Future EU 23-05-2022

Conference on the Future of Europe is over, what’s the outcome?

This is the end of the journey, but not the end of the story. Citizens approved their recommendations in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFOE), the first EU deliberative democracy experiment where ordinary citizens took...

Tweets of the Week: Nato Enlargement, Northern Irleand and Re-Power-EU

Sweden and Finland want to enroll, on Northern Ireland is BoJo playing the troll and to promote wind power leaders go for a stroll.  

Tweets of the Week: Interpretive CoFoE, Finlandisation and Eurovision

Interpretive dance in Parliament is just pure cringe, when it comes to NATO, Finland is no longer on the fringe, and Ukraine in Eurovision delivers an emotional twinge.

Tweets of the Week: Transnational lists, Oil and Lavrov

  Transnational lists idea finally engages, EU struggles to agree oil ban in stages, and Russian disinfo goes full Middle Ages.

The Scottish take on participatory budgeting

In 2017, Scottish councils agreed to spend 1% of their budgets through participatory budgeting (PB). But how does the process work in Scotland and what are the obstacles authorities and communities face when they carry it out? As part of...

Tweets of the Week: Musk on Twitter, French-Slovenia and Ruble Gas

Musk buying Twitter is just pure sass, Macron win causes relief en masse and Vladimir Putin threatens to cut off the gas.

What are Belgians doing to help Ukrainian refugees?

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, over 5.2 million people have fled the country, UNHCR reports. The vast majority of refugees headed to the EU, entering neighbouring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. Others relocated to other EU countries, thanks...

Tweets of the Week: Russian Oil, Conditionality and French Elections

MEPs vote to embargo Russian oil, EU relations with Hungary continue to spoil; and Macron-Le Pen battle comes to the boil.

EU expects safety guarantees for new ‘ghost’ migration camp in Lesvos

Contacted by EURACTIV, a source from the Greek migration ministry said Athens said they had made it clear from the beginning that the new camp would be far from the urban environment.

Tweets of the Week: Negotiations, Elections and Belgian Parliament

Roman Abramovich googles poison detection, Viktor Oban unravels before Hungary election, and Zelenskyy makes a Belgian connection.
Future EU 30-03-2022

Conference on the future of Europe, the citizens finalized their recommendations. What’s next?

Finally, it happened! All four thematic European panels have finalised their 178 recommendations. Proposals relate to a wide range of subjects: education, job, environment, health, climate change, EU foreign policy, migration, youth, and many others. It is the result of...

Tweets of the Week: Summits, Mariupol’ and Rubles

3 major summits head Brussels’ way, war in Ukraine enters 30th day, and it you want Putin’s gas, you’ll have to pay… in rubles!
Elections 21-03-2022

All you really need to know about the French presidential election

On 10 and 24 April, the French will go to the polls to choose the president of the republic for the next five years.  

Tweets of the Week: the Mayor, Elon Musk and the Bubble

Kyiv mayor stands defiant in front of the rubble, getting Elon Musk involved is just asking for trouble and what really annoys people in the EU Bubble

Tweets of the Week: Bombs, Salvini’s shirt, Macron’s pictures

This week it’s childrens hospitals shelled in Ukraine. Salvini’s Poland visit pain And Emmanuell’s phone call strain.

Tweets of the Week: Sanctions, Tears, Football

Sanctions and accession bids amid ongoing fears, Zelenskyy reduces European Parliament to tears, and the world has been speaking, football finally hears.    
Future EU 28-02-2022

CoFoE: citizens discuss EU foreign policy and migration

The CoFoE is the EU deliberative democracy experiment where citizens are taking part in the EU policy making.

The Dutch and participatory budgeting: citizens have their say

Out of every region in the word, cities in Europe engage in the largest share of participatory budgeting, a process that allows citizens to weigh in on municipal budget expenditure and propose initiatives for their cities or neighborhoods. City leaders...

Tweets of the Week: Ukraine Invasion

Welcome to #EUTweets of the Week, coming to you a day early for… obvious reasons.

Bulgaria’s PM Kiril Petkov: We need change in the prosecution

With this prosecutor general, change in Bulgaria will not happen, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview on 18 February 2022. He said however that he expected that at the end of his mandate Bulgaria could become an example of a country which has successfully eradicated corruption.

Tweets of the week: Scholz, Rule of Law, EU Africa Summit

It’s another big table as Sholz has to slum it, #RuleofLaw discourse continues to plummet, and leaders in town for EU Africa Summit.

Tweets of the Week: EU Chips, Meta-exit and where is Olaf?

The European Commission is all about chips, Meta threatens to go and the Twitterverse quips, while Olaf’s popularity notably dips. 

Tweets of the Week: Orban in Russia, Taxonomy and Eurovision is coming

Viktor went to Russia, but Vladi was mean, the Commission’s taxonomy ain’t exactly green, and Eurovision countdown sparked Twitter’s inner dancing queen!

France at the helm of the EU: What is the EU Council and how does it work?

Since January 1, France has held the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.