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Economy & Jobs 12-10-2020

Why is the ECB eyeing a ‘digital euro’?

The European Central Bank will on Monday (12 October) launch a public consultation and start experiments to help it decide whether to create a "digital euro" for the 19-nation currency club.
Euro & Finance 10-01-2017

ECB to enable mobile payments using phone numbers by 2018

ECB plans to link mobile phone numbers to their owners' bank accounts will facilitate bank transfers and consolidate the eurozone payments market. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Brexit 03-11-2016

UK fintech finds EU barriers emerging after Brexit vote

Fallout from the vote to leave the European Union is already threatening the growth of financial technology firms in Britain, industry officials said on Wednesday (2 November).
Euro & Finance 08-06-2016

National Front calls for ban on Bitcoin

The National Front wants to preserve cash and ban Bitcoin, which it sees as an unsafe form of payment. The EU has yet to legislate on the subject. EURACTIV France reports.
Brexit 11-04-2016

Brexit could boost UK financial technology firms – but only in short-term

Britain leaving the European Union could give fledgling financial technology companies an immediate shot in the arm but deprive them of expansion later on, industry officials said on Monday (11 April).
Women in Takalafiya-Lapai village (Niger State)
Development Policy 28-04-2015

Phone-packed Africa leads way in take-up of mobile banking

Services allowing consumers to perform banking and payment operations on their mobile phones are surging in sub-Saharan Africa, blazing a trail for the rest of the slower-moving world to follow.
Development Policy 19-11-2014

Cashless payment hopes pinned on developing nations

SPECIAL REPORT: Business and civil interests representing the mobile payments markets are developing global principles, standards and codes of conduct for digital finance, as cashless payments move to the fore in the developing world, following a meeting this summer in Perth, Australia.
Digital & Media 18-11-2014

Biometric security moves to counter cyber fraud

SPECIAL REPORT: If consumers put safety and security of their payments as a key priority when shopping, it is with good reason.
Digital & Media 17-11-2014

Mobile phones call up a cashless future

SPECIAL REPORT: A boom in payment-enabled smartphone manufacture and the entry of key phone and finance players into the mobile wallets market has made 2014 a watershed year, as the tide turns against the future use of cash.

New payment services lack security standards, officials warn

Proposed rule changes designed to introduce more competition in the credit and debit card markets lack standards to protect consumers from fraud and data security breaches, officials told the European Parliament on Tuesday (7 January).
Digital & Media 21-11-2013

European Central Bank concerned over mobile payments security

The ever growing innovation on the mobile payments market, from contactless cards to digital wallets, has attracted the attention of the European Central Bank (ECB), which has launched a public consultation on mobile payments security for all involved stakeholders. EURACTIV France reports.

New players cause headaches for mobile payments standards

The multitude of interested stakeholders attempting to break into novel mobile payments (m-payments) markets is holding up the creation of common standards, a leading standards body representative has admitted.
Digital & Media 12-07-2013

Academic says EU payments regulation will dampen innovation

SPECIAL REPORT / An updated Payment Services Directive (PSD II) that aims to embrace new mobile payments methods could end up acting as a hindrance to entrepreneurs, a leading Spanish academic told EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 11-07-2013

New mobile payment systems pose regulatory, security challenges

SPECIAL REPORT / An updated Payment Services Directive (PSD II), to be published by the European Commission this month, will struggle to cover regulatory and security challenges posed by a range of new mobile payments services expected to explode onto the European scene over the next two years.
Euro & Finance 10-07-2013

Cultural differences challenge European single payments area

SPECIAL REPORT / New rules to promote a Single European Payments Area (SEPA) will be presented this month, but the EU executive faces cultural as well as regulatory hurdles in attempting to promote online and mobile payments across the EU.

Mobile giants step up preparations for e-payments boom

SPECIAL REPORT / The world’s largest technology companies have announced new partnerships in mobile payments and image changes, as they seek to maintain dominance in the fast-shifting technology market. EURACTIV reports from the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Digital & Media 19-03-2012

Telecom firms in scramble for cashless mobile wallets

The United Kingdom’s three largest mobile operators filed an application with the European Commission for approval of a new cashless mobile wallet venture last week, joining a Dutch proposal under consideration by the EU executive against a background of growing international competition.
Digital & Media 12-01-2012

EU moves to integrate online, mobile, card payments

The European Commission has moved to further integrate the 27-nation market for card, internet and mobile payments and stave off a lack of competition in that business.
Digital & Media 22-12-2011

EU plans next move as Google, Visa jostle for ‘eMoney’

The European Commission is following with interest the battle between Google and Visa, which have both stepped up their offers of "digital wallet" services. EURACTIV has seen a draft of a public consultation document that the EU executive will launch in January on internet and mobile payments.