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  • Transatlantic summits and a Bulgarian organ scandal


    Next week, all the lights will be shining over Brussels, where a double summit is taking place. World leaders are hoping to set a key milestone in renewing the transatlantic partnership and maintaining economic ties between the EU and the …

  • Spying on Germans and avoiding Belarusian airspace 

    Transport 03-06-2021

    This week our podcast takes us to Berlin, where a spying deal between Denmark and the US is shaking German politics ahead of elections in September. To find out more we spoke with Oliver Noyan and Niko Krumayer from EURACTIV …

  • EU fury with Belarus and the Turów coal mine dispute


    This week, our podcast takes us to Belarus, where a Ryanair passenger plane was forced to land so the Belarusian authorities could detain one of the passengers, the dissident journalist Roman Protasevich.

  • Press freedom crisis in Greece and COVID-19 travel certificates


    This week our podcast takes us to Athens, where things are getting quite shady when it comes to press freedom. Last month there was the mafia-style execution of an investigative reporter, Giorgos Karaivaz, and shortly after that, another journalist, Kostas Vaxevanis, reported to the police that he is receiving death threats.

  • The EU/UK trade deal and Czech PM slams EU auditors as ‘mafia’

    Brexit 29-04-2021

    This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the ratification of the EU’s post-Brexit trade agreement with the UK. At last, we may be seeing the turning of the page on economic and diplomatic relations between the two …

  • Millions spent on consultancy firms and the Northern Ireland crisis


    This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about how some EURACTIV digging led to discussions and examinations over the Commission’s 462 million-euro contracts with several consultancy firms. We are focusing on the Parliament’s next steps and the MEPs' actions. …

  • The EverGiven effect and the ‘controlled vote’ in Bulgaria 


    This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about the EverGiven cargo ship blocking Egypt’s Suez Canal for nearly one week, the impact this had on transport and the economy before it was freed on Monday.

  • Slovak vaccine-induced political crisis and “green” football

    Health 12-03-2021

    This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are bringing our international network to Brussels, focusing on Slovakia’s current political situation and how it is affected by the purchase of the Russian Sputnik vaccine

  • Strategic Compass and the EU’s €440 million failed gas projects

    Energy 25-02-2021

    This week on EURACTIV’s Yellow Room, we are talking about Friday’s EU summit, where the leaders are expected to discuss security and defence issues. During the first part of their meeting, they will be joined by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg for an …