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  • Commission sees sharp growth in organic food trade

    Agrifood 19-07-2010

    Imports of organic food products into the European Union are likely to increase sharply as demand outstrips domestic supply, a report published by the bloc's executive said on Friday (16 July).

  • EU label aims to boost organic farming

    Agrifood 01-07-2010

    The European Commission hopes that new EU rules, including the new organic logo 'Euro-Leaf', will enhance consumer confidence in organic food and boost the sector across Europe.

  • EU eyes increased role for organic farming

    Agrifood 22-04-2010

    With the EU's future farm policy expected to have an increased focus on protecting biodiversity, promoting sustainable farming and achieving CO2 reduction goals, organic farming may be worth a closer look, EU officials said.

  • No health benefits from organic food, claims study

    Agrifood 18-08-2009

    There are no important advantages in terms of health and nutritional benefits gained from eating organic food when compared to food produced using conventional techniques, says the UK’s Food Standards Authority (FSA), with the recent publication of a scientific study.

  • Organic farmers look to R&D to boost yields, save planet

    Innovation & Industry 28-07-2009

    Ensuring both food security and environmental sustainability is possible, argues a platform which is currently sketching a vision and strategic research agenda for organic food and farming.

  • EU report reveals pesticides in organic food

    Agrifood 10-07-2009

    An annual monitoring report found traces of pesticides in organic food products for the first time, challenging public perceptions that organic products are free of synthetic plant protection products.

  • Commission urged to support organic food research

    Agrifood 04-12-2008

    Stakeholders called on the European Commission to provide "adequate support" for organic food and farming research at the launch of a new technology platform, TP Organics, on 2 December.

  • Ministers to start talks on future of EU agriculture

    Agrifood 22-09-2008

    As EU ministers for agriculture prepare to launch a debate on the future of the bloc's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) tomorrow, farmers' groups are calling the EU to adopt organic farming as its future model and to safeguard farming activities in mountainous regions.

  • Accidental GMO content permitted in organic food

    Climate change 13-06-2007

    The EU-27's agriculture ministers have agreed to new organic food production and labelling standards from 2009, but green groups say that the rules are lax and will allow widespread contamination of organic products by genetically modified organisms.

  • MEPs put the breaks on organic-food law

    Health 30-03-2007

    The Parliament has held back its opinion on a new EU regulation on organic production and labelling rules, aimed at buying more time to negotiate on legislative powers and restrict the GMO content of organic products.

  • Despite measures, organic farming remains tiny in EU

    Agrifood 02-08-2005

    Recent figures by Eurostat show organic farmers represented only a tiny share (2%) of the total number of EU-15 farmers in 2002 and that this proportion has remained unchanged since the turn of the century.

  • EU uses space technologies to combat CAP subsidy fraud

    Agrifood 21-07-2004

    State-of-the-art satellite systems will help implement CAP reforms by ensuring farmers are only claiming aid for genuine farmland. The new technology will soon be used in the entire EU-25.

  • MEPs: More research money needed for sustainable farming

    Health 16-02-2004

    The Parliament is seeking to put rural development and sustainable agriculture at the centre of the EU's agriculture research efforts in order to fully exploit the innovative potential of this sector in Europe.

  • Fischler pledges EU Action Plan to boost organic farming

    Future EU 27-01-2004

    Consumer awareness, financial assistance and GMO co-existence were among the burning issues discussed at a Commission hearing on organic farming on 22 January.

  • NGO warns of devastating effects of CAP on bird populations

    Sustainable Development 19-01-2004

    A study published by BirdLife International says the Common Agricultural Policy's support to intensive farming has caused a sample of common species to decrease by 30% on average.

  • No EU sanctions against German food products

    Health 12-06-2002

    In an emergency meeting on 11 June, the EU's
    Standing Committee on the Food Chain decided not to take any
    additional measures in the case of German food products
    contaminated with the banned herbicide

  • Organic farming more efficient, according to Swiss study

    Health 03-06-2002

    Organic farming is more efficient, and organic
    farms have more fertile soil and a higher biodiversity,
    according to a new study by the Swiss Research Institute of
    Organic Agriculture.

  • Organic farming hit by German food scandal

    Health 27-05-2002

    In Germany, about 100 organic farms are believed to have been feeding their chickens with wheat containing the banned herbicide Nitrofen. The Agriculture Ministry in Lower Saxony believes that affected meat and eggs have already been sold and consumed.

  • American study shows one fourth of organic foods contain pesticides

    Health 09-05-2002

    A study of government data by the US Consumers Union found that pesticides residues, including from banned chemicals like DDT, are present in 23 percent of organic fruits and vegetables, and in nearly 75 percent of conventionally grown produce.

  • New Zealand study questions nutritional superiority of organic food

    Health 02-05-2002

    Researchers from the University of Otago (New Zealand) reviewed about 100 international food studies and concluded that there is no evidence that organically grown foods are healthier or tastier than those grown using chemicals.

  • Debate on organic farming in EU heats up

    Climate change 13-02-2002

    The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the
    European Association of Consumers (AEC) and the Dutch Bureau of
    Food Trade (CBL) called on the EU to boost organic farming.
    They presented a study on how to increase organic food
    production in the EU to 10% by 2006, by reducing VAT and
    introducing levies on the use of pesticides and

  • Agri-environment farming not working

    Agrifood 17-10-2001

    A Dutch study, prepared by scientists from Wageningen Agricultural University, says that EU green farming projects have largely failed. The study, published in the Nature magazine, found out that EU agri-environment projects in the Netherlands had little beneficial effect on preserving biodiversity and protecting bird wildlife.

  • Germany and UK push for green farming

    Agrifood 19-07-2001

    British and German agriculture ministers want to work together to push through a greener future for farms following Agriculture Commissioner Fischler's challenge for more sustainable farming. At the one-day conference in London on 17 July, the ministers argued that radical reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP) was still possible. Mr Fischler had announced last week that reform was not possible until 2006.

  • Agriculture ministers call for organic action plan

    Agrifood 17-05-2001

    Agriculture ministers call for creation of European action plan for the development of organic farming and food

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