns

Google has proposed measures on Wednesday (12 January) to address concerns raised by the German antitrust authority in the ongoing case regarding the Google News Showcase platform. EURACTIV Germany reports.


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