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  • The Brief – Wartime presidents


    The messy business of Europe's everyday politics has been overshadowed by Russia's war in Ukraine. As horrible as that might sound, for some European leaders, it really could pay off to be a wartime president or prime minister.

  • The Brief – Where is the industrial force of Germany in this war?


    Amid all the pacifist talk in Germany, those of us who are not defence reporters could easily forget that Germany is one of the world’s largest arms exporters. Whether this has been brought to bear in support of Kyiv is another question entirely.

  • Media Freedom: A rebalanced ecosystem and sector consolidation

    Media 16-03-2022

    Given the war in the East, and recent riots in the United States, the quality of the information ecosystem has become central. Media leaders could seize industrial, policy and budget opportunities, beyond the basic democracy principles, with a view to media resilience, write Pedro Ortún Silvan and Christophe Leclercq.

  • The Brief – The paradox of German politics


    The war in Ukraine has triggered a ‘Zeitenwende’ in German politics. The traffic light coalition had pledged to dedicate its foreign policy to the diffusion of international peace, yet it is now responsible for the biggest U-turn in recent German history, which has laid the groundwork for Germany to become a military power ready to defend European interests.

  • The metamorphosis of Visegrad’s populists

    Elections 15-03-2022

    Europe’s populists in power in Poland, Hungary, and Slovenia see being migrant-friendly supporters of Ukraine as an excellent opportunity to clean their image, but the proof will be in how they defend democracy at home, writes Sam van der Staak.

  • CoFoE and transnational lists and democracy

    Stakeholder Opinion | Future EU 11-03-2022

    European democracy has remained imprisoned in a strictly national logic. Despite the fact that globalisation has eroded the effectiveness of their action, the governments of the member states have repeatedly opted for unilateral approaches to tackle transnational crises, to the detriment of citizens' rights and interests.

  • Let’s place citizens at the centre of Europe

    Future EU 11-03-2022

    The Conference on the Future of Europe placed citizens at the centre of reform in the European Union. This should be a concrete and tangible outcome of the Conference. Let us democratise our Union by putting citizens’ participation at the core of European decision making, writes a group of ten MEPs.

  • Can the Conference on the Future of Europe deliver?

    Future EU 07-03-2022

    Experts are sceptical on the success of the EU's Conference on the Future of Europe, but there is still time and many ways to make it count, writes Maria Koomen.

  • The Brief – A done deal after a dull campaign

    Elections 02-03-2022

    All indications are that Emmanuel Macron will be re-elected as France's leader in April. The situation at home was already very favourable, and his recent posturing as a strongman of the EU and mediator with Russia confirms that the rather dull (so far) presidential campaign is unlikely to have any plot twists.

  • The future of Europe and Putin’s lesson

    Promoted content | Future EU 28-02-2022

    Every crisis can become an opportunity; it depends on us. Russia's violent attack on Ukraine lays bare all the contradictions of a still incomplete European integration project. Now is the time to strengthen European sovereignty in energy, security, and defence. …

  • EU ‘hybrid power’ to face the Russian threat

    Global Europe 24-02-2022

    President Vladimir Putin’s actions of military aggression may be giving European unity and the transatlantic alliance a new lease of life. But it comes at the expense of Ukraine and its people and a potentially high economic and political cost for the EU, writes Ricardo Borges de Castro.

  • Ukraine and the future of Europe: some questions to the EU Member states

    Promoted content | Future EU 23-02-2022

    One of the priorities of the Conference on the Future of Europe is “EU in the world”. The Ukraine crisis poses many questions about what is and what should be the EU role in the world.  Roberto Castaldi is the editor-in-chief …

  • This Conference can still go either way

    Future EU 22-02-2022

    The Conference on the Future of Europe is at a crossroads. The decisive question is: will the Conference Plenary be able and willing to take charge of this Conference, develop a parliament-like dynamic and include perspectives previously excluded, or will it remain an exclusionary political talking shop and risk enabling the extreme right? 

  • The Brief – Smoke, mirrors, rule of law


    It might seem like the penny has dropped, and it's all clear now: Poland and Hungary have lost and will be deprived of millions of euros from EU funds for their rule of law shortcomings. But don't hold your breath just yet.

  • The Brief – How Valérie Pécresse is killing her own campaign

    Elections 15-02-2022

    Less than two months before the first round of the French presidential elections, the political landscape is clearly tilted towards the right, with no left-wing candidate seemingly in with a chance.

  • A new honesty

    Special Report | Promoted content 15-02-2022

    The forthcoming summit of the European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU) must signalise a new beginning. If there is to be a new alliance with Africa, as announced by the French EU Presidency, Europe must, above all, do …

  • The Brief – The leader of the free world

    Global Europe 14-02-2022

    We don’t know if a war will break out ‘at any moment’. But at such a dramatic juncture, it is worth having a look at the supreme commander on our side of the ranks.

  • The Brief – Germany must relearn the language of power

    Global Europe 08-02-2022

    Germany’s dialogue-based, peace-driven approach to the European security architecture has yielded considerable economic and diplomatic successes in the past, but it is increasingly clear that the biggest EU country has to (re-)learn the language of power if it wants to have a role in the international security order of the future.

  • The Maastricht Treaty’s anniversary mobilises us to move Europe forward

    Future EU 07-02-2022

    The 30th anniversary of the Maastricht treaty is a reminder of the successes of European integration and the need to move the EU forward, write Timmy Dooley and Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

  • The Berlin Wall is yet to fall for Skopje

    Enlargement 07-02-2022

    Until days ago, Bulgaria’s two most powerful men, the President Rumen Radev and the Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, were like-minded politicians, which was good news for the country. Their first clash, over North Macedonia, is less good news, writes Emilia Milcheva.

  • The Brief – Part of the Union

    Brexit 04-02-2022

    A political stunt it may have been, but Paul Givan’s decision to resign as Northern Ireland’s First Minister over the Northern Ireland protocol still looks like an effective tactic.

  • The Brief – How (not) to solve a problem

    Enlargement 03-02-2022

    The new prime minister of North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovachevski, is making his first visit to Brussels on 3 and 4 February. In view of Skopje's stalled EU accession bid, this could mean a groundbreaking visit, but it probably won't be. What can we realistically expect from it?

  • The Brief – Macron’s real campaign as a yet-to-be candidate

    Elections 02-02-2022

    While political opponents accuse Emmanuel Macron of entering the race for the Élysée Palace on the sly, the yet-to-be candidate is merely exploiting the privilege of outgoing presidents, traditionally allowed to delay their candidacy. Like his predecessors, Macron is careful not …

  • Stars are aligning for real EU reform

    Future EU 01-02-2022

    2022 will be "a turning point" for Europe. The winds of change blowing from some member states are bringing the EU into a new era, write Anna Echterhoff and Sandro Gozi.