Brexit 28-03-2018

Brexit financial services deal will be difficult

The industry has accepted that so-called “passporting” rights will not be possible after Britain leaves the EU.  The concept of “equivalence” has been mooted as a solution but even agreeing to that will be difficult, writes Mark Boleat.

On finance, ‘Think Sustainability First’

‘Think Sustainability First’ must be a principle that guides financial policymaking through this decade and the next if Europe is to have the means to match its global ambitions, writes Arlene McCarthy.
Euro & Finance 13-09-2016

A cashless society is a fairer society

Greater transparency is key to combatting VAT fraud and the shadow economy, writes Jason Lane.
Euro & Finance 15-07-2014

MiFID II is giving market makers mixed messages

Proposed revisions to the Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) is giving market makers, many of whom use high frequency trading methods, mixed messages. This could hurt their ability to provide liquidity to European financial markets, especially if their remuneration is limited by lawmakers, writes Johannah Ladd.
Euro & Finance 26-09-2012

EU plans to regulate High Frequency Trading will hurt investors

EU proposals to regulate high frequency trading under MiFID may well end up raising transaction costs for end-investors and pushing trading into the dark rather than making markets more transparent, argues Remco Lenterman.
Brexit 05-11-2007

‘We should give MiFID the benefit of the doubt’

The EU's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) will prove a success "provided a few months are allowed to elapse before a rush to judgement", writes Peter Norman for EuroIntelligence.
Brexit 06-04-2007

MiFID’s impact on the financial data market

In this ECMI Policy Brief, Karel Lannoo, Cheif Executive at the Centre for Europen Policy Studies (CEPS) argues that the implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments directive (MiFID) will have a significant impact on the financial market data business.
Brexit 19-02-2007

‘Crunch time’ for EU financial services

The EU's Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP), intended "to bring greater competition and efficiency" is unlikely to work, according to Keith Boyfield, a London-based consultant writing in a Wall Street Journal article.
Brexit 16-01-2007

MiFID: A regulatory doomsday?

Karel Lannoo, in a commentary written for the Centre of European Policy Studies (CEPS) think-tank, writes that although regulatory interference in financial services may appear costly, the overall benefits for consumers and the economy should not be underestimated.  
Brexit 06-06-2006

Analysis: Implementing the new Markets and Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)

J.P. Casey and K. Lannoo, from the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI), explain the evolution of EU regulation of investment firms from the original Investment Services Directive (principles-based approach) to the MiFID implementing measures (rules-based approach).