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  • Why the French Presidency’s insistence on European ‘Belonging’ matters

    Promoted content | Future EU 22-12-2021

    'Belonging' (Appartenance in French) is the last of the three keywords announced as the motto of the upcoming French EU Council Presidency, along with recovery (relance) and strength (puissance). Why such an emphasis on a notion no government can buy and no parliament can pass legislation on?

  • David Frost leaves: Christmas comes early in Brussels

    Brexit 22-12-2021

    What was behind the resignation of David Frost as UK “Brexit Minister”, and would it be enough to halt the declining UK-EU relations? Dick Roche shares his thoughts. Dick Roche is a former Irish Minister for European Affairs and former Minister …

  • The Brief – Down with Davos


    A second COVID Christmas awaits, replete with travel restrictions, lockdowns in some countries, and vaccination passports. Gloomy as the prognosis is, if you look hard enough, there is one small silver lining, at least for those of us who write about politics for a living.

  • The Brief – Macron’s world

    Global Europe 20-12-2021

    French President Emmanuel Macron gave an unusually long interview to TF1-LCI, a full version of which was aired on LCI on Saturday (18 December). Unsurprisingly, most of it concerned domestic politics. But there was also an intriguing part about Russia.

  • Europe must fight to defend its identity

    Future EU 20-12-2021

    Europe's needs to rearm its identity in the face of Islamism and cancel-culture, writes Assita Kanko.

  • The Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – How Europe teaches its past


    It is hard to remember a time in Europe’s recent past when conspiracy theories and disinformation were so popular and scapegoating of communities so prevalent. Aside from the health crisis, the COVID pandemic has brought with it distant echoes of the darker moments in Europe’s last century.

  • CoFoE: Lack of inclusion of people with disabilities is worrying

    Future EU 17-12-2021

    Persons with disabilities do not have an equal access to the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), writes Yannis Vardakastanis. Yannis Vardakastanis is the president of the European Disability Forum and a member of the CoFoE Plenary. This problem makes the …

  • It is time to speak up on the CoFoE!

    Promoted content | Future EU 17-12-2021

    On 12 November, JEF Madrid organised a local consultation within the framework of the Next Chapter Europe project. We want to ensure the CoFoE becomes a truly participative process, where everyone can have a say on how the future of the European Union should look like.

  • The Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – The last waltz


    The ‘dance of the elephants’, as we recently described it, opens the way for EPP’s Roberta Metsola to become the European Parliament president for the second half of this term, before the 2024 European elections.

  • The Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – Ukraine is litmus test for Scholz’s new foreign policy


    In an emerging multipolar world, Germany will need to be more assertive to defend European and transatlantic values. However, it remains to be seen if the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz will rise to the occasion, and the first signs are not too promising.

  • The Conference on the Future of Europe cannot fail

    Future EU 14-12-2021

    The Conference on the Future of Europe has made an uncertain start, but it cannot be allowed to fail. Stefano Mallia writes that the window of opportunity to engage with citizens could close quickly.

  • UNited for a fairer and more sustainable recovery

    Special Report | Promoted content 14-12-2021

    Imagine playing a football match with half of the team seated on the bench. Or rowing a boat with only one oar. Or playing a game of chess without the full complement of rooks and knights. The results of all …