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  • Research Commissioner on Horizon 2020

    Promoted content 17-01-2013

    Without more private R&D spending, Spain, Italy and others in the south may continue to lag as national governments and the EU are slashing money earmarked for research and innovation. Critics of government cuts say these risks are creating a vicious circle, discouraging business. 

  • Deterring EU Competition Law Infringements: Are We Using the Right Sanctions?

    Promoted content 10-01-2013

    In a conference organised on 3 December in Brussels, the Tilburg Law & Economics Centre (TILEC) and the Liège Competition Innovation Institute (LCII), prominent academics, regulators and practitioners discussed differing approaches to sanctions in competition law. The high-level full-day conference "Deterring Competition Law Infringements: Are We Using the Right Sanctions" was designed to bring detailed analysis and up-to-date knowledge about emerging trends in optimal deterrence and sanctions.

  • COST Science Night

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 09-01-2013

    COST Science Night - How S&T Networks Impact Tomorrow's Europe was held on 4 December 2012.
    This exclusive event showcased the impact of science and technology networks on Europe's society.
    At this unique science night researchers leading successful COST networks met research policy-makers and stakeholders for interactive discussions... and fun experiments!

  • REACH Review: Looking ahead at 2013 and 2018

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 07-12-2012

    The review of the REACH regulation in 2012, 6 years after adoption, is meant to assess the positive and negative impacts of REACH that could translate in a potential legislative revision later on.

  • EuropaBio’s Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2012

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 08-10-2012

    In an exciting twist, two companies have been announced as winners of EuropaBio's Most Innovative Biotech SME Award 2012. Commission Vice President Tajani who presented the award, during the event hosted by Dr. Kay Swinburne MEP at the European Parliament on 19th September, named both Austrian healthcare biotech SME ProtAffin AG and Global Bioenergies a French industrial biotech SME- as joint winners of the award.

  • Translating Research to Health Innovation: How can forthcoming legislation pave the way for better care in rare diseases?

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 25-06-2012

    Several European Commission 2012 initiatives will impact healthcare innovation. The Horizon 2020 research programme will seek to link the health industry, public sector and academia in new research clusters. A revision to the Directive on Clinical Trials will seek to promote health research and innovation. Meanwhile, the Transparency Directive will ensure that research efforts translate into faster access to much- needed medicines.

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