Smart cities

Digital 20-07-2018

The sharing economy: Cure or curse?

From mobility services to recycling applications, the sharing economy holds many promises. Whether to regulate it at European level remains a disputed question, however.
Broadband 18-07-2018

Pressure on Commission ahead of decision on connected car technology

Pressure is mounting on the European Commission ahead of a decision it is expected to announce this autumn that will affect how internet-connected cars are built in Europe.
Digital 09-04-2018

Germany: a European laggard on Smart Cities

In Germany, cities applying for funding of Smart Cities projects face steep hurdles and private companies, not citizens, seem to be the main winners. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Future of mobility 19-10-2017

Digital transport has huge potential but needs clear framework, standards

Digitalisation of transport is going to transform Europe's industry, but the political framework needs to put in place common standards and regulate the free flow of data, as well as its management and privacy, industry and EU officials said this week.
Digital 21-03-2017

European cities want 10 million ‘smart’ streetlamps

Local governments around Europe paid €7.6 billion to light public streets in 2015, but their bills could be cut down by up to 70% if local governments are willing to shell out extra funds to install new lighting.
Digital skills 06-03-2017

EIT Digital boss: Europe needs ‘global mentality’ in innovation

Europe lacks a "global mentality" when it comes to innovation in the digital technology sector, Director of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Digital) Willem Jonker told EURACTIV Spain.
Broadband 27-02-2017

EU calls for greater industry involvement in 5G

The European Commission this week will urge EU member states and the private sector to get more involved in the development of the next generation of broadband networks enabling the digital revolution, as the World Mobile Congress opens in Barcelona.
Development Policy 16-11-2016

AidEx opens in Brussels, with ‘localisation’ top of the agenda

AidEx, the second-biggest event in the development calendar in Brussels, opens today (16 November), for 48 hours, in which the international aid community, NGOs, professionals come together to share experiences and expertise.
Development Policy 26-08-2016

Africa’s population set to double by 2050, says new report

Africa’s population will double by 2050, according to a new report from the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) in Washington – posing serious questions about the sustainabililty of the world’s poorest continent.

DR Congo’s dystopian urbanisation on show in Brussels

DR Congo’s impasse between an unplanned urbanisation of slum expansion and a dystopian dream world of Dubai-inspired gated compounds is on display at a show in Brussels – the former colonial master of what is now one of the world’s poorest countries.
Digital 13-06-2016

Cities demand central role in digital skills revolution

A network of major European cities has called on the EU to place its members at the heart of efforts to boost digital skills, tackle unemployment and prepare citizens for the high value jobs of the future.

‘Netflix-like’ city transport app could mean people buy less cars

The European Commission is pushing local authorities to digitise cities and make them more efficient—one radical plan bubbling up could minimise the number of cars on city streets.
Climate change 04-03-2016

Climate change adaptation a victim of North-South inequality

The cities of the developed world are beginning to adapt to climate change, but financing for adaptation in the Global South is far harder to come by, according to a study published in the journal Nature. Our partner Journal de l'Environnement reports.

Smart cities and urban laboratories

The Smart City World Congress provides a platform for innovators to meet with people who can implement their ideas. This year's edition is promoting projects that solve everyday problems. EURACTIV's partner El País - Planeta Futuro reports.

EU embraces green infrastructure package

The European Union adopted a new strategy yesterday (6 May) aimed at promoting green infrastructure, and putting natural processes at the heart of its spatial planning.
Digital 26-02-2013

Connected cities to cause data explosion, but standards still lacking

SPECIAL REPORT / By 2018, mobile operators will take more revenue globally from pure data than from their traditional voice services as the world moves towards hyper-connected cities, industry analysts predict. But technological standards remain scarce, EURACTIV reports from the the GSMA conference in Barcelona.

Most EU city dwellers suffer bad air days

Most residents of European cities breathe noxious pollutants that exceed international health standards, says a study released today (24 September) by the European Environment Agency, giving ammunition to health and environmental groups that demand far tougher EU standards.
Transport 19-09-2012

Urban Europeans urged to leave their cars at home

Europe's cities are the main engines of economic growth, but personal vehicles continue to generate severe pollution and congestion despite efforts to reverse the trend, the European Commission warned as it launched its annual Mobility Week campaign and a new initiative on clean transport.
Trade & Society 12-07-2012

Brussels unveils ‘smart cities’ innovation scheme

The European Commission has announced a new €365 million a year innovation partnership scheme aimed at boosting the development of ‘smart’ technologies in cities, EU officials told the press on Tuesday (10 July). 
Regional Policy 29-06-2012

European cities seek to reduce risks of climate change

European cities are planning to adapt to climate change as the risks become more severe, says a report released yesterday (28 June) by UK-based emissions measurement organisation the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and consultancy Accenture.
Regional Policy 26-03-2012

Regions commit to green policies ahead of Rio+20

European regions are gearing up for the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June by drawing up a list of “key ingredients” in a bid to make sustainable urban development a focal point of the Brazil discussions.
Regional Policy 23-03-2012

Barroso sees ‘green’ Danish cities as an example for Europe

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has called for an end to “artificial” growth, fuelled by “irresponsible financial behaviour”, and asked for Europe's cities to follow the example of green capitals such as Copenhagen.
Regional Policy 27-04-2010

Cities ‘frustrated’ by EU innovation policy

Europe's biggest cities believe the European Commission's definition of innovation is too narrowly focused on the commercial and research sectors. In an interview with EURACTIV, Paul Bevan, secretary-general of Eurocities, said Europe's urban centres are teeming with examples of social, organisational and market-driven innovation.
Development Policy 09-12-2009

European cities ‘take the lead’ in fighting global warming

European cities are taking the lead in fighting climate change, according to a new report ranking the continent's financial capitals according to their green credentials.