Health 28-02-2022

Plasma donation referral for gay men remains open in EU’s blood revision

The revision of the EU's blood directive offers the chance to overhaul outdated restrictions that prevent those in same-sex relationships from becoming blood and plasma donors.
Health 25-02-2022

Without plasma treatment, life turns deeply insecure for Alpha-1 patients

As an Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD) patient, Frank Willersinn is dependent on a treatment with a plasma-derived medicine (PDMP) to make sure his body does not deteriorate.
Health 07-02-2022

Plasma donor compensation still an ‘open wound’ in EU’s blood directive revision

The debate over compensating plasma donations remains one of the more sensitive issues in the revision of the EU's blood, tissues and cells legislation.
Health 27-01-2022

US blood shortage crisis leaves EU patients vulnerable

The US is facing its worst blood and plasma shortage in more than a decade due to a combination of the COVID pandemic and bad weather conditions, which stakeholders have warned could have ripple effects across the pond.
Health 03-12-2021

The curious case of the English plasma supply

It’s not all about Brexit on the other side of the Channel as England is bracing to face up to another harsh challenge in the coming months: building an entire plasma supply chain from the scratch.
Health 21-10-2021

New EU’s pharma rules: a game-changer for strategic autonomy on plasma?

Ensuring sufficient plasma collection in Europe remains a thorny issue but the forthcoming revision of the EU framework for pharmaceuticals offers the potential to turn the tide.
Health 14-06-2021

MEP: Clear EU definition of plasma would pave way for better awareness

Communication about the importance of plasma donations can be improved by focusing on a clear definition in the EU legislation, ensuring that more awareness is raised about the role it plays in producing life-saving medical products, a centre-right EU lawmaker told EURACTIV.
Health 07-05-2021

Commission: EU’s new blood directive to address dependency on US plasma

The ongoing revision of the European legislation on blood, tissues, and cells offers an opportunity to tackle the highly problematic dependency on plasma collected in the US for manufacturing plasma-derived medicinal products (PDMPs), according to an EU health official.
Health 01-04-2021

COVID-19 plasma therapy comes handy either way, EU Commission says

Even though the efficiency of plasma therapies against COVID-19 are not yet demonstrated, increasing Europe's blood collection capacity will contribute to address chronic shortages, the European Commission has said.
Health 17-03-2021

COVID-19 pandemic casts new light on plasma therapies

The use of COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) as a therapeutic option, despite its ups and downs, has shown the European Union's renewed interest in plasma-derived medicinal products (PDMPs).