Smart cities

Energy 24-10-2017

Sustainability: Renewable energy in Europe’s clean energy transition

Climate change is an urgent issue that demands global action. Following the Paris Climate Agreement, Europe has embraced the clean power transition and set itself a goal of becoming the world’s number one in renewables.
Digital 19-10-2017

What is next for eGovernment ?

This year the Estonian EU Presidency is putting eGovernment at the forefront of discussions leading up to a Tallinn Declaration. Estonia is ranked number 1 in the EU and has emerged as a global leader in eGovernment operations.
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Digital 30-06-2014

What is MyNeighborhood?

Research shows that cities across the world have lost the sense of neighbourhood and community living that used to make people feel more connected to each other and urban environments happier places to live.
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Digital 15-04-2013

Huawei’s Juan Rendon on Broadband in Europe

  What is the current state of broadband in Europe? There is going to be an increasing demand of broadband traffic over the next five years, and operators need to be ready to address this demand. What will happen if operators are not ready for increased demand?