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  • Commission must take action against endocrine disruptors

    Health 09-02-2017

    Reducing exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals will benefit healthcare systems and economies as a whole, writes Christian Zahn.

  • Knowledge: A Swiss Army knife for Brexit?

    Brexit 08-02-2017

    The Swiss and British referendums of 2014 and 2016, respectively, share some parallels. The way the Alpine republic resolved its dispute about free movement offers a number of lessons as the date for making Brexit official looms ever nearer, writes Giorgio Clarotti.

  • New GM crops once again fail the safety test

    Agrifood 15-11-2016

    As the world focuses elsewhere, two untested varieties of genetically modified maize are slowly manoeuvring their way through the legislative hoops of the European institutions towards Europe’s fields, writes Mute Schimpf.


  • Auditors’ report on biofuels calls for return to common sense


    Will the report of the EU Court of Auditors (ECA) regarding the EU system for the certification of sustainable biofuels spark an outbreak of common sense within the Commission, asks Dick Roche.

  • Making Europe more agile in space


    The European space sector is increasingly challenged by international competition in commercial markets. The Space Strategy for Europe proposes four goals for the EU to remain an industry leader, writes Jean-Loic Galle.

  • Who sets the agenda on algorithmic accountability?

    Digital 26-10-2016

    A discussion on algorithmic accountability and transparency is missing from Europe’s digital economy framework. Citizens need assurances that machines are treating them fairly, writes Liisa Jaakonsaari.

  • The EU’s dangerous biomass delusion

    Energy 19-10-2016

    Bioenergy advocates claim that Europe’s forests are well managed and don’t contribute to global warming. Yet, biomass production in Europe is projected to rely more and more on materials that have a high risk of increasing greenhouse gas emissions, writes Linde Zuidema.

  • The Scientific Advice Mechanism – Is it better regulation?


    Ultimately, the system of scientific advice should be systemic, synced to political timeframes, and have a say not only in policy proposals but on political agenda setting. Philip Hines talks us through the Commission’s Scientific Advise Mechanism.

  • EU’s sunbed safety assessment clouded by bias

    Health 01-09-2016

    An upcoming assessment by a European Commission committee on the risks of UV radiation and sunbeds is hamstrung by in-built bias and a failure to comprehensively address all the issues, warns Frank Harbusch.

  • What does an innovation agenda mean for consumers?


    Innovation and consumer protection are not opposites. Indeed there is huge potential to use innovation to deliver safer products that benefit consumers, writes Monique Goyens.

  • Europe’s broken biofuels policy

    Energy 14-08-2016

    Public policy should be built on firm foundations. Objective analysis, verifiable facts and solid science are good starting points, but that was absent in biofuels policy-making, writes Dick Roche.

  • Commission’s endocrine disruptor plan is illegal, inadequate and woefully late

    Climate change 05-08-2016

    European Commission draft rules to identify and ultimately ban endocrine disrupters are illegal because they clash with existing pesticide and biocide regulations, Alice Bernard writes. The environmental lawyer warned that EU judges could throw out the changes to the long-awaited scientific criteria for the chemicals.

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