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  • EU bankers to face tougher sanctions, prison

    News | Brexit 08-12-2010

    Bankers could face higher fines and even prison sentences, according to a proposal tabled by the European Commission today (8 December).

  • EU regulators to probe financial trading

    News | Brexit 30-07-2010

    Traders who sell complex financial products, like credit defaults swaps, will face increased transparency standards if European regulators investigating high-frequency trading get their own way.

  • EU to update market transparency law

    News | Brexit 02-02-2010

    A law designed to shine a light on securities trading, badly burned by the credit crunch, will be revamped by the new European Commission.

  • Financial regulation: The EU’s agenda

    Policy Brief | Brexit 01-04-2009

    In response to the worst crisis in decades, the European Union has agreed on a series of rules and new watchdogs to regulate and supervise global financial markets. EURACTIV offers an overview of the state of play.

  • ‘We should give MiFID the benefit of the doubt’

    Opinion | Brexit 05-11-2007

    The EU's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) will prove a success "provided a few months are allowed to elapse before a rush to judgement", writes Peter Norman for EuroIntelligence.

  • Lannoo: late MiFID implementation ‘short-sighted’

    Interview | Brexit 30-10-2007

    Banks and broker dealers will suffer from a competitive disadvantage in member states that are lagging behind on MiFID implementation and now face major court cases, says Karel Lannoo in an interview with EURACTIV. The researcher thinks that the new legislation is a 'major step forward for greater investor confidence'.

    Karel Lannoo is Chief Executive Officer at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) and an expert on banking, financial markets and financial market regulation.

  • Interview: Late MiFID implementation ‘short-sighted’

    News | Brexit 30-10-2007

    With a number of EU countries running late on implementing new rules on the integration of financial markets (MiFID), experts say those who fail to comply will suffer major competitive disadvantages.

  • IMF urges EU to speed up integration of financial markets

    News | Brexit 02-08-2007

    A recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report finds that EU member states need to take action on putting in place cross-border investment rules if they want to reap the benefits of an integrated, competitive financial market in Europe.

  • MiFID’s impact on the financial data market

    Opinion | Brexit 06-04-2007

    In this ECMI Policy Brief, Karel Lannoo, Cheif Executive at the Centre for Europen Policy Studies (CEPS) argues that the implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments directive (MiFID) will have a significant impact on the financial market data business.

  • ‘Crunch time’ for EU financial services

    Opinion | Brexit 19-02-2007

    The EU's Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP), intended "to bring greater competition and efficiency" is unlikely to work, according to Keith Boyfield, a London-based consultant writing in a Wall Street Journal article.

  • MiFID: A regulatory doomsday?

    Opinion | Brexit 16-01-2007

    Karel Lannoo, in a commentary written for the Centre of European Policy Studies (CEPS) think-tank, writes that although regulatory interference in financial services may appear costly, the overall benefits for consumers and the economy should not be underestimated.  

  • Industry opposes further transparency in bond markets

    News | Brexit 15-11-2006

    A Commission feedback document reveals that business does not want any extra transparency provisions, but instead supports self-regulatory measures.

  • Analysis: Implementing the new Markets and Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)

    Opinion | Brexit 06-06-2006

    J.P. Casey and K. Lannoo, from the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI), explain the evolution of EU regulation of investment firms from the original Investment Services Directive (principles-based approach) to the MiFID implementing measures (rules-based approach).

  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)

    Policy Brief | Brexit 14-02-2006

    One of the last major pieces of the Financial Services Action Plan still to be implemented is the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. It is designed to reduce barriers to cross-border share trading, facilitate investment and thereby boost the EU economy. Financial institutions, however, are concerned that the changes required will entail heavy costs.