Digital 18-11-2016

Romania and EU agencies smash cybercrime gang

Romanian police have smashed, with the help of European law enforcement agencies, a computer fraud gang accused of stealing millions of euros from unsuspecting victims, officials said Thursday (17 November).

Euro & Finance 13-09-2016

A cashless society is a fairer society

Greater transparency is key to combatting VAT fraud and the shadow economy, writes Jason Lane.

Brexit 30-06-2016

Hollande says post-Brexit City must relinquish euro business

Britain's City of London financial district would have to give up its role in processing euro currency transactions after it leaves the European Union, French President François Hollande warned on Wednesday (29 June).

Euro & Finance 10-11-2015

EU poised to delay landmark financial markets reforms

The European Union's major reform of financial market rules faces a delay of a year to January 2018 to give the financial services industry more time to prepare, a senior European Commission official said on Tuesday (10 November).

Commodity ‘speculators’ targeted in EU-wide securities reform

Europe-wide curbs on commodity "speculators", more light on the bond markets, and reinforced controls on ultra-fast trading were proposed by European Union regulators on Monday (28 September).

Development Policy 15-07-2015

Financiers attack EU rules against food speculation

The EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II is supposed to prevent excessive food speculation. But Oxfam says the financial sector is fighting stricter rules, with grave repercussions. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Euro & Finance 15-07-2014

MiFID II is giving market makers mixed messages

Proposed revisions to the Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) is giving market makers, many of whom use high frequency trading methods, mixed messages. This could hurt their ability to provide liquidity to European financial markets, especially if their remuneration is limited by lawmakers, writes Johannah Ladd.

Euro & Finance 29-10-2012

MEPs approve ban on ultrafast trading

Europe's first direct curbs on ultrafast trading and investors who take bets on commodity prices moved a step nearer on Friday (26 October) when the European Parliament backed new securities rules.

Brexit 23-10-2012

UK report rejects EU plan to curb high-speed trading

European Union plans to clamp down on trading shares faster than the blink of an eye could damage market efficiency and reduce liquidity, a UK government-sponsored paper said, rejecting a key Brussels proposal to force traders to hold shares for longer.

Agrifood 27-09-2012

MEPs vote for brakes on ultra-fast trading, food speculation

Speculation on financial markets is contributing to higher and more volatile food prices, said MEPs in the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, who voted yesterday (26 September) for a 500 millisecond break on ultra-fast computerised trades.

Euro & Finance 26-09-2012

EU plans to regulate High Frequency Trading will hurt investors

EU proposals to regulate high frequency trading under MiFID may well end up raising transaction costs for end-investors and pushing trading into the dark rather than making markets more transparent, argues Remco Lenterman.

Euro & Finance 19-06-2012

MEPs seek to scrap competition among bourses

Opening competition between stock exchanges for clearing and listing non-equity financial instruments is likely to be a core dispute today (19 June) when MEPs discuss amendments to the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID II).

Brexit 27-03-2012

EU lawmaker turns screw on ultra-fast trading

Banks should be banned from giving outside brokers direct access to markets as part of a sweeping crackdown on computerised high-frequency trading, reads a European Parliament report to be presented to the Economic and monetary committee on 24 April. 

Brexit 21-10-2011

Financial regulation plays catch up with crisis

The European Commission has proposed extending the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) to redress market abuse and volatile trades highlighted by the financial crisis. Experts warn that arbitrage is always around the corner.

Brexit 06-09-2011

EU to force derivatives onto exchanges

Widely traded derivatives would have to be transacted on an electronic platform to improve transparency and safety, draft European Union rules showed on Monday (5 September). 

Brexit 25-02-2011

EU market regulation pinching small investors

An EU regulation aimed at making stocks trading more transparent and competitive has done the opposite and is penalising small investors to boot, according to the EuroInvestors trade body which represents small investors. 

Brexit 08-12-2010

EU bankers to face tougher sanctions, prison

Bankers could face higher fines and even prison sentences, according to a proposal tabled by the European Commission today (8 December).

Brexit 30-07-2010

EU regulators to probe financial trading

Traders who sell complex financial products, like credit defaults swaps, will face increased transparency standards if European regulators investigating high-frequency trading get their own way.

Brexit 02-02-2010

EU to update market transparency law

A law designed to shine a light on securities trading, badly burned by the credit crunch, will be revamped by the new European Commission.

Brexit 01-04-2009

Financial regulation: The EU’s agenda

In response to the worst crisis in decades, the European Union has agreed on a series of rules and new watchdogs to regulate and supervise global financial markets. EURACTIV offers an overview of the state of play.

Brexit 05-11-2007

‘We should give MiFID the benefit of the doubt’

The EU's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) will prove a success "provided a few months are allowed to elapse before a rush to judgement", writes Peter Norman for EuroIntelligence.

Brexit 30-10-2007

Lannoo: late MiFID implementation ‘short-sighted’

Banks and broker dealers will suffer from a competitive disadvantage in member states that are lagging behind on MiFID implementation and now face major court cases, says Karel Lannoo in an interview with EURACTIV. The researcher thinks that the new legislation is a 'major step forward for greater investor confidence'.

Karel Lannoo is Chief Executive Officer at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and an expert on banking, financial markets and financial market regulation.

Brexit 30-10-2007

Interview: Late MiFID implementation ‘short-sighted’

With a number of EU countries running late on implementing new rules on the integration of financial markets (MiFID), experts say those who fail to comply will suffer major competitive disadvantages.

Brexit 02-08-2007

IMF urges EU to speed up integration of financial markets

A recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report finds that EU member states need to take action on putting in place cross-border investment rules if they want to reap the benefits of an integrated, competitive financial market in Europe.