Organic food Archives

  • New Zealand study questions nutritional superiority of organic food

    News | Health 02-05-2002

    Researchers from the University of Otago (New Zealand) reviewed about 100 international food studies and concluded that there is no evidence that organically grown foods are healthier or tastier than those grown using chemicals.

  • Debate on organic farming in EU heats up

    News | Climate change 13-02-2002

    The European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the
    European Association of Consumers (AEC) and the Dutch Bureau of
    Food Trade (CBL) called on the EU to boost organic farming.
    They presented a study on how to increase organic food
    production in the EU to 10% by 2006, by reducing VAT and
    introducing levies on the use of pesticides and

  • Agri-environment farming not working

    News | Agrifood 17-10-2001

    A Dutch study, prepared by scientists from Wageningen Agricultural University, says that EU green farming projects have largely failed. The study, published in the Nature magazine, found out that EU agri-environment projects in the Netherlands had little beneficial effect on preserving biodiversity and protecting bird wildlife.

  • Germany and UK push for green farming

    News | Agrifood 19-07-2001

    British and German agriculture ministers want to work together to push through a greener future for farms following Agriculture Commissioner Fischler's challenge for more sustainable farming. At the one-day conference in London on 17 July, the ministers argued that radical reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP) was still possible. Mr Fischler had announced last week that reform was not possible until 2006.

  • Agriculture ministers call for organic action plan

    News | Agrifood 17-05-2001

    Agriculture ministers call for creation of European action plan for the development of organic farming and food

  • Organic farming [Archived]

    LinksDossier | Health 27-03-2001

    In the last few years, organic farming has been increasingly in the spotlight due to the various food crises sprouting up around Europe. As a result of such crises as BSE and foot-and-mouth, modern agrochemicals and intensive farming methods have come under attack, leaving organic farming the next best alternative. Organic farming provides a more sustainable system of food production. However, unlike "true" sustainable farming techniques, organic farming is still dependent on fossil fuels for production, transport and processing.

  • Germany shifts to greener farming

    News | Agrifood 09-02-2001

    Germany shifts away from factory farming to less intensive and more environmentally methods

  • Greens demand “cultural revolution” for EU farming

    News | Agrifood 08-02-2001

    European Greens and European Farmers Coordination present plans for new Common Agricultural Policy

  • Fischler calls for sustainable farming in CEECs

    News | Enlargement 24-01-2001

    Agriculture Commissioner Fischler expects sustainable farming from candidates before they join EU

  • Fischler supports German push for greener agriculture

    News | Climate change 19-01-2001

    Agriculture commissioner Fischler supports German calls for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly agricultural policy

  • Ecological Farming on EU policy agenda?

    News | Science & Policymaking 12-01-2001

    Germany's U-turn on agriculture could start a new fundamental debate on the future of Europe's farming policy

  • German agriculture to go green

    News | Climate change 11-01-2001

    Chancellor Gerhard Schröder put a leading Green politician in charge of the revamped agriculture ministry.

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