Road charging Archives

  • EU to start taxing road freight to contain pollution

    News | Transport 08-06-2011

    EU member states have been given final approval to start applying the 'polluter-pays' principle when setting road tolls for heavy goods vehicles. But the freight sector is complaining of an additional burden as countries are not obliged to reinvest the tax revenues in greening road transport.

  • MEPs stand firm on re-investing road toll cash

    News | Transport 12-04-2011

    Voting for the second time on EU rules covering the noise and pollution charged on lorries, the European Parliament's transport committee insisted that financial revenue from green tolls should be earmarked for reinvestment in transport infrastructure.

  • Europeans happy to pay more taxes for more driving

    News | Transport 29-03-2011

    A majority of Europeans would be happy to pay higher taxes for more driving, claims a study commissioned by the European Commission's transport department and published in March. EURACTIV France reports.

  • EU deal on green road tolls leaves few happy

    News | Sustainable Development 18-10-2010

    An EU compromise agreement on green road tolls for trucks was denounced by the freight sector as a mere additional tax that will increase the final price of goods. Meanwhile, the Greens criticised the deal for making too many concessions to business interests.

  • Belgium eyes EU breakthrough on green road tolls

    News | Sustainable Development 15-10-2010

    A proposal to charge trucks for the noise and pollution they cause is set to gather consensus from EU ministers today, paving the way for the introduction of green road tolls across Europe.

  • EU body gives thumbs up to ‘green’ road charging

    News | Transport 26-01-2010

    The overall benefit of charging trucks for the pollution they cause outweighs the limited negative price impact on consumers, shows a new report from the European Commission's in-house Joint Research Centre (JRC).

  • EU states shelve debate on green road charges

    News | Transport 01-04-2009

    A compromise on proposed environmental charges for trucks tabled by the Czech EU Presidency has failed to convince the Union's member states, many of which are arguing that the recession is not the right time to impose extra costs on the transport sector.

  • EU presidency forging consensus on green road charges

    News | Transport 25-03-2009

    The Czech EU Presidency last week (20 March) tabled a compromise proposal to delay the introduction of congestion charges to lorries by four years in an attempt to kick-start deadlocked negotiations.

  • Parliament votes for green road tolls for trucks

    News | Transport 12-03-2009

    Amid opposition from centre-right MEPs, the European Parliament yesterday (11 March) backed the EU executive in its call to allow national governments to charge heavy goods vehicles for the noise they make and the environmental pollution and congestion they cause.

  • MEPs divided over congestion charges for trucks

    News | Transport 12-02-2009

    Despite opposition from conservative MEP's, the European Parliament's transport committee yesterday (11 February) adopted a report backing national governments' right to charge heavy goods vehicles for the noise, pollution and congestion they cause.

  • Parliament to revive EU talks on ‘green’ road tolls

    News | Transport 10-02-2009

    A vote on the revision of the Eurovignette directive in the European Parliament's transport committee tomorrow (11 February) is expected to relaunch negotiations between the bloc's 27 member states over the controversial issue of environmental charging for trucks. But serious progress is not expected before the autumn, when the next Parliament takes office. 

  • Tough negotiations ahead over green road charges

    News | Transport 07-01-2009

    The Czech EU Presidency has identified striking a deal on 'green charges' for trucks as one of its key priorities for the coming months. Meanwhile, member states remain divided over the issue, and industry stakeholders have joined forces to denounce the "incorrect" assumption that merely increasing costs will lead to more sustainable transport.