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  • Economist: EU’s next budget asks for sacrifices


    The EU's budget for the 2014-2020 period will have to change the way regional funds work, says Fabian Zuleeg of the European Policy Centre. The money that traditionally goes to poorer countries should be redirected for the time being to where it is really needed - the countries deeply hit by the economic crisis - keeping in mind the single goal of protecting the EU as a whole, he told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Georgieva: Cold snap exposes need for quicker emergency response


    National and EU-level cooperation on civil protection needs improvement if it is to deliver quicker crisis response such as during the cold wave that swept Europe, says Kristalina Georgieva, humanitarian aid and crisis response commissioner. She spoke in Rome to

  • Scientist-MEP: ‘If necessary, divert cash from agriculture to research’


    Portuguese MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho (European People's Party) is calling for more structural funds to be used for research in a new report to be discussed at a Parliamentary workshop later this month. She is a firm believer that Europe needs to spend more on science and research to emerge from its current economic malaise.

  • Ciolo?: CAP money slowly shifting eastwards


    Farmers in Western countries such as France could see their subsidies cut by up to 7% as more money is being channeled to Central and Eastern European states. EU farm Commissioner Dacian Ciolo? spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview ahead of proposals today to reform the EU's Common Agricultural policy for 2014-2020.

  • Mountain areas: EU should help boost local energy potential

    Special Report 20-09-2011

    Political and financial support is needed from the EU to help rural areas develop renewable energies at local level such as biomass and small hydro, according to Euromontana, an association representing Europe's mountainous regions.

  • Dassis: ‘European workers are fiercely opposed to austerity measures’


    Trade union leaders from across Europe are gathering in Athens this week, for the 12th Congress of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). Veteran trade unionist George Dassis shared with EURACTIV his views on the social impacts of the financial crisis, and how the EU should show solidarity with countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

  • Delebarre: ‘I’m against idea of performance reserve’ for regions


    Meeting in Brussels today (1 April), regional leaders are expected to adopt a report that directly contradicts many of the European Commission's ideas for reforming the EU structural funds in the coming years. Mayor of Dunkirk Michel Delebarre spoke to EURACTIV about why the Committee of the Regions cannot support some of the Commission's plans.


  • MEP: ‘Europe shows its face through local projects’


    The European Commission wants to subsidise regions like eastern Germany, which are less prosperous than average, through a new category of funding. German MEP Markus Pieper (European People's Party), MEP and vice-chair of the European Parliament's regional policy committee, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview why he is not convinced by the idea.

  • Italian expert: Regional funding must come with conditions


    How should the EU's cohesion policy be reformed to meet the challenges facing Europe's regions in the coming years? EURACTIV Czech Republic interviewed Fabrizio Barca, one of Europe's leading experts in the field of economics and regional development.

  • Czech Minister: ‘Flexibility’ needed in EU regional spending


    What are the most important aspects of EU cohesion policy from the perspective of a 'new' member state in Central Europe? EURACTIV Czech Republic interviewed Daniel Braun, a deputy minister in the Ministry for Regional Development, who described the main elements of the Czech government's position.

  • Budapest Mayor: Cutting regional funds could harm EU social equality


    Any future cuts in EU regional funds could damage the ability of local and regional bodies to balance economic development with vital social and environmental changes, according to outgoing Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky.

  • Hahn: ‘I want regional policy to keep its current budget’


    EU regional policy is the best way to transform the 'Europe 2020' economic goals into concrete achievements, and it will need to keep its current chunk of the EU budget to do so, according to EU Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

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