Radio spectrum Archives

  • EU to open radio frequencies to wireless broadband

    Special Report | News | Digital 20-09-2010

    As more telecoms companies seek precious radio spectrum, the EU has decided to put wireless broadband at the front of the queue in order to reach 100% Internet penetration by 2013.

  • Digital switchover raises interference fears

    News | Digital 07-04-2010

    Ringing mobile phones sometimes make radios or televisions crackle, a problem that could soon get worse as the switch to digital technology picks up. As Germany prepares to auction spectrum to telecommunications operators next week, industry experts are worried that as more technologies compete for the same digital bandwidths, the level of interference will rise, disrupting services.

  • EU to tackle radio spectrum access

    News | Digital 05-03-2010

    At an EU summit in late March, the EU will talk about how the bloc can reallocate radio spectrum to catch up with US broadband coverage. But the issue is hotly contested, a situation which an EU consultation launched yesterday (4 March) will seek to resolve.

  • 2020 plan pins hopes on ‘Digital Agenda’

    News | Digital 25-02-2010

    High-speed Internet, lower prices and unlocking the potential of unused spectrum waves for new services all feature in the EU's new strategy for growth and jobs, dubbed 'Europe 2020', according to a leaked document seen by EURACTIV.

  • Brussels backs telecoms against TVs in frequency fight

    News | Digital 28-10-2009

    The top radio frequencies freed by technological updates should be devoted to new services, such as wireless Internet and high-definition mobile offers, rather than being allocated to extra broadcasting uses, the European Commission will propose today (28 October).

  • Commission threatens to withdraw telecoms package

    News | Digital 20-11-2008

    As European telecoms ministers head towards a "minimalist" deal to reform EU telecoms and internet rules, Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding threatened to withdraw her proposal and put an end to the year-long negotiations.

  • EU states to reject Brussels telecoms review

    News | Digital 17-11-2008

    EU telecoms ministers meeting at the end of November are moving towards rejecting European Commission proposals to reform the fast-changing world of electronic communications, EURACTIV has learned.

  • Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID)

    LinksDossier | Digital 06-10-2008

    Minute tags embedded in many different physical devices link up the material world with the information super-highway. Technological obstacles, regulatory issues and privacy concerns must, however, be dealt with before the technology can be implemented to its full potential. 

  • Reding calls for half of freed spectrum for telecoms

    News | Digital 13-06-2008

    Half of the radio spectrum freed by the switchover from analogue to digital should be allocated to mobile and telephone operators by 2010 to provide broadband internet to rural areas, Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding suggested to EU telecommunications ministers gathered in Luxembourg yesterday.

  • Commission to guide national regulators on mobile TV

    News | Digital 20-05-2008

    While many European countries are preparing to launch brand new mobile TV services ahead of the European Football Championships this June, the Commission has made clear to national regulators which measures should be applied for the new media to be successful.

  • Emergency services join fight for radio spectrum

    News | Digital 06-05-2008

    Police, fire-fighters and hospitals have joined an EU-wide battle to secure chunks of radio frequencies - made available by the move towards the digital era - for their own services, in a move that contradicts the Commission's more market-driven and flexible approach.

  • MEPs shift focus of telecoms review

    News | Digital 25-04-2008

    The European Parliament is determined to see the reform of EU telecoms rules concluded before its term comes to an end in the second half of 2009, despite the new proposals put forward and clear disagreements with the Commission on the set-up of a new European authority and radio spectrum reform.

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