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  • Why the Commission needs reform

    Politics 21-06-2017

    There is an often overlooked area which is in dire need of reform: the structure and set-up of the EU Commission itself, write Kai Gehring and Stephan A. Schneider.

  • Support for Lisbon Treaty was unnecessary investment of political capital

    Politics 16-06-2017

    The mantra of European elites for the support of the Lisbon Treaty included greater transparency of the decision-making process. Almost ten years after signing the Treaty, Mirek Topolánek says he now knows "for sure" that his support was unnecessary.

  • Revising the ECI: How to make it ‘fit for purpose’

    Politics 20-04-2017

    Following the high hopes for the European Citizens’ Initiative as a new instrument of participatory democracy, it has proven to be ineffective, largely unknown to citizens and neither user-friendly nor cost-effective, writes Assya Kavrakova.

  • Lobby transparency reform: Here we go again

    Politics 27-03-2017

    Scandals from Dieselgate to tobacco, glyphosate to high finance, have contributed to widespread public cynicism over the power of lobbyists in the EU. Campaigners are facing the upcoming EU lobby transparency negotiations with a mixture of weary resignation and apprehension, writes Vicky Cann.

  • A Ministry of Truth in the European Parliament?

    Freedom of thought 10-03-2017

    The live-streaming of European Parliament debates, established some years ago, was a real step towards more democratic participation and transparency. But the EU assembly is now apparently having second thoughts, writes Sophia Kuby.

  • Comitology reform: Doing, undoing and redoing is still hard work


    To avoid taking responsibility for contentious proposals like GMO and pesticide approvals, the European Commission’s proposed comitology reform aims to put member states in the frontline, writes Daniel Guéguen.

  • EU halts release of anti-corruption report

    Justice & Home Affairs 06-02-2017

    In Romania, politicians were preparing to legalise political corruption, and elsewhere the misuse of EU funds makes headlines every day. Sandor Lederer asks why has the Commission decided not to release an in-depth anti-corruption report.

  • Fight Inequality Alliance comes to ‘corporate’ Brussels

    Development Policy 18-01-2017

    Brussels is not a hotbed of popular mobilisation. Few rights struggles start here, but it is one of the biggest power centres in the world and it is one of the main chapters in the book on inequality, write Laura Sullivan and Jenny Ricks.

  • The Parliament that Europeans want to hear from

    Elections 16-01-2017

    The European Parliament is delivering, but there is still room for improvement in the way it communicates to both the younger and older generations, writes Vice-President Ramón Valcárcel.

  • Thinking about propaganda

    Global Europe 11-01-2017

    Propaganda speaks the language of reason, even when its goal is to mislead, writes Jacob L. Shapiro.

  • EU turning 60 in 2017? Fake news!


    In its first announcement of this year, the European Commission has started with patently obvious fake news, writes David Heilbron Price.

  • Does corruption threaten Europe?


    Current debate rarely attributes the rise of populism in European politics to the perceived prevalence of corruption. Yet public opinion often shows that citizens believe their representatives to be corrupt, write Laurence Cockcroft and Anne-Christine Wegener.