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  • Five clauses for a new European Social Contract

    Opinion 22-05-2019

    A group of Socialist employment ministers set out five requirements for a new European Social Contract, ranging from equal pay and social dialogue to reducing inequality.

  • The success of populism, and why it’s all about the middle class

    Opinion 14-05-2019

    Addressing the shrinking of the middle class is crucial to fight the rise of nationalism, protectionism and populism in the next European elections, Margherita Movarelli argues.

  • Solutions from Vienna to address Europe’s housing crisis

    News 26-04-2019

    Apartments in Europe are becoming more and more expensive and tensions on the market are rising. A European Citizens' Initiative is now calling for a better framework to be developed at EU level to allow  public investment in social and affordable housing to no longer be qualified as new debt. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Social security reform postponed until next European Parliament

    News 19-04-2019

    Deep divisions among MEPs made it clear on Thursday (19 April) that the social security coordination directive, aimed at enforcing the rights of mobile workers, would be postponed for the next European Parliament, after May's EU elections.

  • Growing number of French shocked by income inequality

    News 18-04-2019

    A new poll in France has revealed that income inequalities are among the least acceptable social factors. More than 90% of French respondents call for the minimum wage to be raised. EURACTIV's partner Ouest-France reports.

  • Employees are particularly unhappy in Germany

    News 15-04-2019

    Excessive demands, different salary expectations and insufficient flexibility: despite the well-functioning economy, the satisfaction of employees in German companies is falling like in no other European country.  EURACTIV Germany's media partner Wirtschaftswoche reports.

  • French middle-class under pressure, according to OECD

    News 12-04-2019

    Soaring housing prices, budget under pressure, automation. In its latest report, the OECD paints an alarming picture of the French middle class. EURACTIV France’s media partner La Tribune reports.

  • Clean energy transition ‘is a social policy issue’, Poles insist

    News 11-04-2019

    The social policy dimension was largely overlooked when the European Union decided energy and climate change objectives for 2030, Poles have warned, calling on policymakers to endorse a “just transition fund” to support the country's coal phase-out.

  • EU lawmakers give green light to strengthening parents and carers’ rights

    News 05-04-2019

    The European Parliament backed on Thursday (4 April) the work-life balance directive, which introduces a set of minimum standards to help reconcile work and family responsibilities for parents and carers in Europe, and thus improve gender equality. 

  • Basic income: the meaning of unpaid work

    News 29-03-2019

    The German crowdfunding project "Mein Grundeinkommen” (my basic income) has already funded 300 people who have benefitted from a monthly income of €1,000 for a year and 13 Departments in France are eager to introduce such a financial subsidy. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Family benefits: Austria in dispute with the EU

    News 29-03-2019

    Since the beginning of the year, Austria has been working towards adapting family allowances to the costs of living of the employee’s home countries. The EU criticised the government of Vienna – but it has countered. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Europe has saved the banks, now we must save its citizens

    Opinion 20-03-2019

    Introducing an EU-guaranteed minimum income would send a clear message to Europeans that the Union really is there for them, writes Georges Dassis.