Radio spectrum Archives

  • EU states to reject Brussels telecoms review

    Digital 17-11-2008

    EU telecoms ministers meeting at the end of November are moving towards rejecting European Commission proposals to reform the fast-changing world of electronic communications, EURACTIV has learned.

  • Reding calls for half of freed spectrum for telecoms

    Digital 13-06-2008

    Half of the radio spectrum freed by the switchover from analogue to digital should be allocated to mobile and telephone operators by 2010 to provide broadband internet to rural areas, Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding suggested to EU telecommunications ministers gathered in Luxembourg yesterday.

  • Commission to guide national regulators on mobile TV

    Digital 20-05-2008

    While many European countries are preparing to launch brand new mobile TV services ahead of the European Football Championships this June, the Commission has made clear to national regulators which measures should be applied for the new media to be successful.

  • Emergency services join fight for radio spectrum

    Digital 06-05-2008

    Police, fire-fighters and hospitals have joined an EU-wide battle to secure chunks of radio frequencies - made available by the move towards the digital era - for their own services, in a move that contradicts the Commission's more market-driven and flexible approach.

  • MEPs shift focus of telecoms review

    Digital 25-04-2008

    The European Parliament is determined to see the reform of EU telecoms rules concluded before its term comes to an end in the second half of 2009, despite the new proposals put forward and clear disagreements with the Commission on the set-up of a new European authority and radio spectrum reform.

  • EU pushes forward mobile TV ahead of Euro Cup

    Digital 02-04-2008

    Football fans everywhere may discover a new way to enjoy the next European Championships just by looking at the screen of their own mobile phones. The European Commission hopes that mobile television will finally take off in Europe, driven by the summer's sport, but uncertainty still dominates.

  • Parliament stresses role of public services in spectrum reform

    Digital 28-03-2008

    The public role of television should be protected in the allocation of radio frequencies made available by the changeover from analogue to digital TV, MEPs argued in a Parliament hearing yesterday (27 March).

  • Opposition to proposed EU telecoms authority grows

    Digital 29-02-2008

    While the Commission's proposals to introduce more competition into the telecoms sector are fuelling a lively and open-ended debate, almost equally fed by supporters and critics, the plan for a new European regulatory authority seems destined to fail due to an increasingly evident lack of support.

  • EU to pick satellite-to-cellphone services

    Digital 29-08-2007

    The European Commission has proposed a procedure for member states to select companies wishing to provide services to cellphones using satellites, in what it describes as a "beauty contest, not an auction".

  • EU to free-up spectrum for 3G handsets

    Digital 26-07-2007

    To promote the development and take-up of new wireless advanced mobile data and multimedia services, the Commission is set to repeal the current GSM Directive that prevents the coexistence of more advanced technologies on its frequencies.

  • Commission lays ground for next-generation wireless electronics

    Digital 22-02-2007

    A Commission decision to harmonise radio frequencies used by ultra-wideband technology is expected to boost the market for wireless services and products, including laptops, mobile phones and televisions.

  • Commission frees up frequencies for WiFi

    Digital 20-07-2005

    In a move that may boost the technology in Europe, the Commission has decided to assign two additional frequency bands to wireless local area networks, known as WiFi.

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