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  • Putting the ‘European’ into the European elections

    Elections 10-07-2018

    When the so-called “Spitzenkandidaten” or lead candidate method for designating the Commission president was introduced in 2014, it was celebrated as a democratic revolution. Five years later, it is difficult to find anyone seriously questioning the method - but the enthusiasm has somewhat washed away, writes Christopher Glück.

  • EU must get serious about tackling Islamophobia

    Freedom of thought 06-07-2018

    The European Commission is appointing its new coordinator on anti-Muslim hatred. This is a key opportunity to re-assess this role and ensure the coordinator has a clear human rights based mandate and meaningful resources to tackle racism and discrimination against Muslim communities in Europe, which have been lacking so far.

  • Progress for Western Balkan nations – a step forward for federalised Europe

    Enlargement 05-07-2018

    Though the EU has lately been busy dealing with issues such as Brexit and the migration crisis, it has found time to talk of the integration of the Western Balkans. A steady integration of the region is good news indeed as this could lead to a federalised Europe and a complete Union, writes Bernard Kouchner.

  • The UK-EU relationship: the political consequences of mutual misunderstanding

    Brexit 02-07-2018

    The Brexit negotiations are following the same pattern of the UK's tortured and contradictory relationship with the EU. That could lead to a 'no deal' Brexit by default rather than design, warn Dr Fabian Zuleeg and Matt Bevington.

  • Power grab: Top EU court redefines marriage

    Promoted content | Freedom of thought 29-06-2018

    Does the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) have the competence to redefine marriage for all EU citizens? On 5 June, the EU’s highest court has claimed that it does, argues Adina Portaru.

  • EU’s soft power to improve human rights in Morocco

    Africa 29-06-2018

    Morocco has made significant progress on a number of human rights issues since the revision of its Constitution in 2011 and the creation of the National Council of Human Rights (CNDH) in 2012, but the EU must continue using its soft power to help Rabat take up other sensitive issues, writes Willy Fautré.

  • On Brexit, Theresa May is a true Fabian

    Brexit 29-06-2018

    As Theresa May returns from yet another European Council where she had nothing to say in concrete terms to her fellow 27 heads of government on Brexit, she could actually be copying the tactics of one of the most famous Roman leaders, writes Denis MacShane.

  • Albania and Macedonia – a ray of hope and a warning for Balkans

    Enlargement 28-06-2018

    Everyone was taken by surprise on Tuesday (26 June) when EU ministers agreed to set out a path for opening accession talks with Albania and Macedonia in June 2019. Many were doubtful this would be agreed, at a time when the EU is facing difficult challenges, write Adnan Ćerimagić and Zoran Nechev.

  • Brexit: are they insane?

    Brexit 27-06-2018

    Four individuals in the Cabinet Brexit sub-committee, namely Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davies and Liam Fox, are so trapped in their rhetoric about taking back control and regaining freedom, that if they changed their position, their political careers would be over, writes Michael Emerson.

  • Tackling hybrid threats, in Europe and the UK

    Defence and security 27-06-2018

    The June European Council is an opportunity to make sure we have the right measures in place to tackle hostile state threats to security such as cyber attacks, disinformation and meddling in elections, writes Mark Sedwill.

  • An EU budget to protect people in poverty or our defence and security industries?

    Future EU 27-06-2018

    We need an EU budget that protects people instead of investing in borders and defence industries, argue Leo Williams and Vito Telesca.

  • Defuse this explosive migration summit with a strategic EU study

    Future EU 26-06-2018

    If ever an EU summit seemed doomed, it's this week's immigration showdown. Governments like to imply that the 'migrant crisis' is at an end but in truth, it's just starting, and Europe needs a strategy and a common EU-wide approach, writes Gilles Merritt.