Global Europe 04-07-2022

Seventy expelled Russian diplomats leave Bulgaria

Two Russian government planes took on board the expelled 70 Russian diplomats and their families from Bulgaria on and flew from Sofia to Moscow on 3 July. The total number of passengers who left the country is over 180 people.
Global Europe 01-07-2022

Bulgaria’s outgoing PM rejects Russian ultimatum, unveils potential successor

Bulgaria's outgoing Prime Minister Kiril Petkov rejected a Russian ultimatum to reverse a decision to expel 70 Russian diplomatic staff by noon on Friday (1 July) and named the country's finance minister as his possible successor.

EU Commission set to cut already strained personnel as inflation bites

The EU public administration, torn between growing ambitions and a stagnant budget, faces yet another obstacle – inflation – with temporary staff set to pay the highest price. The European Commission has recently raised the salaries by 2.4% retroactively from...

Trust and citizen participation in Cyprus

Civic engagement in Cyprus has long been influenced by the tensions between the Turk-Cypriots and Greek-Cypriots and by the strained relations with the European Union, which has impacted citizen’s trust in decision-making. If empowering citizens is no longer seen as...

Tweets of the Week: New NATO, No-vaping and USA vs Europe

At NATO the Scandis are sure on a roll, vapers left horrified at Commission' goal, and European twitter reacts to an internet troll

Ukraine war, EU presidency boosts French defence plans

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's first live broadcast speech in Austria, Finland lifting all COVID entry measures, and so much more.
Brexit 30-06-2022

EU citizens’ rights case to go to UK top court

The fate of EU nationals with temporary status in the UK will go to judicial review, a High Court judge ruled on Thursday (30 June), in a legal case with major implications for around 2.5 million EU nationals living in the UK with five year residency. 

Czechs take over EU presidency braced for ‘bad weather’

The Czech Republic will take over the rotating six-month presidency of the European Union on Friday with all eyes on Ukraine, which has been battling Russian forces since February.

Europe’s costly pushback against Kremlin’s spies

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about EU lawmakers calling on Germany to ramp up arms shipments to help Ukraine win the war, three major Finnish companies announcing their exit from the Russian market, and so much more.
Future EU 29-06-2022

Metsola: EU ‘let itself be surprised’ by war in Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine revealed Europe's complacency and a "new paradigm" is needed, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said at the Jacques Delors Institute's annual conference on Tuesday (28 June).
Elections 29-06-2022

Final sprint for French Parliament’s finance commission candidates

The two opposition candidates for chairing the French National Assembly’s influential finance commission are facing their last sprint before the vote on Thursday (30 June). EURACTIV France spoke to both to find out how much their different political programmes would shape their agenda.
Media 29-06-2022

Ukraine war limited Moscow’s ability to interfere in French election, report says

The Russian invasion of Ukraine redeployed the Kremlin's foreign interference capabilities, saw the ban on RT and Sputnik in the EU, and weakened attempts to influence the French presidential election.
Technology 29-06-2022

EU co-legislators agree on ‘key elements’ of electronic evidence package

The EU Parliament, Council and Commission have bridged their differences on several fundamental points regarding accessing cross-border electronic evidence, but some political issues remain.

Corruption reigns supreme in Western Balkan EU hopefuls

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Austria easing labour market access for third-country nationals, Slovaks not wanting a drastic lifestyle change to save the planet, and so much more.

EU brings most distant overseas regions closer to Brussels

The EU’s Committee of the Regions (CoR) will put a citizen from the bloc’s outermost regions at the helm of an EU institution, which is a historic first.
Non-discrimination 29-06-2022

Polish court rules that ‘LGBT-free zones’ must be abolished

A top Polish appeals court ruled on Tuesday (28 June) that so-called "LGBT-free zones" must be scrapped in four municipalities, a verdict welcomed by activists as a victory for human rights and democracy.
Brexit 28-06-2022

Sturgeon sets out plans for October 2023 Scottish independence vote

The Scottish government has put itself on a constitutional collision course with the UK government after it set out plans to hold a second independence referendum in October 2023.

European NATO allies harden China stance but cracks remain

In today's edition of the Capitals, find out more about Albania gearing up for monkeypox testing, France on the way of having its first female National Assembly president, and so much more.
Global Europe 28-06-2022

Morocco prosecutes 65 migrants involved in deadly Melilla incident

Moroccan authorities have begun prosecuting 65 migrants who joined Friday's mass attempt to cross into a Spanish enclave by storming a border post, leading to the death of at least 23 migrants, a judicial source said on Monday (27 June).

The people have not spoken 

Citizen assemblies can strengthen citizen participation in the EU, but their importance should not be overstated, writes Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf.
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Europe’s lost opportunities in Latin America?

Right now, all eyes are on Europe: the ongoing war in Ukraine and the resulting global political and economic difficulties dominate the geopolitical realm. Unsurprisingly, the European Union’s (EU) current focus lies on the war next door.  While the resulting...

Tsipras says Greek PM is fake ‘modernist’ who controls media, justice

The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIV’s media network. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. The European news you deserve to read. Welcome to The Capitals by EURACTIV. Today’s edition is...

​​Sanchez defends Morocco’s handling of Melilla border incidents

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has come under fire, including by members of his own government, for defending the actions of Moroccan authorities in response to the attempted border breach by migrants at the Spanish enclave Melilla. Of the 2,000...
Global Europe 27-06-2022

Western leaders gear up against Chinese influence

To tackle the growing influence of China and its belt and road initiative, Western leaders launched a Western counter-initiative worth $600 billion to lessen the Chinese economic grip on low- and middle-income countries.